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Twist of Fate 5 March 2021: Abhi inquires why you’re coming today? She inquires why you’ve come here? Abhi stinks to Beeji. Beeji says it’s his home also. Abhi gets joyful. He asks them to receive her married, and asks if she’s any boyfriend. Abhi says that he arrived to invite them for union. Beeji inquires whose union? Aaliya? Abhi says that no…Pragya attempts to divert the subject, and informs Abhi he wants to call somebody. Abhi asks her to not disturb him and informs everyone he is getting married. Everybody stand up amazingly. Abhi inquires what happened? You people are acting like I’m already married. He educates them to get mehendi, also goes.

Purab matches a woman. Purab states Abhi never drinks a lot. Girl says Aaliya liberally made Abhi drink considerably. Purab asks her to inform infront of all Abhi. Girl agrees. Purab thanks her and says that I shall notify you in the future. Girl says alright.

They take selfie thankfully. Pragya says she arrived with somebody. She belongs to Tanu’s mother and inquires how is she today? She says in the event that you do not like decoration then I’ll get it altered. She says that I created special arrangement for you. Tanu inquires what exactly do you mean? Pragya says she’s appointment a physician who will treat Tanu’s mother. Tanu says Doctor isn’t required at the function, also says she’s fine. Pragya says anything could happen anytime. She predicts Doctor indoors.
Aaliya believing Dadi bringing Pragya straight home. She believes what they’ll do today. Tanu comes there excitedly and informs that she’s convinced Abhi for union.

Aaliya informs her that Dadi and Pragya are presently a team and they’ll ensure that her marriage can not occur with Abhi. Tanu states Dadi is upset about Pragya naa. Aaliya states Dadi’s hatred for you is over her rage for Pragya. She states Pragya and Dadi are presently a team and won’t permit your own mehendi happen. Tanu inquires how can this occur? Aaliya says she’s discovered Dadi telling Pragya she can not capture Abhi’s name written on her hands. Tanu says allow Dadi do exactly what she desires, and informs that Abhi has consented for marriage and she’ll apply mehendi of the title. Aaliya informs her that Abhi won’t marry her, even if Dadi asks him. Tanu says what we can do, since all the arrangements are done. Aaliya says we must do something.

Pragya matches Purab and informs him that Dadi must concur as Tanu along with her parents emotionally blackmailed Abhi. She says Abhi do not need to wed, but he’s forced to perform. She says that I will attempt to expose Tanu along with her mommy’s lie. Purab says that I will satisfy the men within the celebration to bring their facts. Pragya says when the truth is out infront of himthen Abhi will understand their truth. Purab asks her to not tell anything to Dadi or even Sarla. Pragya states okay.

She says I do not feel this is for me personally. I shall marry him eventually. Dasi inquires Dadi why did not you inform me . Tanu gets mad and threatens to telephone Abhi. Dadi says when I get mad then I shall throw out her. Aaliya asks her to wreck the ribbon and informs that Pragya might need to ensure it is okay. Abhi inquires why you’re joking? Aaliya states Dadi have not enjoyed it. Abhi says ok and asks Aaliya to ship Nikita after she comes that she is able to choose dress because of him. Aaliya inquires why Nikita? She asks him to choose Tanu for apparel choice. Abhi says Nikita understands about my choice rather than Tanu. Aaliya informs Tanu that Abhi won’t listen to her when she moans about Dadi. She states Dadi and Dasi desire her to take her anger out infront of all Abhi. She asks her to restrain her anger.

He inquires Tanu’s mommy to sit . Tanu says that your secretary is spoiling our role and states she’s called a physician to roam about my mamma. She states she’s doing so intentionally to spoil my mommy’s disposition. Abhi queries Pragya. Pragya apologizes to him for not inquiring and states Aunty was yesterday as though it had been his final day, that is why you consented for union. She states if Doctor remains with her afterward he can cure her instantly. Abhi calls for her genius also asks Tanu to commend her. He inquires Dadi and Dasi, where he’ll acquire such secretary. Dadi and Dasi claims nowhere.

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