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Twist of Fate 6 March 2021: Pragya arrives to space and inquires what he’s believing? Abhi states that this really is insanity of this fan and inquires how can she perform so. He says you might be not my fan too, however, do not achieved this. Pragya claims no, also says when there had been such a thing afterward I wont state. Abhi says you won’t state and says you might be complicated. Abhi says you discusses so great that why you might be my fan no. inch. Abhi asks her ahead.

Aaliya requesting Pooja, though she do not desire Abhi to be her own boyfriend. She says you stated that you wanted Abhi to be the man you’re seeing. Pooja says that she did not say . Purab asks to let Pooja state. Aaliya says she’s got assaulted my private distance, also says she’ll strike her spine and also certainly will insult her. She says did you not tell Tanu you loves Abhi and wish to commit life together along with him. She inquires did you not tell her you wish to come near Abhi, wish to kiss and kiss him . She asks her to present her phone and then input password. She reveals Abhi and Pooja’s pic from the mobile. She inquires Abhi when did you shoot photo . Abhi says that I really don’t remember. Aaliya shows other pic and says buffs personalize pics and creates movies such as this. She says that this fan is enthusiastic about you personally and can not endure to see you becoming married to another person. She says if she discovered on your union together with Tanu, she came here in order to spoil mehendi functionality. She says Tanu cannot express any such thing, examine her ailment. She says I’m miserable too, as my brother doubted on me as of an stranger. She behaves to shout.

Tanu along with her friends dancing to the song mehendi hai rachne wali….They arrive at Abhi and says today he must hunt his name onto Tanu’s hand. Pragya believes she can not watch Abhi’s name onto her hands. She’s Going to proceed along with collides with Tanu. She apologizes and moves. Abhi follows her and asks why he’s feeling as when she recalled any such thing. He says he’s feeling as though she’s concealing something .

Abhi’s fan arrives to the role and greets Tanu. Tanu says she couldn’t phoned her asks how did she encounter here. Pooja says that she found meet Abhi, also that means you’d retained the party for a number of reasons. Pooja says she actually is Abhi’s fan and wishes to share with something. She informs him it had been Tanu’s intend to snare him at the party, also also make him accountable. Tanu asks to discontinue it says you have forgotten that party and mehendi is mine. Abhi says that she actually is my own fan and also have full right to state. He requests her to state. Pooja says party proved to be the complete plan and says that you did not drink it together along with your own wish, you had been drunk by your sister Aaliya. She says I had been confused and idea why she’s doing so and which makes you drink strong drinks without your knowledge. She says that I presumed she actually is in bash mood. She says whenever you had been dance with Tanu, Tanu left you slipped on himself after which Aaliya shot your photos liberally. She says once I watched that the photos in the paper afterward I knew that the party has been retained to snare you, also informs Aaliya and Tanu were involved.

Abhi says fine and informs Dadi he has encouraged them since he has family sense . Dasi says you did . Tanu informs Aaliya that she’s believing as though Pragya’s mehendi is not there. Aaliya says she’ll cherish Pragya along with also her loved now. Dadi informs Purab that she’s very fearful as a result of Aaliya. She says that I am certain that she’ll cherish them. Purab says , you said . Dadi says that I did not understand he has called them. She says that we desire to attract his memory back, however, maybe nothing such as that. Purab inquires he’ll manage those.

Pooja says I’m Abhi’s fan and can not find anything wrong happening . Dadi says I understand my Abhi cannot perform so and has been murdered. She says today I knew he had been forced to complete that. She inquires Aaliya and also Tanu to perish with pity. Abhi asks Aaliya to express when she’s saying truth. He inquires are you currently engaged with thisparticular? Tanu believes her head is blackened on her behalf mehendi moment. Aaliya states that this really is very fact. Every one is stunned. Abhi says this indicates…you personally and Tanu…Aaliya states that this really is truth, however it really is her fantasy truth. She says Pooja came as your fan now and perhaps maybe never your wellwisher.

Aaliya claims you’ve thought on me personally and believed this particular girl. She inquires will you uncertainty on mepersonally, also leaves him emotional. She says when I shall force you to beverage liberally and behaves to shout. Abhi says that I trust you’ve not achieved this. Abhi says that I am simply requesting and not blaming you. Aaliya says she wants you this is exactly why came back to share with her secret. She says she couldn’t endure when Tanu told regarding her union and she then came here in order to spoil the role. Pooja says she isn’t envious of Tanu. Aaliya says you’d stated you need your own life partner such as Abhi.

Physician quits Tanu’s mom from eating some thing. He says it really is detrimental to the health. She chooses drinks. Physician quits her and asks her to consume water. Tanu’s mother says I’m moving. Physician says you are able to get anxious and certainly will undergo coronary arrest. He requests her to sit. Sarla and Janki arrive. Tanu inquires who’s encouraged them. Aaliya asks them why they’ve come with whose permission. Abhi comes and inquires Sarla, the reason they came . He says he had been awaiting for them. He presents Dadi into Sarla and Janki. Dadi and Sarla encircle eachother. Abhi inquires where’s rock-star Dadi? Sarla says that she couldn’t come as a result of pain.

Abhi Thank her calls for her own fuggi. He requests her to proceed also says he’ll modify the clothes. He arrives and asks exactly how exactly am I looking? Pragya inquires exactly what would you call me only today. Abhi states Nikku/Niki. Abhi says . Pragya believes it may possibly function as imagination. They reunite the staircase. Abhi inquires Pragya who knows ? Pragya says he could be Tanu’s daddy. A guest informs his female fan is going to be pleased to understand his own union. Abhi smiles. Abhi informs Purab the Tanu’s mother is sitting and also certainly will proceed (expire ) so on. Tanu accompanies Abhi and says that she will go where he’ll go.

Abhi apologizes for her, and maintains her he won’t ever expect anyone once they speak . He also scolds Pooja. Pooja says I’m not lying. Tanu and Aaliya both are going . Pragya asks Pooja togo. Aaliya holds hands and rips her out of the your house. Sarla says that she do not desire to really go for Abhi and Tanu’s mehendi. Janki says but he’s got encouraged us. Sarla says that she can not watch Pragya’s pain. She inquires what exactly do you feel you may make me lose? She says I’m 10 steps before you so when you reach my degree, I’m 10 steps ahead. She says that I know you will spoil her own mehendi feature, also I will undoubtedly likely probably be astonished and accept defeat. She says I’ve already made a decision to jolt you all.

Abhi requesting Pragya to pick concerning her mehendi outfit. Pragya says you’re looking excited now. She shows him lawsuit. Abhi says he won’t wear suit now. Pragya searches because of his clothes and inquires how he could be convinced about his union. Abhi says Tanu stripped his grief and informs she told the arrange union works in India and the partner do sacrifices and modification. Pragya believes therefore Tanu snare him enjoy that and believes she must brain-wash his thoughts. She informs him arrange unions also wind up in marriage. She asks one to utilize some other clothes since it’s coordinated union. He inquires what it is that you’re saying? He says when I is going to be glad after union and asks one to share with. She receives Purab’s telephone and informs he is going to ruin Tanu’s union. Abhi chooses the telephone and also asks her to reply. Pragya says when she’d have been around in his place afterward she’ll ask him wonder, should they’ve a struggle then when he’ll help her loved ones. She claims that the individual loves him may help her loved ones. She’s the apparel and says she purchased it on line out of his or her designer.

She resides to Pragya and that I feel awful for you personally. She says offer is the fact that in the event that you leave from Abhi’s lifetime afterward I claim to cancel that this mehendi functionality. Pragya says when Tanu’s mehendi is written within her fate then no body could stop it. She says that I shall provide you give, and requests her to discontinue her conspiracy as well as Tanu along with Abhi’s union and says that I promise if he gets his memory , I’ll ask him to forgive you. Aaliya says I’m together with me always, also requests her to think of her deal, says offer valid till stock last.



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