Twist of Fate update Friday 19 March 2021 On Zee world


Twist of Fate 19 March 2021 update:
Abhi informs Purab he will hunt for her boyfriend and deliver him to her. Purab states this isn’t feasible. Abhi says Doctor affirmed her pregnancy as well as Nikita did not refuse. Pragya hears them signs Purab to not say anything.

Abhi informs Pragya he had been hunting her and asks her to select the colour for décor. Pragya requests him to select soft colour for kids’ birthday. Pragya asks him to inspect the color , and attempts to place pink drapes. Abhi asks her to sit says he’ll try out the décor drapes. He assesses and inquires if pink and white combo is looking great. Pragya looks grinning at him. Abhi asks her to observe that the mix. Pragya says it’s great. She believes one day they’ll combine and Abhigya or Prabhi will soon come.

Pragya believing Abhi went someplace early morning as well as Sarla did not return. Pragya asks what’s on your hand. Abhi says that he went to deliver something for her, also states yesterday I wished to surprise you, however, you gave me a surprise and sort of jolt. He gives her garments. Pragya says it’s little. Abhi says it’s sufficient for new born infant naa. Pragya is astonished. Abhi says your child’s dad should do so, and says he’ll scold him and bring him here. Pragya states there isn’t any need. Abhi says I’m with you and encourage you, and states best buddies can replace any regard. He states I’m with you. He states he’ll alter the clothing and return. He inquires if she’s thought of a title of infant and says when she desires he’ll give surname too. Sarla hears them smiles.

Sarla informs Dadi she fulfilled that physician and she said that somebody gave her cash, but did not inform her name. Mitali hears their dialogue and believes to notify Aaliya. Sarla grabs her hearing every thing. Mitali creates a justification and goes. Purab says I’ll tell him what. Pragya changes his thoughts. Purab expects Aaliya and Tanu do not do any inexpensive trick .

Raj calls for her name and states we will talk nicely infront of children, as their buddies will be arriving. Mitali yells and says she had been thinking same. He states I was talking about now. Mitali believes to create his disposition great. Mitali and Raj provide similar presents . Bunty and Babli inform their parents have similar options since they enjoy each other. Mitali and Raj seems on.

Nikhil is at his vehicle and believes when Tanu was pregnant with his baby, he could not tell anybody that she’s carrying his babyand if Pragya isn’t blessed with his baby, he’s got to lie and declare that she’s going to be mother of his infant. He believes Pragya will get jolt of her life today.

Nikhil says they’ll manage enemies Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says only Pragya. She asks him will handle for the signs. Aaliya asks him to comprehend and to not postpone. Nikhil says fine and states I’ll do this job now itself. I’ll make Pragya hear poor word which she’s an unmarried mother.
Aaliya asks I really don’t have any choice left and states you’ve got to do so. Tanu says it’s a great strategy, and states Pragya can not do anything if you do that. She says Abhi believes a bad man left Pragya, but if he comes to understand that Pragya’s man is him afterward Abhi will believe that Pragya has immobilized him because he’s wealthy. Aaliya requests him to come to the party and admits that the mysterious guy in Pragya’s lifetime is him. Nikhil enjoys their strategy and agrees.


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