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Twist of Fate update Saturday 27 March 2021 Zee world



Twist of Fate 27 March 2021 Zee world: Abhi coming to Aaliya’s area to fulfill Tanu and sees Pragya altering clothes erroneously. He believes what to do and believes to quietly leave from the space. Sharp shooter arrives to Mehra home. Aaliya asks him to not kill Pragya within the home else Police will guess them. Sharp shooter informs that if he chooses a job he then concludes it without anybody hindrance. Aaliya informs him about threatening telephone to Abhi. Sharp shooter smiles and informs he predicted so that everybody is cautious about Abhi, also do not give any significance to other people. He states that he can kill Pragya now. Aaliya believes she’s hired right guy and asks him to complete his work quickly. Dadi is concerned about abhi. Purab asks her to not worry. Taya ji informs that security is tight now. Mitali says actual Ravan will come now. Mitali and Raj asserts.

Purab informs Tanu the Abhi’s enemy gave a open struggle to kill himand states may be his goal may be incorrect and it could hit others. He asks her to remain with Abhi and look after both of these. Tanu gets tensed, and inquires have you gone insane? Why I’ll remain with him if his life is at risk. She asks him to inform Abhi if Ravan’s dahan is lifeless, and not until that. Purab believes Abhi could have discovered her. Abhi asks exactly what you had been saying? Tanu states nothing.

Tanu is alleviated, also states she will not share her personal issues with anyone. Abhi says I will not offer you an opportunity to complain and states I will not leave you until my very last breath. She says she’s a significant work to perform, else her mummy will become mad. Abhi says ok and asks her to proceed. Purab believes it’s great that Abhi is visiting her face. Abhi informs Purab, why women are like this. Purab states some women neither complain nor need anything. Abhi asks where to locate these women. Purab says that your secretary, then informs she’s here.
Pragya follows . She inquires Abhi to demonstrate he is her woman friend. He states that I came to meet with you personally, but I met Nikita. Abhi asks Pragya to not disturb him for two hours, also goes together with Tanu. Pragya believes she can not allow Abhi independently, and maintain him at risk. Aaliya asks Sharp shooter to inform her, where he’s going to kill. Sharp Shooter asks her to not spoil the orgasm and asks her to not meet him after the job is finished. Abhi comes to Purab Together with Tanu. Tanu inquires why he desires security abruptly. Abhi goes. Tanu inquires Purab.

Abhi says you’re Tanu, ” my girlfriend. Pragya smiles. Tanu tells Abhi he is dismissing her and is together with his or her secretary. Abhi says he’s active in Dussehra structures and could not fulfill Dadi too. He states Nikita is his secretary and that is why standing . Tanu asks if all of the arrangements are finished. Pragya states Ravan’s dahan is abandoned. Abhi says it’s good that she left me remember it. Tanu asks Abhi to remain with her for 2 hours until Ravan dahan is completed.

Abhi retains Pragya’s hands and asks her to come together says he’s getting late for her. Pragya realizes he came to space and asks when did you return to space. Abhi says I arrived there to fulfill Tanu, oblivious to how you had been changing clothes, however I did not see anything. Pragya states it was your own sister’s room, also when I’d shut it, she’d have questioned me, and that is why I allow the door unlocked.

Tanu arrives to Aaliya and informs about call. She says I wish to keep away from Abhi along with his manifestation now. Dadi finds her and states you’ve changed colour. She informs that she needs the bullet to strike Tanu. She belongs. Aaliya scolds Tanu for speaking without thinking. Tanu says if you’d have known about the assault then you’d have advised me. Aaliya says she proposed against Pragya and obtained the threatening telephone. Tanu claims sorry. She states that our job will be done once Pragya remains far from Abhi.

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