Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 17 Recap


Today the seals are in Shaobai’s palms, Jin Xingjian is equal to losing the entire body defense, along with the mana is poorer than previously. Before Xiaopi educated them punctually, they’d blocked the doorway.

To be able to stop Bai Jingang from monitoring down this, they slipped off with Ye Lina beforehand. Sure enough, after a time, Chen Lei ordered everybody to go indoors and beyond the clothing shop, but ultimately he couldn’t discover any questionable clues.

Ye Ming rescued Yu Shaobai out of Jin Xingjian, but Yu Shaobai desired to leave, asserting he wasn’t Jin Xingjian’s competition in any way. But Ye Ming still desired him to think closely. Ultimately, Yu Shaobai decided to remain and remain with Ye Ming, but actually he had other plans.
Ye Ming did not know why he wanted to catch the tablet computer, but Yu Shaobai clarified he appeared to be commanded by a peculiar electricity, so he dropped his motive. Obviously, Ye Ming did not think that this excuse, but he could not locate helpful evidence up to now, so she thought about what Jin Xingjian formerly explained, and she no longer blindly thought in Yu Shaobai as earlier, but had her own ideas.

Ye Lina purchased the policemen protecting town and drove from town easily, temporarily putting Lian Xuan and Xiaoqing at a residential home on the outskirts of town. Lian Xuan feared that Jin Xing will be secure, fearful he wouldn’t be in a position to manage the authorities, Xiao Qing was considering which the association between both would be trusted with lifetime. Equipped with Xiaoqing’s query, Lian Xuan chose to discuss the connection between himself and Jin Xingjian as a household, and since then he’s become close pals.

Seeing Adjutant Li insisted on accepting Lian Xuan and Xiaoqing off, Bai Jingang felt much more resentful and may only find another chance to retaliate. Lian Xuan escaped by the deceased, along with his connection with Xiao Qing proceeded farther, but he hasn’t knew what Jin Xingjian’s strategy is and why he needs Ye Ming to return to Shaobai’s side.
That is the reason Jin Xingjian has been unwilling to inform Ye Ming the fact, just because she’s fearful she wishes to kill and be benevolent, and I am fearful that she’ll perish with Yu Shaobai.

Ye Lina needed to use money to encourage her connection, but she had been nearly crushed by others, and also Director Gong was helpless. In the end, Platinum Gang is endorsed by the British and contains got the Qinggang as the backdrop. He’s ordered that the gold sex is adjusted to departure, and many others can not restrain it.

Ye Qingchun desired to ask Mrs. Liang for assistance, but she was a girl, therefore she could not interfere with men’s affairs. The Ye family sisters and brothers tried all sorts of approaches, and they returned frustrated each time. He had been hurt by Platinum’s bullets, along with also his mana was completely incapable to be utilized.

Seeing his debilitating look, Ye Ming only spit out half an Ye Ming Pill to cure his injuries and communicate aura. But, Yu Shaobai’s expression shifted radically, and he unexpectedly stretched his hand out to catch the internal alchemy. Luckily, Ye Ming’s vision was fast, and although he can escape, he also discovered something incorrect with Yu Shaobai.

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