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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 8 Recap



At the time, Baiyi slipped to the floor room and triggered the manhood. Jin Xing was decided to listen to the information and wanted to explore.

Jiabeile promptly stopped himknowing that he was subjected, and simply confessed he needed to pick between his brother and his fan.

This sword occurred to stabbed on the white clothing, since the wound was too heavy, even Jin Xingjian was not capable of regaining. Ye Ming was totally frustrated with Jin Xingjian and abandoned using Jiabeile and Baiyi. Even though Ye Ming wished to use spiritual capacity to conserve Bai Yi’s lifetime, it didn’t help. Knowing the deadline was finished, she had the last piece of magical ability to erase Gabelle’s memory.

The callous Jin Xingjian will endure her painting and hiding Xuezhai for ten years due to the kindness of these white clothing. Xiaoqing believes that animals are bad or good, but Lianxuan believes they have various ways and needs to be solved as soon as possible.

But the moment the both of them came in the yardthey found Lian Xuan look at the doorway, posing as though they were going to be callous. Initially, Lian Xuan wrongly thought the white robe was a fairy tale transmitted by Yu Shaobai, and he actually wished to subdue her, therefore that he did not leave any attachment, as well as Ye Ming could not fight it.

Ever since that time, Baiyi has practiced thinking that one day he is going to have the ability to settle another party, but he’ll get no outcomes in a variety of areas before he sees Ye Ming from the crypt ten decades back. Thereforehe considers that the gold character is filled with evil rather than just imprisoning Ye Ming, but devouring other fairy internal alchemy Practice.

Initially, Gabelle wished to go home together with his white clothing on his back, but after being throw from the white clothing, she slowly became feeble and also in a trance, then dropped to the floor. Until sunrise, Gabelle was awakened from the patrol, except for his own body aches, and with no memory of last night, he returned into the old home with doubts.

Actually, Jin Xingjian had intended to reunite Ming’s freedom, therefore that he comforted Jiabeile, then came into the side of their cellar, and observed Ye Ming and Bai Yi leave.
Gabriel attempted all types of approaches to maintain Jin Xingjian, attempting to provide Bai Yi more time to save, however, Jin Xingjian wasn’t drunk yet, but he had been drunk unscrupulously very first, also accused of Jin Xingjian of being a fairy who did not know love, even though he had been locked up. People can not close another person’s heart.
Since the talisman is at his hands, Bai Yi would like to take the chance to save Ye Ming, but Gabelle isn’t worried that she’s alone in the threat, and is prepared to accompany her. Whether Ming resented or maybe not, he wouldn’t disclose any information about Shaobai.

Though he’d overlooked the past time, Lian Xuan nevertheless didn’t give up to eliminate Ye Ming. He analyzed tactics in the home, realizing that he couldn’t attack, and only resorted to outspokenness. The strategy was to attempt to find drunk Jin Xing Jian like Gabelle thought. Xiaoqing borrowed cash to purchase wine for Lianxuan, intending to join himbut Jiabelle had taken the lead in racing to Huaxuezhai.

The slave handed over the images that was washed, and if he appeared at the strange girl from the film, Gabelle smiled knowingly and unexpectedly became a small trance, as though he had undergone a fantasy. This dream made him slowly recognize his arrival and expertise, while it’s the richness of the skies, the situation of food and clothes, are the notion of not devoting life, but there is a hint of emotion.

Gabriel took the talisman paper for Bai Yi, also if she had been happy, he wished to follow the case of this script to concur with himso that he stopped it. Knowing that Gabelle was inquisitive about the talisman paper, Bai Yi just told the entire story, stating that in the start he had been a guinea pig who’d only cultivated his human form, and he nearly died, but he had been rescued by Ye Ming.

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