Twist of Fate update Saturday 13 March 2021 On Zee world


Twist of Fate 13 March 2021: Sarla inquires Beeji if she left kheer. Sarla says that you gave obligation to Janki. Sarla says she do not wish to speak to Dadi. Beeji asks her to speak and states their connection won’t ever break as their fate is joined. She states that time Abhi will come looking Pragya and asks her to see. . Abhi says there is a shift in strategy and informs that he left at the night itself because he had been restless. Purab says might be you receive your true love when hunting her. Abhi states where is authentic love. I’m marrying Tanu for my picture and she’s marrying me to my standing, then where’s the genuine love.

Abhi notifying Dadi he is going with Purab to deliver back Nikita house. Dadi prays to God to assist them and combine both. Aaliya inquires Abhi, where’s he going? Abhi says that he can not wait until dawn, so he’s going today itself to hunt Nikita. Tanu says you’re my to become husband and won’t go to hunt her. Abhi says you’re my life partner, but maybe not my entire life proprietor. He states I’d have hunted Nikita even though she had been guilty.

She informs that when Nikhil rolls her brother then she won’t leave himand her too. Tanu believes she would like to kill Aaliya with Pragya, but can not do it today, will reduce her feathers once she’s wed to Abhi. Pragya hunts for Abhi revealing his pic, while Abhi hunts for her. A shop keeper informs Pragya he is sitting there. Pragya hides and believes to proceed. Abhi believes come on Nikita, fulfill me after. Pragya prays from the temple and believes she’d like to meet himbut can not as she recalls assurance made to Sarla. She believes she will remain here in the temple, even as Abhi never come to temple.

Pragya is heading out for meeting. Same boy arrives to Pragya and informs jiju is looking for her on the street. Boy attracts Pragya there. Pragya smiles and believes he came in search for her. Abhi eats in the dhaba and inquires for 1000 Rs. Notice change. Pragya believes about Sarla’s guarantee and proceeds out there softly. He believes if he’d seen her or it’s his creativity. Dasi asks Dadi to inform Sarla everything that anything Abhi did was beneath Aaliya’s influence. She requests Dasi to deliver her mobile phone.

Sarla comes and inquires Pragya why did she shoot as much milk. Beeji says I requested her. She says your brother is taking good care of expenditures , therefore thought to purchase milk atleast. Sarla says it’s too much. Pragya says we could make kheer. Sarla informs Pragya she do not need her to function in audio business again. Beeji believes she can not prevent her from considering Abhi. She moans, and asks Sarla to inquire herself and take response. Abhi arrives to Palghar, and hunts for her to the street. He tells Abhi he does not know her. Abhi believes nobody understands about Pragya.

Aaliya says that your fate is bad, very first that pregnancy play and this. Pragya imagines Abhi in milk guy, who asks her when he will provide complete bowl milk. He places the milk from the bowl into the complete extent. Beeji comes and asks what’s happening. She asks milk guy to go. Pragya is astonished to see milk guy rather than Abhi. Beeji states in the event that you stare him like that, then he’ll believe that you’re flirting . She states next day you may envision him others and teases her.

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