Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 19 Recap


After all, Ye Ming wasn’t a typical individual, and if he noticed that something was wrong with the home, Yin Qing hesitated for quite a while, and simply clarified the actual problem to her. At precisely the exact same time, the dance girl who had been moving into the bathroom hasn’t returned. Xiao Tao and many others got up to search for this.

Because of this, they found dozens of bats hanging from the air with two dance women only once they left the home. Xiaotao was brutally assaulted by a bat, but sadly Yin Qing seemed in time to shield her.

Many individuals played mahjong energetic and spoke loudly, since Ye Ming did not know a lot about mahjong, therefore that he could just sit and watch, taking a look at his environment by the way.
After staring at each other for a brief while, Xiaotao discovered that Yin Qing was quite much like the monster face she’d seen previously, and that she fainted immediately.

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