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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 10 Recap



With Yin Qing’s firm, Xiaotao slowly feels heat, and the association between both has grown quickly, and it’s reached the point of marriage discussions. But Ye Ming was stressed that Xiao Tao could be hurt, so he moved to locate Yin Qing privately.

Although Yin Qing was a bloodstream clot, he had never hurt human beings.

Ye Qingchun could not bear to be inquisitive, and could not help following the tiny tiger, just to discover that the tiny tiger become a cat and ate raw meat.

Jin Xingjian arrived at the nightclub and eventually found the man he believed about day and night, but Yeming was worried about the past and always wished to know the reality. Even though Jin Xingjian still did not show a phrase, he promised to do anything to get Ye Ming and never harm her.

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