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Twist of Fate 22 March 2021: Mitali says I understand about the statement that Abhi will make today. Mitali asks Tai ji to inform Raj to take out her for seeing movie. Mitali cries. Taya ji proceeds to speak to Raj. Tai ji says she’ll also speak to Raj and asks Mitali to inform quickly what’s Abhi’s statement. Mitali says you’ve completed a limitation and states she will announce about her illness at Mehra house. She says you’ve got to try it, else may go, I’ll ensure your condition is awful. Pragya belongs to Mitali. Mitali says that I will prefer to perish, instead of taking water out of your hand. Pragya says I’m Abhi’s secretary rather than your slave. She says she won’t do the job for them and will depart when Abhi requests her. Aaliya says I’ll see you.

Dasi informs Dadi to believe something. Dadi says I can not do anything, as I’m concerned my Abhi’s name is going to be destroyed. He says I will tell Abhi to not wed Tanu, but because I must inform him about her reality. Dasi asks if we’ll stay silent even after understanding what, states she will suck his blood when she chased him. Dadi says she will not let this happen. Tanu informs Aaliya the Pragya was on Abhi’s bed , and says we must do something. Aaliya says we can not do same error , and will do anything before she diverts Bhai’s head . She says she’ll make her slave and destroy her. Aaliya states Pragya is attempting to get back into his lifetime, but until she triumph, we must do something. She asks her to not come downstairs till she asks her. Tanu nods.
Abhi says they’re planning infant. He also jokes and asks her to return on bed too. He informs that cockroach is not there. Tanu says there isn’t any cockroach. Abhi says she’s my secretary and can hi five with her. He tells he believed dinosaur is here. Tanu says I need to speak with you privately. Tanu says it’s the area and asks him to ship Pragya. Abhi sends Pragya to inspect the decoration.

Abhi asks Tanu exactly what she wishes to speak. Tai ji informs Mitali they are going to have fantastic time at the party. Taya ji states you have not done anything. Abhi will come today and party will begin. Raj says buddies, media and a few relatives. Dadi asks if will Abhi come to tackle press. Raj states 9 pm.
Clients inquires Aaliya, if Abhi does not understand his name is becoming spoiled. Aaliya states Abhi called media along with his customers to create a statement. Pragya orders sausage to look after guests. She informs that Abhi will probably be in more need after the current statement and informs that vendors are going to be at reduction. She inquires Pragya to serves beverages and snacks to guests.

Pragya realizing what she’s just said. Abhi says right. It needs to be here. Pragya says I shall assess. Abhi inquires how can you know I have made all pants in 2 dimensions. Pragya yells cockroach. Abhi also gets fearful. She states it travelled there. Pragya refuses and states it’s the cockroach and asks him to test instead. Abhi says I’m a rockstar and states I’m ordering you. He states if cockroach expires beneath my foot then press will create news. He asks her to test else he’ll push . Pragya assesses her side and says , it isn’t there. She asks him to test in his side. Pragya says I need to jump , to test. She takes off comforter and inquires what you are doing here.

Media encircle her and asks when the episode is true. Abhi holds her hands and requires her to point. He addresses into the media and states you may be thinking why did I call you , when damaging things are written concerning me. He states that I ask you to not make news, and do not project any information as breaking news simply to increase TRP. He states that your one news bit have harmed my career and lifestyle, and asks who will you pick anybody’s livelihood. Reporter says we’d written what was revealed. Someone gave cash to you and you also left information. Reporter claims that picture. Abhi claims that photograph can not be of some take. He asks them to create his reality attain viewers. Everyone seems on.

She asks websites to calm down and states Bhai will speak with you. Abhi inquires what’s occurring? He inquires Pragya to not perform waiter’s work his picture is going to be destroyed. Pragya says that the sister asked me to perform waiter’s work. Abhi inquires Aaliya, why you’re making my secretary perform waiter’s work. Aaliya is based on him that she simply asked her to find the things served with waiters. Aaliya requests him to come and states Media is awaiting. Abhi asks her around Tanu and asks Pragya to maintain the plate.

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