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Twist of Fate 8 March 2021: The Episode begins with Tanu scolding Pragya for producing the kumkum and mehendi plate collapse on himself. Pragya says she did not do it intentionally. Tanu asks her to become secretary and do not attempt to become his wife. She states that your kumkum etc is unworthy. Pragya asks her why she’s becoming insecure and states I’m silent only for Abhi’s sake, else I wouldn’t have allowed my husband wed girl just like you. Tanu inquires what exactly do you mean? She calls her nasty and dumb, and requests her to escape from that point. Abhi comes phoning Nikita and inquires Tanu what she’s doing? Tanu says she’s spoiled my mehendi, and can be jealous of me. Abhi says she’s not done anything, it was my error then why you’re punishing her. Tanu says she’ll punish her today and drags Pragya out. Pragya frees her hands.

Tanu arrives to Aaliya and informs she scolded Pragya, but Abhi arrived and scolded her. Aaliya inquires what was the necessity to scold her, and states it was your purpose and states you’ve responded the way Pragya desired. She asks her to restrain her emotions. Tanu says that her bloodstream comes up viewing Pragya. Aaliya says you’ve done wrong. Tanu apologizes for her, also states mehendi purpose is cancelled today. Aaliya states Dadi and many others will laugh and says it’s a contest for her, and she can not miss this challenge. She asks her if you’re in my group or theirs. Tanu says I have not done anything blatantly and states this union is actually critical for me personally. Aaliya asks her to confer with Abhi. Tanu fails, however Aaliya insists her to find citizenship from Abhi. She states go there and offer your very best shot, and bear this in mind you can not manage to create Pragya win. She believes Pragya is flying and believes she’s under estimated her kumkum and bhagya, and believes she’ll write her kumkum bhagya now.

Tanu lifts her hands to smack Pragya and inquires how dare you. Abhi inquires how dare you and states Pragya is over a secretary , and asks her to not dare slap her. He says anything Nikita does is for his improvement, and she helped your mother, and says he can not see anything wrong happening with her, and states that you have not insulted her me…He states that the problems that’ll fall on her is mine, and need to confront me. Tanu states you’re insulting your to become spouse for her. Abhi asks I do not wish to perform mehendi and calls it away. He says I do not wish to perform any mehendi ritual completed. Pragya recalls Abhi’s protective voice for her….She remembers Abhi stating that his mehendi is used on her hands.

Tanu apologizes to Pragya and states it was my error. Tanu says you stated that should Nikita forgives me afterward….Abhi says ok and asks Tanu to come. Aaliya comes and informs Tanu that she’ll deliver mehendi fast. Tanu asks her attract quickly ahead of Abhi’s mood varies. Pragya appears on tensedly. Aaliya proceeds to attract mehendi. Purab inquires Pragya, why did she ever forgive her. Pragya says I did not understand her strategy and states she had been joyful if Tanu apologized for her. Purab says if that mehendi occurring then its ok, and states Abhi was going to cancel mehendi for you, and it shows that he has respect for you personally.

She asks him to cancel their very first purpose and says she’s about to hold ears do sticks ups, but she won’t look fine doing so. Abhi asks her to confer with his buddy. Tanu asks ? Purab. Tanu agrees to confer with Nikita/Pragya. Sarla informs Pragya that nothing will occur until Abhi’s title kumkum and mehendi is on her brow and hand . Dadi tells Sarla they need to do some thing to assist abhi reunite his jokes and memory. Tanu’s mother asks Tanu, will we begin the mehendi. Abhi asks her to stand there else something else could occur. Tanu says she’ll tell her afterwards. Abhi asks Doctor to manage her.
Sarla says you did by attracting Pragya here. Janki states Sita will shield Ram inside this kalyug. Purab attracts Dadi’s medication and inquires if he missed something. A fb is revealed, Abhi matches Pragya’s maang by error. Fb ends. Purab says he’s happy today, and states Abhi’s feelings is implemented on her hands today. Sarla says that she was really pleased. Purab states if Aaliya and Tanu watch Pragya happy every day afterward they’ll leave for certain. Purab asks what’s going to happen to Tanu’s mommy when she has actual heart attack. They laugh. Tanu’s mum arrives to Dadi and inquires in the event that you’ve deciphered some joke. Purab asks her to not take stress.

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