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When Abhi comes back to meet Sarita Ben, a shocked Pragya stops dead in her tracks. Later, Sarita Ben’s mad outburst paves the way to warm and amity within her relationship with Pragya, Prachi, and Shahana. Pragya’s sudden arrival at the Mehra Mansion surprises Meera. Upon learning that Sarita Ben has hired the local vegetable vendors to get aid, a panicked Pragya chides her.

Episode 21

Meanwhile, the Prachi participates in a war of words with Ranbir. Even though Pallavi and Vikram’s anniversary celebrations are in full swing, Pallavi puts everyone inside an awkward place when she asks Alia to inform her somewhat about Abhi’s wife. Aaryan and Ranbir disrupt the Entire setup laid from Prachi and Shahana. This brings the anger of the two women and Prachi requests Ranbir to rearrange the hallway. A kitchen injury renders Abhi unrecognisable.

Episode 22

Ranbir bribes a host to get Riya to the decorated area, but the server mistakenly conveys the message into Prachi. Meera finds herself drawn to Abhi. Shahana erroneously locks Pragya in the kitchen. Just afterward, Riya moves and hears Pragya’s shout for aid. She tries her best to unlock the doorway, but her efforts stay unworthy.

Episode 23

Dasi catches a glimpse of Pragya and instructs Abhi. Alia, Dasi and Abhi subsequently choose to look for her. Pragya receives the information of Sarita Ben’s poor health. Seeing Abhi desperate to unite with Pragya worries Alia. She then plants a seed of doubt in Abhi’s mind about Pragya’s ill intentions. As a ploy to seek out revenge on Prachi, Riya decides to poison the food that’s to be served on the guests.

Episode 24

Following a food poisoning episode, Abhi kicks Prachi and Shahana in the Mehra Mansion. Riya and Alia are thrilled to determine their approach successful, while Prachi is ruined. Following Riya’s dialogue with the main, Prachi gets disconnected from college. Prachi is bullied at school and tries to finish her life.

Episode 25

Abhi goes into the faculty to notify the principal that he did not need Prachi to be relegated. Pragya proceeds to Abhi’s workplace to satisfy himwhen she does not find him in his home. Fate contributes to Abhi and Pragya eventually meeting in a construction site after years of separation. Abhi gets struck by a brick slab, also Pragya has a unconscious Abhi.

Episode 26

Pragya is worried because of Abhi’s deteriorating health because of blood loss. The doctor then asks her to arrange for blood that meets Abhi’s blood type.Episode 27 Pammi prohibits Riya from visiting Abhi.

Episode 28

Prachi’s suspicion strengthens concerning the person being her daddy. Sarita Ben advises Pragya to disclose the fact, not shy away from replying Prachi’s questions.Episode 29Abhi is on the lookout for Pragya and arrives in the hospital to receive details regarding her. Prachi would like to have a daddy like Abhi.

Episode 30

Abhi watches the CCTV footage of the kitchen Pallavi and Vikram’s wedding anniversary night. On learning that Riya was in charge of poisoning the food, Abhi is mad. Then he does the unthinkable and slaps Riya.

Episode 31

Abhi feels just like a loser and regrets his bad parenting skills. Upon mentioning Meera and Pragya don’t know one another’s names nevertheless, both try introducing themselves, though, a sudden swerve interrupts their conversation. Riya and Prachi prepare for their college trip.

Episode 32

Abhi decides to fulfill Prachi’s mom. The principal warns the team against straying in the camp website since it is a dangerous location. Upon learning that Prachi and Shahana have managed to create it for your journey, Riya is shocked. Meera calls Pragya to inform her around Abhi’s excursion.

Episode 33

Unable to spot her atop the shadow, Ranbir begins serenading Prachi using a song and professes his love for her. Prachi foils Ranbir’s proposal for Riya. In accordance with Riya’s ploy, Riya’s friend sends Prachi to the dangerous location in the camp site.

Episode 34

Riya fakes her harm also makes it seem like Prachi is liable. Abhi and Pragya arrive in the camp site. He is ruined when he sees that the bit of fabric that Riya left and blames himself for her disappearance.

Episode 35

Abhi checks Dimpy’s phone log and can be shocked. Upon learning that Riya had conspired against Prachi, he is furious. The weather illness worsens and the team makes a go for the neighborhood hotel to spend the day. Coincidentally, Abhi, Riya and Vikram are put up at the Exact Same hotel.

Episode 36

On Pragya’s request, Riya begrudgingly apologises into Prachi. Later, A feared Riya attempts Pragya’s aid in adapting to a ailing Abhi. Ragya enters Abhi’s distance to tend to him is disrupted by Meera. Abhi hires Prachi as Vikram’s secretary and hands her the responsibility of this business’s 5-year anniversary occasion.

Episode 37

Pragya Hazards Her Life To Save Chief Minister At Abhi’s Business occasion.

Episode 38

On being jeopardized, Pragya reluctantly agrees to attack the Chief Minister. The count down starts and Pragya should kill the Chief Minister but she worries the shooter meant for her will kill Abhi. Later, Purab catches a glimpse of Disha, but refuses to take it’s her, since he thinks she will not ever go back.

Episode 39

When Prachi is held captive, Pragya insists to kill the Chief Minister to free her. Abhi tries to figure out that could profit from murdering the Chief Minister. Later he faces the mind of security and asks him if he wishes to kill her. The commanders take him away and also an unconscious Abhi is held captive at the specific same area as Prachi.

Episode 40

Pragya tries her very best to frighten the Chief Minister concerning the threat for her life by way of a notice. Prachi educates Ranbir about Rohit’s plan, and her mum being blackmailed. The head of safety gives a controller, shots are fired, and insanity takes over. Later, Riya and Pragya are held at gun point, however, Prachi comes to their rescue.

Episode 41

Disha pays Pragya a excursion, making her overjoyed. She meets Prachi, but Pragya introduces them half heatedly. This leaves Disha mad. Pragya worries Abhi will take Prachi away from her. Later, Abhi arrives at Prachi’s house and speaks to Disha. While talking for her, he blames Pragya for Kiara’s death and says that he wishes to watch his other child. A teary-eyed Pragya hears that dialog.

Episode 42

While trying to find a taxi, Purab moves and supplies Prachi a elevator. Purab keeps Disha’s hand in the vehicle and they reminisce about the times they spent together. But this moment is disrupted if Disha sees a message from Alia on Purab’s telephone stating that he likes him.

Episode 43

Sarita Ben asks Abhi to think about her offer, but he explains he loves his wife. Later, Prachi learns the automobile that drenched her into dirt is Ranbir’s and demands he apologise to her. Riya puts them together and makes the decision to confront Ranbir.

Episode 44

Purab conveys his love for Disha into Aliya. Ranbir makes an appearance on stage with the guitar he made from Abhi, and asks Riya to get a dance. Later, an enraged Riya confronts Prachi and warns her to stay away from Ranbir.

Episode 45

Alia tries to facilitate an upset Purab by means of a hug but he explains to her that he believes about Disha and overlooks her. Alia is in denial and blames it on the alcohol he is consumed. Prachi appears after a drunk Abhi and learns he’s another woman. She then goes for Abhi some thing to make him feel better, and also an emotional Abhi looks in the picture of Pragya within his pocket. Afterwards, his pocket drops, and Prachi picks up it.

Episode 46

Vikram takes great pride in introducing Ranbir because his successor and measures himself down. Ranbir indicates to Riya, however she puts on a country where she will take his suggestion. Ranbir hears the disease and can be left stunned. Later, Prachi adopts a tasty dish for Dasi, who remembers the Riya’s mother used to look after her the specific same way.

Episode 47

Purab approaches a drunk Alia who is furious he lent his love for her. Riya contacts a police officer and falsely accuses someone of providing medication to the guests. Later, as Abhi will leave the celebration for Sarita Ben’s house, the police arrives.


Episode 48

Prrach is arrested, She pleads her innocence as well as the Mehra family frees her, but in vain. Purab learns that Alia has absorbed sleeping pi lls and must rush her to the hospital. But on the way there, he or she Disha meet an crash.

Episode 49

Subsequently, in the clinic, Alia regains consciousness and inquires for Purab.

Episode 50

Unaware of who is really on the opposite end of the phone, Abhi and Pragya encircle each other. Nishant wants Riya provide him INR 5 lakhs in exchange for your CCTV footage which proves she is guilty. Later, Prachi asks Abhi to look after her mum whenever anything happens to her.


After checking into their hotel, King and Pragya opt to have Kiara registered in an global school; therefore it’s the identical college that Sunny (Purab and Disha’s kid ) attends.The same-day Pragya attracts Kiara to receive her admitted, Abhi is going to aid a buddy enroll her kids in the present term. They feel each other’s presence but don’t arrive face-to-face.Kiara is denied registration for the current term since it’s too late, though, a combination up with recommendation letter enables Kiara to obtain entrance together with Abhi’s buddy’s kids.Afterwards King and Pragya are confused on who might have aided them with Kiara’s entrance, while Abhi has no concept he has helped his own daughter. When Sunny and Kiara meet in the college, they soon develop a competition towards each another following an incidence.Abhi and Kiara


Abhi and King encounter each other two on different occasions because of Abhi virtually running his car to King’s. Their egos clash and they become heated discussions. But they are oblivious of one another’s stardom and mutual relationship through the contract and also via Pragya. Swarni Dadi also arrives in the Mehra mansion oblivious of this truth that Abhi and Pragya’s union had ended seven years back and Tanu is currently Abhi’s wife. She’s kept in the dark nevertheless as nobody gets the guts to tell her what had occurred.King and Pragya are seen by King’s remote Chachi and cousin Tarun as a media conference is coordinated for Abhi and King to meet one another and declare that the record.King Singh in turn of destiny 2Pragya is nevertheless not able to accompany King since she must drop off Kiara in her very first day of college. She indicates King take Tarun rather so that he can make some work experience. She promised to meet them afterwards at the summit. After finding out King has been compensated over Abhi for its record, Aliya pays a number of Abhi’s fans to cheer longer for Abhi therefore the record organizers are habituated to placing Abhi on the pay just and omitting King entirely. Tarun overhears that this ploy and communicates it to King who subsequently decide to expose the irregularity at Abhi’s camp and their hotel to”cheap business tactics” for egotistical reasons.


Throughout the seminar, Abhi and King come face-to-face and become a heated debate about who’s far better than another. Frustrated and upset with Abhi’s self love, King, with the assistance of Tarun, reveals the lovers who’d been paid to assist Abhi’s stardom. Abhi originally resisted being accountable but later realizes that Aliya is effective at these stunts. He finds out from Purab who Aliya was supporting the accident and needs she cancel his contract he won’t need to work with King. Before she could say anything else, an emotional and perplexed Pragya stands outside and runs right into an angry King out the hallway.Read occasions ahead of the 7 years jump here.King apologizes to Pragya because of his behaviour and accuses Abhi of being a businessman as opposed to a musician that was correct. All this time, Pragya is oblivious that Abhi is that the singer King is speaking to.


Back in the Mehra home, Swarni Dadi and Mitali notify Abhi and the rest of the household They watched Pragya in the media conference. Following a struggle with Tanu, Abhi informs Swarni Dadi his union with Pragya stopped seven years ago because she broke his hope (he leaves out the reality he blamed Pragya for Dadi’s departure ). Abhi, who’s drunk goes back into the conference hall to ask about Pragya mainly because Swarni Dadi requested him to. But he gets into a slight injury with King’s automobile. They get into a debate and therefore are equally detained for drunk driving. It is the exact same time as Tanu is advised and she, together with Purab, proceeds to bond out Abhi. In the station, whilst Pragya is attempting to persuade the inspector launch King, Abhi sees her for the very first time in seven years.Abhi and pragya He’s however yet to recognize that she and King have connections. Purab convinces a different inspector to allow Abhi go, he’s discharged but in their way home, Abhi suddenly stops the vehicle to return into the police station and require an explanation from Pragya, however she was driving away when he came. After he arrives home, he blames Pragya for coming back to fix their marriage and decides to overlook her.


On the flip side, Pragya asks King to change his mad behaviour if not to her Kiara, but for both himself as well as his livelihood; and King is frustrated and confused at Abhi’s insecure, possessive, and oppressive behaviour. While waiting for a meeting to begin in exactly the exact same resort King, Pragya, and Kiara are remaining , Abhi runs right into Kiara again and they wind up getting stuck in a darkened elevator together.While Pragya runs about to find the lift working, Abhi and Kiara bond after she calms down Abhi who’s fearful of the dark, and then she shows off her intellect by unlocking his smart phone without him telling her password.Pragya manages to correct the elevator and return with Kiara as Abhi leaves. Tanu additionally sees Pragya for the very first time in seven years following meeting there, however, she distracts Abhi so he doesn’t arrive face-to-face using Pragya. Abhi and KiaraThis almost contributes to a fist-fight, however, Abhi walks from this bargain and blames Aliya for not assessing who he had been paired with. King also walks from this bargain announcing he does not have any desire to work with Abhi, and asks him to follow his word.


Mr. Wick, director of the worldwide music record, finally calls Abhi and King back for one more meeting at his tag. He recommends Abhi and King to take care of this deal as a”business marriage” by placing their egos and differences apart and collaborate on the record, and from so doing they’ll have more fame and lovers.While King says he’ll consider it, Abhi receives a telephone call from Sunny’s faculty and leaves without telling anyone exactly the motive. Upon reaching the main office, Abhi finds out that the woman who had been bullying Sunny is none apart from Kiara.Kiara is mad with Abhi and asks him to not talk to her .

Abhi leaves the college mad but doesn’t understand why he feels this way.


Twist of destiny 2 Pragya also finds out about the assault on the information and sneaks in herself to rescue Kiara. Since Abhi and Pragya separately attempt to rescue everyone indoors and narrowly missing each other, King finds out late concerning the assault and ditches his assembly to hurry into the faculty.When Sunny and Kiara program a break-out effort, they’re split and taken hostage in various rooms. At precisely the exact same time, Abhi handles to spare Kiara and the remaining pupils and staff while he stays behind to fight the terrorists.Pragya and Sunny are reunited with Kiara and the remainder of the team and pupils in the hallway as the authorities show up.

Shortly there’s a stand-off with all the authorities and terrorists, that are holding Abhi at gunpoint. Pragya sees that from a window but doesn’t see Abhi’s face clearly. She manages to throw a paperweight at among the terrorists as he shoots his gun, however, the bullet strikes the window Pragya is standing alongside and she melts.Afterwards the police catch the terroristsAbhi believes that Pragya rescued him but if he goes to test there’s not any one there, because she is escorted outside. While Abhi concludes it was only his imagination, King arrives away from the school as the situation is sprinkled and reunites with Kiara.


Abhi and King finally opt to set their egos aside and collaborate on the worldwide audio record. After registering their contracts, then they decide to challenge one another to prove who’s far better than another through this record. King convinces Mr. Wick to allow him arrange the record announcement celebration at his newly bought home, and additionally asks Abhi to invite his spouse. While Abhi informs Tanu to arrive at the party in time, King shares Pragya the information he chose to work on the record and about their struggle.Abhi and pragyaKing also asks Pragya to present as his wife for the celebration due to the state Abhi set forth, Pragya is originally annoyed but insists so she is able to assist King win the challenge. Tanu originally decides to attend the celebration for Abhi’s fascination, but realizes she has had a lot to drink and heads home rather.



After talking the terrorist attack in their college, Sunny and Kiara apologize to one another and eventually become friends. At the night of the celebration, Pragya sends Kiara into Sunny’s home with their driver so that they could work on a course project together, entirely oblivious about the association between Kiara and Sunny’s household. In the home, Kiara bonds together with all the Mehra household except Tanu, that discovers her rude and bothersome. After King and Abhi are known as on-stage to start the record, King asks his wife to come back on-stage and during this, Abhi and Pragya come face-to-face with one another. Finally! On the flip side, Pragya is not able to restrain her feelings since she’s still deeply hurt by Abhi attributing her for Dadi’s departure.While Abhi decides to question her decision to remarry, Pragya decides to tell him the truth concerning her connection involving King believing that destiny needs her to return with Abhi.But following both talk a dancing (together with King’s consent ), Pragya walks upset after Abhi hurts her along with his grasp. She concludes that rather than inducing every additional pain by bringing up bad memories, so it is far better to forget about what happened and move on and cherish the joyful memories rather.Meanwhile, King felt that Pragya was feeling uneasy during her dancing with Abhi and asks her to keep away from Abhi. He’s oblivious that Abhi is your guy from Pragya’s past.


Finally, Abhi and Pragya wind up together in a guest room after Abhi injures his hands and Pragya bandages his wound from good will. Before Pragya can depart, they become a huge fight. Abhi accuses Pragya of cheating him by devoting King rather than coming back to rescue their union after what he asserts to be a little fight she took seriously. In addition, he accuses Pragya of breaking all of the promises she made . Pragya realizes Abhi has not changed in any way, he holds her accountable for his mistakes and will continue to attribute her. Pragya calls him outside for questioning her choices if he threw her his lifetime, married somebody else, and also for not actually understanding the type of man she is.When Abhi doesn’t accept his error and insults King rather, Pragya is obviously offended and needs Abhi doesn’t speak aboutPragyaKing that way since he (King) stood with her and recognized her feelings and scenario when Abhi was not there.


While departing, Kiara sees an upset Abhi and attempts to cheer him up. She learns that Abhi needed a spouse before Tanu. Abhi believes that if he had been to have a girl, she’d be like Kiara.


The following day, Abhi decides to give up the album because of Pragya’s participation, but this includes an outcome that entails 3 years songs probation for him personally and paying King exactly the identical sum of money he was for. Pragya understanding this, rather than needing Abhi to incur any losses, goes to Abhi’s home and plays a key on him by thanking him for financing from this record and recognizing that King is far better compared to him. To establish himself, Abhi struggles Pragya he will do better than King. They become a little debate once more, but in the meantime several robbers come in the bank and maintain the people indoors as hostage.King and Tanu hear that the information of this bank robbery and become very stressed. In the resulting struggle, Abhi gets little injuries. Kiara learns it had been Abhi just who rescued her mother through the prosecution. When Kiara informs Pragya the Sunny’s uncle had rescued her, she assumes he’s among those police officers.


Pragya hears of Abhi’s injury through King and attempts to match him. Pragya decides to match him covertly. She belongs to Abhi’s space and attempts to convince him to awaken.Abhi wakes up following Pragya leaves. Aliya and Tanu think they’re the reason for Abhi’s enhancing wellbeing. Abhi gets gloomy that Pragya didn’t come to see him at the hospital and just shipped King.


Kiara decides to pay a visit to Abhi and head to his residence. When she’s going to visit Abhi, he’s speaking to some photo of Pragya. Kiara asks Abhi to demonstrate that the picture, to determine whether Tanu is more intelligent, or even the girlfriend. When she is going to go downstairs, then Tanu decides to pour oil onto the staircase to create Kiara autumn and teach her a lesson. She sends Sunny to find some novel, while Kiara drops down the stairs. Tanu immediately cleans the oil up, to eliminate all of the signs. Kiara begins to shout and Abhi runs to her help.Kiara, at the meantime, calls Pragya to come into Sunny’s home. Abhi yells and moans Kiara and carries her into his guitar space. He efficiently diverts Kiara’s focus from her pain into the cool tools.Kiara is concerned because when her mother comes she’ll scold Abhi for not taking good care of her daughter nicely. Abhi says he will handle her, however, Kiara states,”No, I really don’t need you in trouble since I adore you so much and that I wanna come back to the house again and again. If my mother comes here, she’ll prevent me from coming back again.Recognizing that, Disha decides to take Kiara house before Pragya takes place. While in their way, Kiara calls her mother and tells her to return since she’s currently on her way. Abhi assists her with the job and while there, they look at one another and grin like people that are still in love. Abhi finally gets angry after she leaves.He begins to sense Pragya and Kiara might be connected in some way since they behave equally. In Kiara’s house Disha learns the facts about Kiara’s mother and rushes home to notify Abhi. She was nevertheless able to notify her husband Purab however he does not think, believing that because Pragya is wed to King, then Kiara is his daughter.


Afterwards, Purab and Disha can meet Pragya at a jewelery shop. Shortly, Tanu intends Purab and Disha’s surprise anniversary celebration only so that Disha does not tell Abhi she had been the person who made Kiara drop down in the staircase.


Abhi would learn afterwards that Kiara is his daughter when he donates blood into her following an accident and finds they share the identical blood group. Meanwhile, DNA evaluation is completed and reports demonstrate positive he (Abhi) is daddy of Kiara, reports have been obtained by Abhi delivered by physician Abhi is revealed happy knowing he is her biological father, so Abhi decides to face Pragya who kiara is his daughter, meanwhile at King home King appears to be in complete romance with Pragya decides to marry her before anything.Abhi comes to King’s spot to speak to Pragya at which King gets angry and faces Abhi believing that he is supporting his wife and he also advises Abhi he will wed Pragya whenever you can, warning Abhi to come into his home and not to watch Pragya. He yells Abhishek from his residence. An angry and angry Abhi so comes to his mansion complete drunken, describing his love for Pragya into Disha.Abhi first considers the idea but he appears to take Disha’s thought of being married to Pragya with no knowledge to receive her back along with their daughter back along with her into his lifetime. Pragya subsequently in her perceptions gets mad on Abhi and extends out into the mall together with Kiara. Meanwhile, the Abhi goes in hunt of Pragya because he wishes to speak with her and apparent the gaps between them.Abhi arrives to be aware that a set of terrorists had escaped from prison and have seized the mall where Pragya moved to. Abhi goes to conserve Pragya. On the other hand King arrives to learn about the information and adheres to the exact same mall. On the assignment of bettering Pragya, Abhi shows the fact of him not wed with Tanu.After showing fact Pragya takes him gets ready to wed Abhi. Finally when King Singh comprehends that Pragya would not love him because she’d always adore Abhi, he’d grow to be a villain and attempt to distinguish them.Abhi and pragya makes the decision to notify about their connection to King prior to their union. Pragya proceeds to fulfill king and at the mean time Abhi clarifies their past for their own daughter Kiara and she gladly accepts him as her daddy. Pragya shows king around Abhi being her husband. Chachi warns king to not hurt Pragya anymore. Following two weeks Pragya gets pregnant. On the joyful note Abhi wishes to throw a celebration. Tanu who had been miserable with the closeness of wife and husband and information of Pragya’s pregnancy leave her to feel envious and she attempts to kill the infant. But, King who’s blinded by anger and jealousy connives with Nikhil to shoot away Kiara out of Abhi and Pragya lives. They ship Goons who catch Kiara along with a ransom is demanded for their own discharge. Abhi and pragya rally around and brainstorm about the best way best to free their kid but finally, via a gun tussle in the place where Kiara was kidnapped, she’s shot and falls off a cliff. Kiara is assumed dead along with the shock of this sends Pragya to some forced labour.She gives birth to twin girls but irreconcilable gap causes the couple to divide again, each moving away with a gir


Twist of fate takes another 20 years jump what follow the lives of both Abhi and Pragya twin brothers.Care for a few spoilers? Read the entire narrative of twist of destiny season 2 under…

• We can anticipate Aliya, Nikhil and Tanu to carry on with their scheming and attempts to different Abhi and Pragya to get great. However, Pragya are going to have the aid of Purab, Grandma and each other of her household .

• Pragya will begin working in Love Life Music Company at which Abhi has begun to record his new record and end up as Abhi’s personal assistant; because love is thicker than water, Abhi within his amnesiac country will fall for her all over again!

• Abhi only recalls that he had been to wed Tanu not understanding that he is married to Pragya, and thus the 3 wicked musketeers capitalizing on it guarantees another wedding stays between them. But things go wrong once Aliya finds this trickery and prevents the marriage out of holding.

• When Abhi and Tanu are becoming married, Abhi slides and slides back on the sixth round as portion of his previous union swamps his consciousness though it isn’t clear with whom.He faints and is then taken into his chamber, but Alia proceeds to urge him to move complete the rounds while he is going to finalize the rounds, Pragya mum arrives to notify him that Pragya was kidnapped and he succeeds to save her into the disappointment of Tanu and Aliya.

• After Abhi rescue Pragya in the kidnappers, he has married to her at the jungle. There and then, they have a romantic second and consent to unite and combat their enemies.When Abhi and Pragya depart, they have a car crash and Abhi frees his memory. But regrettably, Nikhil’s goon shoots Pragya if they had been hoping to operate out of them and Pragya drops to the dam. Abhi attempts to locate her but is ineffective. Abhi stops them reveals he has recovered his memory.Following one month and 2 weeks jump, Abhi is still looking for Pragya, he comes across a villager called Munni, who’s Pragya’s lookalike. Aliya then blackmails Munni into assisting her, she informs Munni things to do and threatens that she’ll kill her sister’s kids if she doesn’t cooperate. Munni helps them.Pragya, who’d been in a coma yields to Mumbai to fulfill Abhi but finds out that he’s residing with her lookalike. Munni informs Pragya about Aliya’s conspiracies so Pragya yields into the Mehra’s home disguised as Munni, she decides to conceal her identity out of Aliya and Tanu till Munni finds her children.However, Tanu shortly exposes Pragya as imitation, still believing her to become Munni. This induces Abhi to throw Pragya from the residence. Abhi allegedly murdered her husband Dushyant, therefore she’s come to seek revenge ; she plots and plans and does lots of conspiracies that are all unworthy.In the beginning Pragya does not tell Abhi concerning the killer and hides his identity but afterwards at his birthday she informs him the facts.


On precisely the exact same day she discovers that Simonica is your killer. Simonica again attempts to kill Abhishek and Pragya but her plans move in vain. But, with all the attempts of Pragya and Purab, Simonica is shown incorrect and is sent to prison.While the authorities is shooting Simonica to prison, a collision takes place and Simonica leaks and reaches the Mehra home. A party was arranged in Mehra home as Purab and Disha are shortly becoming parents. Simonica attempts to kill Abhi and Pragya however her strategy goes in vain. Tanu signals a deal with Simonica that when she’ll leave Abhi then she’ll assist her in murdering Pragya, Simonica agrees.As intended, Simonica’s shield calls Pragya and informs her around Simonica’s place. Vin Rana after replacement for Purabapproval and permission to proceed after her.


Pragya belongs to a nearby police station to take the authorities with her before going into the mill. Dadi, fearing for Pragya’s security, reaches the mill alone before Pragya to face Simonica. A battle breaks out that leads to Simonika shooting Dadi as Pragya arrives with the authorities. Despite their best attempts, Dadi succumbs to her harm and moves away. Aliya retains Pragya accountable for this catastrophe, Abhi without doubt blames Pragya not just because of Dadi’s passing, but also for each of the risks that their loved ones struck.In his rage, Abhi calls Pragya wicked and throws her from his life. A devastated and grief-stricken Pragya is revealed attempting suicide by leaping off a cliff.Following that, the series takes about a 7 year jump which from all indications, might be the season 3 or year 4 of Spin of destiny.However, since it is in the current, the series has changed seasons from 2 to three later Pragya kidnap instance events. And so plenty of audiences are confused on the specific time with the aforementioned plot outline. Whatever the case, the current narrative has not changed and the occasions are moving according.This is merely the important highlights of this season 2 and we’d have to wait for when the series returns in September to determine the way the Twist of Fate unfolds.

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