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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 5 Recap



Before Ye Lina may talk, Red Bean Acacia understood why she arrived. Additionally, as a girl in the new age, Ye Lina did not believe there was anything wrong with unrequited guys. So, confronting the red-faced specialist facing her, she took her very own That tiny thing, I stated it completely.

When Acacia Red Bean discovered the other party had a beat Jin Xingjian, he had been astonished at first, then took out the jujube necklace. Its look has been not any distinct in Niu Jenny’s necklace. It looked comparatively unremarkable, but it left Ye Lina feel much more serene and calm. There was pleasure involuntarily.

At precisely the exact same time, Jin Xingjian and Jiabeile moved into Zhang’s house at the appointed time, also discovered that the house was cluttered, the ground was filled with blood, and a jujube kernel necklace had been abandoned to the scene, that maintained that Mr. Zhang was in a crash. The one-eyed general arrived to Dongfu to inform the improvement of the topic.

Bai Jingang’s cousin attracted a set of people to the doorway to generate trouble, Xiaopi promptly ran to inquire Ye Qingchun to get assistance. Not long afterwards, Ye Qingchun attracted several wives and officials into the doorway. Though his uncle Platinum was smug, he didn’t dare to violate the senior officers’ wives rashly.

Lian Xuan arrived to deliver the meals as normal, leaving each time once the shipping was completed, and created a small hint, trying to work out the association between Jin Xingjian and Yu Shaobai. But, Lian Xuan watched Jin Xingjian erase Ye Ming’s memory, so she had been a bit surprised at her question, however during this passing, Ye Ming was even more convinced that he understood Yu Shaobai, along with the entanglement between the three had been very profound.

Seeing Niu Zhenni being held at the skies by the celebrities, there are many peach blossoms, Ye Lina is jealous, and she hopes to be pleased with Jin Xingjian. Niu Zhenni knew that the thoughts of a great sister, so that she chose to discuss her relationship with a specialist, also specializes in treating lovesickness involving women and men.

In the course, the man classmates assembled around Niu Zhenni to demonstrate their hospitality, such as stubbles of leeks, desperately attempting to please, however, Ye Lina was abandoned from the chilly, along with the picture that was carefully prepared before couldn’t be utilized. Although pursuing a whole lot, Niu Zhenni just has a crush on Mr. Zheng. She’s had a crush on each other because she was in college, and now she’s developed into a romantic relationship.

Ye Ming found the porridge was noxious, and took this chance to keep on talking. Initially, Lian Xuan did not respond, but if he noticed Ye Ming discuss her Yu Shaobai, he could not help but react , that happened to be captured from another party’s snare. Knowing he was being scammed, Lian Xuan left and turned, but he had been terrified that Ye Ming could be mad and drink the noxious porridge, so that he hid in the corner and took a peek. Luckily, he wasn’t too worried as he had been.

Ye Lina became curious about the jujube kernel necklace, so she followed Niu Zhenni from town to search for Gaoren the following day, walked a few long roads, and wandered about to Gaoren’s mansion.
Initially, Niu Jenny looked normal, and she had been inconspicuous when she blended into the audience. However, now I see that this intimate friend of her boudoir, however, she’s changed a whole lot. Though she looks like that she adds five or six things. Pretty, a few people can not look away.

Ye Lina returned into the bunny home and took a self-portrait at the mirror, in the same way the so-called joyful event was sterile. She actually found her face from the mirror bright with red lips and white teeth. Ye Lina transformed to a brand new outfit and came into Baylor House using a fragrant aroma. Initially, Jin Xingjian was perplexed from the necklace and confused Ye Lina for Ye Ming. Appreciate was abnormal in her eyes, and she was ready to accompany her into supper and watch a film.

Nevertheless, considering it, it might be somewhat tough to practice it badly. Lian Xuan hesitated for quite a very long time and neglected to make up his head, until he inadvertently spilled the poisonous wax to the rice porridge, she might just sense God’s will.

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