Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 20 Recap


Due to Jin Xingjian’s Look, Bai Jingang could Not get near Ye Ming.

Ye Ming refuted Jin Xingjian’s ideas, since she appreciated her younger brother , so that she wished to know the facts desperately, even though Jin Xingjian was unspeakable. But, Jin Xingjian nevertheless could not show a note, Ye Ming was somewhat frustrated and flipped upstairs.

Seeing Ye Ming’s death, Jin Xingjian felt heavy, since he was terrified that following Ye Ming understood the fact, he could be more debilitating than he is currently.
Due to his great deeds he had done several times, he promptly tried to obtain a opportunity to get revenge. On the opposing side, Ye Ming could not allow Jin Xingjian tell the facts, so that he walked ahead in anger and nearly dropped. Luckily, Jin Xingjian assisted her punctually.


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