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Twist of Fate 15 March 2021 update: Mitali asks Dadi to own tea Abhi will scold her. She states Dadi needs sweets rather than tea. She sends out her. Mitali believes what’s happening? She states there is a great news. Dadi asks her to inform quickly. Dasi informs what she heard out Aaliya’s room. Dadi is joyful.

Dasi says opportunities are Abhi got his memory back. Mitali arrives to Tai ji and informs there is a shocking information for her. Tai ji claims that implies…Mitali states Pragya is coming . Tanu is outside, pragya is now in. Tai ji states Pragya will provide me an earful when she’s back.
Abhi says it’s a surprise. He requests Pragya to select the call. Pragya refuses, however, chooses it. Tanu inquires how dare you to select my telephone and informs that she’s going to be Abhi’s spouse and his land, shares and riches goes to her. She repeats the very same words over and over. Pragya says I knew, and states Abhi understood. Abhi gets mad with her. Tanu believes Pragya set the telephone on loudspeaker intentionally. Abhi informs Pragya his disposition is away. Pragya says go home, and we are going to see surprise afterwards. He states your palms have magical, and inquires what else she is able to make. He gets stunned and believes where to shoot her. He believes if he takes her back to Sarla’s home, she’ll get mad. He believes to take her house and call Doctor there.

Dadi inquires if she moved there or else they called you. Pragya informs she has cautioned Aaliya and Tanu, and advised that she won’t ever allow Abhi wed Tanu. Dadi inquires why did you inform your strategy. Pragya says she won’t ever allow Abhi wed Tanu. Dasi says that I am quite proud of you, spouse ought to always stick together with her husband. Pragya goes. Dasi asks Dadi to not stress and claims there will be just joy in the home. Pragya is becoming down the staircase, and slips. She drops and Abhi grabs her. Pragya says you’re a singer, rather than me. Pragya maintains dwelling. He states last time you moved into palghar, and asks her to claim where she’ll go, she’ll take him. Pragya claims him. Pragya requests him to make her stand . Tanu informs Aaliya that Pragya is trapped together with Abhi, as she’s going to marry her. Dadi and Dasi also find themand make happy. Pragya shakes hands , and states I shall take you if I move to Picnic. Abhi asks her to return to work at 5 am and then states 6 am.
Pragya inquires where? He requests her to view from his domains. Others view them smiles. Pragya is going to drop, Abhi retains her and says that I will wash it. Abhi beverages lassi and has lassi moustaches. Pragya laughs. Abhi says it’s happening and hot. Song plays with again.

Tanu informs Aaliya that Pragya will not allow me to remain in the home. She says I’m confused, if Abhi dropped his memory. Aaliya asks her to stay silent for sometime. Tanu gets Nikhil’s telephone number. Nikhil asks her to tell what’s happening there. He inquires if Abhi obtained his memory and reunite with Pragya. Tanu states no. Nikhil says this usually means you’ve got a opportunity to buy Abhi, and that I have a opportunity to acquire lifeline business. Aaliya takes the telephone and states you’ll destroy the business, and cuts the telephone. Nikhil believes she’s cheap and he must kill her first.

Sarla makes her consume halwa and states it’s prasad. She says you’re return to Abhi. Beeji prays to them and asks Sarla to provide halwa. Sarla asks her to test her glucose level . She sees Abhi out her residence, and asks what you’re doing here. Abhi says that I came to send jokes and milk. Pragya asks are you questioning me. He gets her sit car. Pragya says I believe I will get more openings now. Abhi says that is only the beginning.

Abhi gets up and says he’s nice, and asks why you’re crying fuggi. Pragya states you’re calling me fuggi. Abhi states Purab and I’ve resolved to phone you fuggi, also states it’s a nickname out of boss facet, and asks her to grin. Pragya becomes sad as she believed Abhi got his memory back. He says that you don’t have to come back with me, you need to hear your mother and states mums are always perfect. He says that you don’t have to do anything, I’ll look after notice . Sarla inquires did you sense pain, also states I had been wrong…even God needed you to remain together, then who am I to different you both. She says I’ve done a mistake, and will rectify today itself. She provides Pragya’s hands at Abhi’s hand, and that I would like you to stay together and to not separate from life. Abhi appears on surprise. Pragya Requires Sarla. Abhi believes why Sarla is becoming melodramatic. He informs his mind was thick, but it is perfect and light.

Tanu informs Aaliya that she moved to Abhi’s area, but he wasn’t there. Aaliya asks did you phone him. Tanu says she phoned himbut…Aaliya asks Robin when he watched Abhi moving someplace. Tanu says might be he’s here, but could not be viewed by us. Aaliya asks you intend to say he’s playing hide N hunt game together. They visit Mitali and inquires if she watched Mitali. Dasi says and comes we will find Pragya very first to locate Abhi, as spouse is always with spouse. Tanu says I’m his to be wife. Dasi says union won’t occur and sings a tune. Tanu and Aaliya are mad.

Tanu informs Aaliya that she’s leaving, until she gets insulted by Abhi. Aaliya inquires if her melodrama is finished, and states Abhi’s memory isn’t back as of today, else Dadi could have packed our luggage. She says we will enquire. Tanu says we will visit Palghar.

Aaliya says no, and states she will find out exactly what to do. Sarla, Beeji and Pragya are departing from Mama’s home. Sarla thanks for their own stay. Pragya asks him to take good care and stays in automobile. Dadi calls Purab and inquires if Pragya is coming back. Purab states . Dadi inquires if Abhi got his memory back. Dadi is happy and optimistic. Dasi asks why she’s happy when Abhi did not get his memory back. Dadi says I’m pleased as Abhi is bringing Pragya house. I’ll welcome them.
Beeji is joyful and tells she prayed with God to combine Abhi and Pragya. Sarla says God desired them to come nearer. Beeji states God must have returned Abhi’s memory, then I’d have been awaiting grand children. Sarla asks her to plead. Janki asks her to sing tune until then. Beeji sings Abhi’s tune joyful love. Raj comes home and inquires about Abhi. Dadi says he’s fine. Tanu believes she has done an error by telling this all to Pragya and Abhi hearing her. She has tensed.

Abhi inquires about fighter cap guy, and asks what is the rationale of kidnapping. Pragya states it was mistake. Purab informs Abhi that Dadi could have scolded him when anything happened to her. Abhi says go home.


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