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Twist of Fate 12 March 2021: Abhi Considering Pragya/Nikita. A fb is revealed, Pragya provides him present and informs about He makes sad. Pragya arrives to space. A fb is revealed, Abhi’s area is awakened. Pragya requests him to keep the space clean in order to make great tunes. Fb ends. He believes he’s feeling incomplete together with her, and so is restless. Do not know exactly what to do? Pragya appears at his pic and believes one day have passed, so I wish I’d have meet you prior to departing. I will examine your pic daily.

Purab informs Abhi something. He says I did not remember anything. Purab states I understand. Purab inquires what exactly did you say? Abhi states fuggi and states that this phrase suits her. Purab is optimistic. Beeji informs that there were true fans, but their love story fulfilled a painful ending. Pragya says she enjoys Abhi hugely and is optimistic he will come and take her backagain. She says when I’m missing himhe may also be missing . Beeji states .
He believes he must push automobile quickly, else Nikita will depart. Nikhil also provides her a fitting answer. Aaliya says I shall kill you. She says that I will force you to leave the town. They assert. Goon informs Aaliya that Abhi moved to Borivili channel. Aaliya says she’ll call him.
She asks him is he? He informs her that he did not fulfill Nikita, but he’s going to repay accountant’s account. Accountant says you’ve noticed the proofs. Abhi says I hope Nikita, but did not think her that afternoon. He states they have left town due to the insult. He states Nikita’s mother believed be incorrect and I’ve lost a friend. He asks him to inform reality. Accountant tells that scenario was staged and all of the contracts, newspapers and cheques was imitation. He says she did not need you to register on the newspapers. Accountant is going to shoot Aaliya’s title, but only then she’s there and hammering him accusing him from the conspiracy.

Abhi comes there and states Nikita….Pragya states you’ve come…Abhi states I’m looking you enjoy angry guy, and asks did you donate program for resignation. He states I moved on Police station and house too. Purab told me . Pragya states why would I return into your own house, so which you could accuse me . They assert. Pragya says she isn’t guilty and have not completed any offense. Abhi asks her to alter the subject. Pragya says I’m a person and have feelings.

Aaliya accepting accountant to side, and asks him to not take her title his family will be murdered by her goons. Accountant becomes stunned and tells Abhi he had trapped Nikita because of his benefit, and place blame . Abhi defeats him and asks why just Nikita. Aaliya asks Abhi to allow her manage him. She’s back home and informs Tanu the Pragya left town. Tanu says actual party is now. Abhi comes residence. Dadi says you arrived , and have not fulfilled promise made to me personally. Dadi praises Pragya and states what wrong did she perform? She blames themselves to the incorrect occurring with her.

Sarla informs Pragya which they are likely to Palghar to her mamu’s home, away from town. Abhi regards the channel and asks train master that train is departing. He states front train. Pragya finds her name. Sarla says it’s her creativity. Pragya wants to watch him for a final time. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil tune plays…….Pragya is miserable and stays in train because it renders.

A man asks her to purchase Abhi’s pic magazine. Sarla says we do not wish to purchase and asks him to proceed. Pragya is still miserable. Sarla and Beeji return to purchase food.
Dadi yells and asks God to create Abhi match Pragya. Abhi arrives to the railway station and requires Nikita. Pragya is astonished seeing him there and has down in the train. Abhi bends back on his knees and provides her bouquet. Both of them get psychological and grin. Abhi bends down and lie downagain. Pragya smiles. It’s just her creativity.
Purab comes and states you have realized. Sarla and her loved ones reach Mama’s home. Mama asks them to flake out and states food is prepared. Beeji says if you won’t have food and pulls his legagain. She inquires about her spouse and daughter. Mama says they moved to Punjab to get a marriage and left me . Beeji asks Pragya to rest and go.
Abhi is sees and sleeping Pragya in his fantasies. Each of the minutes comes in his head and he sees himself fulfilling Pragya’s maang with sindoor. He yells fuggi. Dadi gets optimistic and inquires what else. Abhi says odd visuals that never occurred. Dadi asks if he’s having pain in his mind. Abhi says no and says he’s feeling strange. Dadi states you’re feeling guilty and that is why got her fantasy.

Abhi states I understand, and states I shall apologize to you afterwards. He states you can struggle with me in the future. Pragya inquires with which right you’re taking me out of here. Abhi says using the exact same right, you arrived in my entire life, you’re making boss roams around you. Pragya asks him to inform what’s their connection. Abhi says we don’t have any connection, but there are a few link which could not cause me to sleep through the night. They come from train. It ends up to be Abhi’s fantasy.

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