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Twist of Fate 21 March 2021: Abhi inquires did Aaliya inform you anything? Abhi believes his suggestion ought to be helpful so that Tanu agree. Abhi says I had been thinking how you are going to respond after hearing me. They sit. Abhi apologizes to Tanu again and claims that he wishes to fix the error done . He states this is the ideal time to reunite. He asks her to give him an opportunity so they can construct a lovely and meaningful connection. Abhi retains a flower in his hands and suggests Tanu for union.

Taya ji informs the food is yummy today. Tai ji inquires Mitali, why she’s smiling? Mitali says that I came to understand something that you folks do not understand and states that my enemy will cry today. Aaliya believes if Bhai suggest Tanu now then no one will stop him. She asks him to suggest Tanu. Abhi says I’m doing this to you, and also goes. Aaliya smirks and believes I’m helping myself.

Dadi states we hope you and understand that our son isn’t like that. Abhi says I’ll manage everything and asks them to not take tension. He says I’ve determined what to do, I’ve a solution to ensure Tanu or my title isn’t ruined. Dasi inquires what he will do? Abhi is going to inform about his union choice, but stops believing Aaliya requested him to not tell anybody. He says that I will let you know later. Dasi agrees.

Pragya inquires how can you come here. Abhi says he scaled the wall and arrived . It was her creativity. Abhi comes there and believes unbelievable. He enjoys the decoration. Pragya inquires how can you come here. Abhi inquires I came out of such a way. Pragya states okay. Abhi requests did you decorate this for me and says that I can not feel that you’re so intimate. You speak dull and dull, but your job is romantic.
Pragya grinning looking in the balloon and believes whatever isn’t feasible, why I’m thinking. She believes talking with him is significant to me personally. Pragya says Abhi requested her to decorate the patio. Aaliya believes Pragya is going to be tortured as it pertains to understand why Abhi left her decorate the patio. Pragya asks her to maneuver the paper. Aaliya says I’m not your slave and asks me to shoot paper by herself. Pragya is going to shoot paper, but Aaliya comprehends and believes if Pragya sees paper, then she’ll manipulate Abhi. She chooses the newspaper and informs Aaliya she must read it and possess some work. Pragya goes.

Abhi believes Tanu will agree for union, and both household should not have any issue. Dadi comes and inquires Abhi why he’s troubled and what’s he hiding? Dasi claims that this information may be understood to everybody today.
She says that she is quite much joyful, and it’s the very best day of my entire life. Aaliya asks her to prepare and watch that the double doze of joy. She reveals Pragya’s movie where she’s crying. Tanu is quite much happy. Aaliya says that I am certain that Pragya will shout all her life and also boast about her strategy. Tanu thanks Aaliya and states you’ve done right. Aaliya asks Tanu to maintain Abhi in her hands also states Pragya is injured tigress now. She will not understand how we’ve duped Abhi and forced him suggest you. Tanu asks her to not worry and states she’s proficient in tricking people.

Abhi believes this circumstance and time is proper. He states there’s a language of silence, and I’ll talk you into that speech. He says that my talk isn’t over yet. He says when I inform you that I need to sing for you all of my life, how you’ll feel? Pragya becomes emotional. He asks how you’ll feel if I inform you that I adore you. Are you going to remain in my heart since my songs, for eternally. Pragya is smiles and happy. Abhi inquires how did you believe? Abhi says he’s practiced and analyzed on her. Pragya says you ought to have advised me that it’s a test. Abhi says I’ll inform youpersonally, why did I really do this. Pragya states no, I’m going today as my operating hours are all over. Abhi attempts to prevent her, and believes why she’s over acting like I should proposed .

She informs that she’s residing with imitation hope that Abhi will recall everything and after that they are going to stay together. She says I’m not his wife . His life and love is Tanu now. Beeji asks her to inform clearly. She states Tanu will attempt to snare Abhi. Pragya says Abhi suggested Tanu now, and says I’m only his secretary and nothing else. She inquires Pragya to not worry and claims nobody may separate you together with Abhi till you have sindoor of Abhi’s name. Pragya hugs her cries.

Abhi believes if he’s doing wrong and remembers Dadi’s scolding him. He believes he’s doing so for his loved ones and it can not be wrong. He comes to Tanu, and states I need to speak with youpersonally, but I need to confer with you. He says that I never misbehaved with anybody, and my goal was not to hurt or mess up your respect. Tanu believes why he isn’t telling me. I won’t return my lost admiration. Aaliya stops Pragya and inquires where you’re going? Aaliya informs her that Abhi did not enjoy her poor decoration. Pragya asks her to not lie and states Abhi enjoyed the decoration. Aaliya informs her that she is going to be pleased when Abhi kicks out her and says she’s going to get dinner. Pragya believes to check and go. Aaliya believes Pragya is a idiot and thinks my conversation. She believes it is going to be fun today. Tanu says nothing could happen, I’m finished. You’re a rockstar, and won’t be bothered, but my profession is finished. She tells her parents are enduring in Delhi due to the episode, sheds some false tears and asks why did you call me asks concerning the decoration.
Robin comes and asks when she wants her help. Aaliya attracts Tanu there and make her view pragya decorating the patio. She states she did so decoration for you personally, as Abhi will propose you. This can be happiness double dose, so can not await the day. Mitali is going to listen to them. Aaliya asks her to inform truly when she noticed them. Mitali states no. Mitali says you’re thinking wrong and states I moved to patio after Robin. She then says she heard their dialogue and will inform everybody. Mitali says , I’ll tell everybody. Tanu says I did not see large fool just like you and states Abhi will announce to everybody and media. Mitali says alright, then I shall tell Pragya. Aaliya warns her to not tell anything else she won’t spare her. Mitali says I’m not fearful of you, also informs that she isn’t likely to tell anybody.

Sarla informs Beeji that she’s tired of attracting ration of this month. Sarla inquires about her day in office. Pragya says she’d decoration now and informs she got much significance from her own boss. Sarla says we’ll have food together today. Pragya says she’d food at the party, and so is currently tired. Beeji knows something isn’t right. Abhi believes I presumed Tanu won’t agree, but she consented. He believes he’s joyful, but his heart is miserable. He believes if he did an error by suggesting Tanu. Pragya yells in her room considering Abhi suggesting Tanu. Pragya inquires when did you encounter here. Beeji inquires what exactly did you do now in your workplace. Pragya informs she did agreements for the function. Can Abhi inform you anything. Pragya states nothing. Beeji asks her to inform clearly. Pragya seems on.
Tanu is quite much pleased at her heart, also believes my fantasy is fulfilled now…Abhi is telling me. Tanu informs him that she’s extremely much happy and awaiting from a number of years to receive his suggestion. Tanu says she feels linked together with him because births and states I enjoy you. I thought that I had been wrong about you, following party episode, but today I know that you simply cares for my own feelings and we’re made for one another. Abhi says you enjoy this…I’m suggesting a woman for the very first time. She believes I wish to scratch off your wounds, but won’t ruin my strategy. She chooses Pragya’s movie and believes that this will help us in our party. She believes that I am simply a last for himand Tanu is his lifestyle today.

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