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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 6 Recap



Although Ye Lina did not say a phrase and dropped into pity, Jin Xingjian knew her feelings quite well and was drawn by this easy and beautiful girl. But he loved somebody, not able to accept Ye Lina’s will, so that he returned to the complete side.

Chen Lei sent a person to establish an ambush halfway, and successfully seized Lian Xuan. On the way back into the police station, Xiaoqing employed a hint to rescue Lian Xuan. I am scared that Xiao Qing himself could not explain why.

Yu Shaobai often appeared in his fantasies, directing Ye Ming at a subtle way. To be able to eliminate the shackles of this enchantment, Ye Ming casts spells several times futile, Jin Xingjian did not care, came with a box of candy, also folds the roses to please him. Luckily, Ye Ming was quite open minded and even attempted to practice walking in heels.

The following day, Ye Lina arrived at the Baylor House without neglect, and Gabriel happened to be in the primary hallway, and was astounded by another party. Ye Lina asserts to become Jin Xingjian’s girlfriend, using a bashful face, she seems like a tiny daughter-in-law.

Ye Lina believed this individual was awful, so that she did not dare to appear, so she announced war with assurance. So long as Jin Xingjian didn’t get married, she’d have a opportunity to grab it out of her opponent.

Since Jin Xingjian refused to utilize bloodstream, he also angered Acacia Red Bean. He shook his armsand many jujube nuclei flew from his sleeve immediately. Both pointed ends, such as concealed weapons, flew away at a very fast speed.

Ye Lina was made by Jin Xingjian. She remained at home all day without drinking or eating. Ye Qingchun requested a foreign physician to diagnose home. There was not any problem in any way, which left him know that his sister had been afflicted by lovesickness.

He cried and said he was the primary body of wild jujube. He had been swallowed by the older guy Peng Zu five hundred decades back and was infected with energy that was immortal. Even though Acacia Red Bean said with sincerity, Jin Xingjian still did not think this, and watched through his lie immediately.

As Ye Lina handed out, Gabriel raced to talk how to manage the wicked in the jade pendant. Jin Xingjian went into Gaoren’s mansion found that the other party was awaiting for quite a very long time, since he laughed coldly, and his tone had been colder. He wasn’t fearful of Jin Xingjian’s thousands of years old ability, and even wished to borrow his blood.
Jin Xingjian was sound and safe, his clothes were undamaged. Acacia Red Bean took a bit of red jade out of his arms. It had been the carved seal dropped by the Shen family. It had been so strong that it was assumed to be covetous of many critters.

Gabelle left acquaintance, but when he walked away, Ye Lina promptly revealed her silhouette, abruptly became dreadful, and really fought Jin Xingjian. Seeing that Ye Lina appeared to have lost her thoughts, Jin Xingjian just used a couple of secrets to subdue her, and he would see that the red light body proved to be a jujube-core jade pendant. The jade pendant was attached to some lace ribbon, and innumerable silk ribbons commanded Lina’s mind. .

In the long run, beneath the intimidation of Jin Xingjian, Acacia Red Bean finally confessed he had been a jujube with just 600 decades of cultivation. Luckily, he met with a veteran who regularly cultivated immortals and alchemy, therefore that he had been infected with just a tiny bit of immortality. Hongdou Xiangsijun begged Jin Xingjian to not kill him. He utilized the jade pendant to consume human nature, and there wasn’t any significant harm, even though he requested for blood, it had been brought on by greed. Considering Acacia Red Bean wasn’t the murderer of the Zhang family, Jin Xingjian consented to let him move, given he can help him locate other engraved characters.

The red bean Xiangsijun consumed the basis of the necklace connected to the individual’s body. Jin Xingjian recovered her sober understanding and watched the abnormality of this jujube kernel necklace. Until the day, Ye Lina returned into Niu’s house thankfully and could not help but discuss with Niu Zhenni about her date with all Jin Xingjian.

Jin Xingjian started to reflect about the way he handled Ye Ming. Maybe it was time to present her corresponding free area, so he chose to eliminate the enchantment and chose her to stop by Huaxuezhai. Taking a look at the active traffic beyond the window, Ye Ming felt helpless and lonely in this comparatively unknown world. He could not help but examine Jin Xingjian, and as anticipated, Jin Xingjian fought , demonstrating that both didn’t fully trust each other.

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