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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 4 Recap



Actually, Ye Lina discovered that Jin Xingjian was about to Peking, and promptly purchased a ticket to board the exact same train. In any case, she was likely to attend a class , which happened for a companion. Ye Lina spoke and laughed across the way and took the initiative to talk about various interesting subjects.

Even though Jin Xing was loath to talk, she’d necessarily be infected by Ye Lina’s liveliness, particularly if she saw the roses folded with candies newspaper, she could not help but consider the gorgeous moments of him and Ye Ming. .

But Ye Lina has not seen Jin Xingjian’s painstaking attempt from the alternation of hot and cold. If it were not for this Shanghai concession to get an inch of money, and he wants to obtain the lost seal, I’m terrified he gets the notion of going. Luckily, a seal appeared in Zhang’s home in Beiping. On the petition of Mr. Zhang, a fantastic buddy Jiabeile phoned Jin Xingjian to create an appointment.

After speaking and laughing for the majority of the travel, Ye Lina recalled to inquire Jin Xingjian’s speech until both parties said goodbye in front of the railway station. Jin Xingjian discovered that Ye Lina’s feminine classmate was somewhat odd, and if he looked at it attentively, he just realized the jujube kernel necklace involving her throat was bizarre.

Female classmate Niu Zhenni was intact, Jin Xingjian did not say much, and if he left the railway station, he moved directly to Baylor House.
Because of this, Bai Jingang gave this engraved seal for a birthday present to Commander Duan, therefore he had been humiliated before actors from all walks of existence, and Commander Duan shot his ear off.

When they’re full, they wish to drill at the painting snow home, and they’re searching for items which are only antiques and rock jade seals.
Taking into account the tastes of Commander Duan, Bai Jingang requested his subordinates to buy a piece of jade and ship it to Huaxuezhai, also wished to inquire Jin Xingjian to assist with carving. Since Bai Jingang was born at the Cyan Gang, he depended upon spending money to take a seat at the place of deputy manager, so this individual’s misbehavior was good to get a female. Not only did he occupy the theater Huadan, he killed another enthusiast. sister.

Now’s Baylor Mansion isn’t an older mansion. After building a great deal of money, it is going to purchase new property in Beijing and Tianjin. Unexpectedly Jin Xingjian visited, Jiabeile was pleased, and chose the batter to greet him , first ready the area for himand then went to find Mr. Zhang later everything was put up.
Ye Qingchun could not keep his sister’s stalker, so that he just chose to Hua Xuezhai to stop by Jin Xingjian. But, Jin Xingjian isn’t a man who’s ignorant of habits.

Before departing, Jin Xingjian went into the underground area to see Ye Ming in person. However envious another party was, he showed his true ideas, not the protagonist in Yu Shaobai’s mouth, and wouldn’t break Ye Ming’s bond. He advised him to provide meals in time and look after the remainder of the engraved seals.

Seeing Shaobai’s individuality, Jin Xingjian kept quiet. I believed that Ye Ming unexpectedly asked concerning Yu Shaobai, that ought to have been disclosed by Lian Xuan, however when he noticed his attempts to deny this, then realized that Yu Shaobai appeared to have awakened, his presence would bring inconsistent threat.

Not long after the clothes shop opened for business, I watched Ye Lina sneak like a mouse, pestering Ye Qingchun to ask questions, to not depart Jin Xingjian, when she was not self-conscious individual, she’d have been stealing house because of candy.

Although Ye Qingchun believed that Jin Xingjian had somebody loved, Ye Lina did not care, so long as he did not enter the union hall, there could still be the prospect of a title change.
Actually, in fact Qingchun’s belief, Jin Xingjian is cold and dull, with a mysterious history, and in which he came from and where he wished to go are all themes of disagreement among outsiders. His true identity hasn’t yet been circulated, but he just knows if anybody has violated him. He’ll wind up miserably at the end.

After that, he’d fully throw a beam. Since it was hard to swallow this awful breath, then he asked his cousin to visit the Jin family to generate trouble . Lian Xuan went into the cellar to provide Ye Ming meals, irrespective of her motives, she simply put the food down and left. That nightI unexpectedly dreamed of this spectacle of Ye Ming and Yu Shaobai enjoying each other several years back. This odd and complex atmosphere produced Ye Ming really intolerable. He called Yu Shaobai outside and eventually found his true appearance.

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