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Twist Of Fate 4 April 2021: Aaliya walks about the street considering Disha’s words and includes infront of the vehicle, but Purab comes and retains her in the perfect moment.

Disha arrives to the toilet. His series get trapped with her bathrobe. She believes Disha must come after sometime since she got a opportunity to return to him. She believes I’m loving it and I really like you.


Purab stops her and asks where’s she moving? Aaliya inquires if he won’t call her Disha back again. Purab stops Aaliya and inquires where are you moving, the weather is awful. Aaliya states Aaliya… Purab remembers his dialogue with Disha.

Vikram comes and asks what they’re doing? Aryan says we had been composing a letter. Ranbir hides the correspondence. Ranbir claims some matters shall be key. Aryan says Ranbir was instructing me. Ranbir retains hands on his mouth and informs that he had been instructing him how to impress a woman. He says when he tells the woman he has a girlfriend which she’ll feel secure and then afterwards after knowing himshe will fall in love with him. Vikram states this may work. Ranbir states that this is trial and analyzed.
Aryan calls Shahana out of his mobile phone. Ranbir requests him to scold her considerably. Aryan says she did not select the telephone and may be sleeping. Aryan says when she do not hear me afterward. Ranbir says act like praising her and scold her always. Ranbir says I can help you compose it. Aryan writes Om initially and states Dad used to compose it since it’s auspicious.

Aaliya asks Purab to not touch with her and says I want to perish, you need Disha, you’ll receive her after my passing. Aaliya states you aren’t apologizing to me and ordering me to prevent it. He says you understand everything, just how and in what situation we have married.
Aaliya is in her area and believes I understood you may come to desire Purab on his birthday.

Aaliya says that I will describe to you. Disha says I’ve seen whatever happened indoors. She says I’m thinking right and informs that they had been cheating .

Afterwards someone jumps in Ranbir’s area through the window. Ranbir chooses the bat to strike him. Aryan says will you conquer me? He states did you visit your girlfriend’s home such as this. Aryan says Lady encounter nowadays. He states that he wasn’t getting sleep as Shahana scolded him considerably. Ranbir says you’re my brother and no one could scold you. He asks him to find water. Aryan says I’m not hungry. Ranbir says that I will perish inside. Aryan says I was going to scold her, but she finished the call. Aryan takes Ranbir’s telephone to telephone Shahana. Ranbir says it’s my mobile phone. Aryan says my mother loves me lots and talented me call on her birthday. Ranbir says so fine and requests him to bring his mobile phone. Aryan goes.

Disha is moving out there, looks at them and moves. Aryan writes and reveals to Ranbir. Ranbir retains the newspaper upside down and asks when he wrote in Urdu. Aryan asks him to maintain the newspaper . Ranbir reads the correspondence composed by Aryan to get Shahana at a respectful manner and informs it is bakwas. He says he’ll write it asks him to inform it face to face with Shahana. Aryan requests him to compose such a letter and she will cry a whole lot. Aryan reads the letter also states it’s much.

A FB is revealed, She states I understood she’ll come to Bangalore and waited to her position at the window, once I watched her coming. She sprays shampoo in her hairs and believes Disha will visit her bathroom with Purab and will get stunned, and what might be more great than the media conference. Abhi informs about the song that he composed when he was in pain. Disha comes there and talks about taya ji along with tayi ji. Abhi states Purab is at his area. Purab talks to somebody and says that he wants to prepare for media conference.

Purab sees Disha seeing them and gets stunned. Disha gets mad and leaves out of the restroom. Disha leaves out of there, whilst Purab behind her.

Pragya becomes stressed for Disha. Disha comes there and states I’m really awful, I wasn’t like that. She yells. Pragya hugs her and says that there may be a reason for the doing. Disha opens and informs her that she’d wrong thing now. She says she travelled with CM’s staff and watched Purab and Aaliya as a married couple and they’re happy. She says she left myself know I don’t have anything to do with him. She states Purab came into her residence, later Aaliya arrived and faced and accused her, therefore she listened to her that they’re together. She says she should not have stated this and informs that she’s feeling bad he is not with her. Pragya says she did not understand what had occurred 20 decades back and asks them to sit and speak if she believes she loves himclear the misunderstandings and take care of the issue.

Disha believes about Purab and believes he never wished to be with her gave her rights to somebody else, today she’s alone and does not have any pleasure, together with whom to talk about with the pain or the joy, she do not have anybody except Pragya di. She believes Pragya di, I want you. She calls her cries. She asks her to return to her home else she’ll come there. Disha cries. Pragya finishes the call.

Aaliya arrives to his chamber when he was only in towel and informs that she would like to use his toilet as her toilet shower isn’t functioning. Purab says that he wants to go else he’ll become overdue. Aaliya insists to proceed first and states she will only take 5 mins. She says that I will be prepared in five mins. She belongs to his toilet. Purab requires Disha to inquire where’s she? Disha says she’s producing food and asks him to keep down the phone. Aaliya switches off the shower faucet of Purab’s toilet and calls himand says that the water isn’t coming. Purab says is that the water not coming. She asks him .
The reporters write whatever she informs and requires the video/picture. She inquires in the event that you do not love me, then why would you marry me? Purab inquires why are you destroying her picture or personality by pointing finger in her? He states you can not tell without knowing the reality. Disha asks him to not tell her leaves. FB finishes.

Pragya informs Disha when she had been at the home, you were collectively and says nobody could appreciate Purab over you, and inquires what had occurred? Disha says we did not distinguish, but were made to separate.
Aaliya believes she desired his vehicle and fantasies he enjoys her from the start. She believes Disha can not distinguish me from him. Purab brings java and provides to her. Aaliya says you treat me , I’m glad you have chosen me, I did not mean anything I said in anger. He says its okay and asks her to break, goes. She believes that it was the storm noise, which she did not let it come indoors.

Purab tells Abhi it happened due to Disha. He states you may be thinking I shout like girls. Abhi says I do not believe that way and states men have a heart. Purab states if Disha hadn’t reacted then we’d have been collectively. Aaliya believes she revealed Disha all that, it wasn’t simple to get him did everything.

Everybody visit Disha crying. Abhi inquires what happened? Abhi asks the press to leave. Disha remembers seeing him along with Aaliya. Media remains there. Disha requests him to leave her hands. Disha states why in the area? She says what’s clear now.

Abhi states Purab enjoys you. Disha states Aaliya enjoys him. Media takes their image. Disha says what’s clear today, whom he enjoys and inquires where I really stand. Aaliya inquires Disha why are you destroying my picture and states he’s the husband. Disha informs that they had been in the restroom alone in the restroom and was really near.

He believes of Doctor’s words and informs that when I’d adored Disha, I would happen to be with her and not you. He says I would not have come . He states that he did a mistake he did not inform her that he fell Disha to her residence. He states that he went inside her home as her buddy Hritik telephoned him he would not have move. Aaliya asks him to not conceal things and states she can not manage to lose him she will offer her life. Purab says let us go home.
Purab recalls Disha telling that she’s forgotten her past and does not desire her potential to come in to her current. He recalls their assembly along with Disha leaving the home 20 decades back. He has smashed and yells sitting on the staircase.

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