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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 2 Recap



Xiaoyu repulsed Bai Jingang, along with both met . He hoped that Xiaoyu would remain and be his spouse. Xinyue Baiyushu’s Xiaoyu consented with pity, and both agreed to have married in a couple of days, and Baiyushu would personalize the most lovely bridal dress for Xiaoyu.
The team stumbled on Jin Xingjian’s home.

Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 1 Recap

Jin Xingjian was prepared and appeared to understand their objective. Facing Bai Yushu’s bitter pleading, Jin Xingjian requested to utilize half a little fish’s internal alchemy for appointment. Without half of those internal alchemy, the tiny fish could simply change into a fish form. To be able to remain with Bai Yushu, the tiny fish resolutely consented to Jin Xingjian’s terms. The blood into his belly still lasted, along with the flesh in Bai Yushu’s arms turned to foam, leaving just a goldfish in the long run.

Holding half of those internal alchemy, Jin Xingjian awakened the girl Ye Ming at the key room. When Ye Ming awakened, he did not even understand Jin Xingjian. Within her opinion, Jin Xingjian is merely a knee-high little rock soul, arrogant and adorable, and frequently introduces his actual body to Ye Ming, while the guy facing her is tall, weirdly dressed, also has weird hair, that is quite different from what she recalls. . At the time, they appeared to change functions. He was able to rely on Ye Ming, but Ye Ming depends upon him.

Xiaoyu hauled Baiyushu from their water, and if he was going to go ashore with him, he had been consumed by the fish from the sea. He just made the movement when Xiaoyu was covetous to the world. He shut his mouth and refused to allow Xiaoyu head out, but could not withstand Xiaoyu’s prank.

On this afternoon, Bai’s footwork was busy as before, but a massive whirlpool suddenly appeared in the dock, trapping the freight boat containing foreign wine at the whirlpool.

Ordinarily, he hurried from his feet and faced a bunch of gangsters. The competition was bloated and unreasonable. After a couple of shots, Bai Yushu was encompassed at the corner and defeated.

In addition, he walked to the shop and happened to get a face-to-face experience with Xiaoyu. . Xiaoyu keenly felt that the cold temperament of another party, also feared for no reason. Following the manager Ye Qingchun introduced to each other, Xiaoyu shuddered when she discovered that Jin Xingjian was appointed.

In the midsection, 1 ending was passed over to the audience on the coast, who desired to swim into the ship and then be dragged back from the audience. However, the vortex was too large and he lost his energy. Seeing the tiny fish leaping into the sea, Lianxuan, a guy sitting on the pier, jumped into the maximum point of the pier vigorously.

Each time that I went to Baijiajiaxing, he had been negative. The chief of Bai Jingang discovered a gun and chose to create Baijiajiaxing endure a little next time. A group of individuals came into Bai’s footsteps. Xiaoyu didn’t understand how successful the gun was, and hurried up as usual. Though he repelled the Bai Jingang along with his group, he had been taken in bloodstream without quitting. This scene scared Bai Yushu, also if he had been amazed, the incarnation of Kun seemed, informed Bai Yushu Xiaoyu’s individuality for a fairy and wished to shoot Xiaoyu away. Bai Yushu has caught Xiaoyu, even though Xiaoyu is a fanatic, he has to be with Xiaoyu.

The bustling Bai household’s feet are no more lively. Bai Yushu retains the fish tank at 1 hand and the bag in the opposite. After departing this homeland that conveys a lot of, he appears in the little fish at the fish tank with uncommon peace and stability in his center. Xuanlian at the corner looked in the white jade novel along with the fish tank at his hands, sighing.

Lian Xuan was after the tiny fish because the previous vortex in the pier. Seeing the tiny fish come ashore 1 day, he hurried straight away with no explanation. He adheres to the principle of individual creatures with various avenues, and is reluctant to allow Xiaoyu go. Xiaoyu dropped to Lianxuan. When he was going to be surrendered, a girl in green seemed Lianxuan to make trouble. Xiaoyu escaped from chaos to put on a opportunity. .

Bai Yushu, that had been rescued ashore, awakened in a daze. The steward told me that the information of Xiaoyu’s disappearance. After studying the awful news, Bai Yushu could not feel the truth. , Bai Yushu was heartbroken to rescue his beloved from dying . Suddenly there was a sound outside, and a person from Bai Jingang arrived to find error. Bai Yushu was crying in despair and indignation.

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