Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 18 Recap


So as to successfully save Jin Xingjian, Ye Qingchun chose to visit his father and ask him to get in touch with the British to return back. The assumption is to shut the Christine clothes shop and return to take over the household. Although Ye Qingchun’s fantasy was to take part in style, he didn’t hesitate compared to Jin Xingjian’s lifetime, even though he was a small bit reluctant.

In despair, she desired to rip the platinum along with her palms. If Xiaoqing had not stopped her, she’d have hurried to the police station for revenge. For Jin Xingjian’s passing, Lian Xuan profoundly sensed self-blame. Following that, she was just like a walking corpse. Each time she walked into the doorway of Huaxuezhai, she could not help but return on the times before.

Ye Ming rescued Jin Xingjian, assisted him take the bullet out from his own body, and obviously saw the gap between the bullets. Yu Shaobai guessed Ye Ming’s head, and immediately said he would not risk losing Ye Ming’s reassurance, thus damaging Jin Xingjian.

At precisely the exact same time, due to the participation of the British, Bai Jingang needed to comply with the agreement, but he had been reluctant to do so, therefore he chose to shoot Jin Xingjian away straight on the day that he had been released, and had been hauled to the suburbs to be murdered. The night before, Bai Jingang intentionally went to pick Jin Xingjian, frankly declaring that there was an authority in his spine, so that he had the chance to understand how many goblins you will find in this town.

Rather, they’re like a deadly bunch who knows the way to boost their connection in a little fight. Since Jin Xingjian is inconvenient to expose, he’s remained in Huaxuezhai’s crypt nowadays. Ye Ming was somewhat worried, and might stand in the doorway for a very long time each time. These words caused Ming’s dissatisfaction.

Jin Xingjian naturally suspected the so called superior was really Yu Shaobai delivered into the critters, but another party understood his own flaws, and just a bullet would control his mana. The following day, Ye Lina needed to select up Jin Xingjian, but she did not expect a person to pick up him .

Yu Shaobai’s failure to catch another half of this Pearl of the Night was just like a missed chance. Even though Jin Xingjian was commanded, Ye Ming’s memory is going to be recovered sooner or later, and that he can not continue to conceal it in the moment. I’m terrified it would be much more challenging to acquire the internal alchemy back. Considering the sour play won’t last long, Yu Shaobai’s inner strength is very weak, so he asks the one-eyed general to locate some human nutrition.

Through this event, Ye Lina is no more obsessed with love between women and men, but sometimes letting go would be your ideal option, so she speaks straight to Jin Xingjian and is prepared to become siblings to one another.

Ye Lina watched the volatile explode, and Lian Xuan and Jin Xingjian expired here, appearing to be dismissed to ash. Bai Jingang believed that Jin Xingjian and Lian Xuan would certainly die this moment. It was somewhat late to return to heaven.

That night, as everybody felt unhappy for Jin Xingjian’s passing, how suddenly Jin Xingjian came from beyond the doorway. In the beginning Ye Lina believed she was dazzled, and she could not believe ituntil she found Lian Xuan and Ye Qingchun had seen Jin Xingjian, then she understood that Jin Xingjian wasn’t dead in any respect.

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