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Tuesday update on Zara’s Nikah 30th March 2021



Zara’s Nikah 30 March 2021: Kabir informs Imran that I expect God to get Zara back again. Zeenat says he had been going to wed her. Ruksaar states Kabir is feeble in pain, I’ll make him despise Zara. Kabir assured me he will pretend to be my husband before I give birth. I’ll use this.

She states Zara’s union broke for the wicked woman. Irfan comes there and attempts to prevent Salma. Salma says you’re blinded with this wicked woman also. I’ll throw out of this and visit Kabir, I’ll beg him and inform him I have thrown this wicked girl out of this home.

Zara says will you manage to stop yelling? Zahida comes there and performs dhol. Zahida says we ought to perform some dhol since it is a joyful affair. Zara says I can not think that everything sounded fine.
Kabir comes to the tub and attempts to restrain his emotions. He yells the mirror . Imran runs and says she’s asking for the price for the wedding, she’s wrong. Kabir says that I shall die without her. Ruksaar asks what is wrong with him?

Scene two
Kabir informs Zara that you understand what I asked for in both of these decades? You just. That is why I hope my love you will be free of the wicked girl’s snare one day and will come back for your Kabir. However, I’m the mind priest and can not let a centre to start to preach sins, that’s contrary to our faith. He rips nikah papers before her and throws it at the atmosphere. All seem on.

Scene 1

Zara takes her off and remembers Kabir’s words which she’s trapped in a wicked lady’s trap. Zahida assists her take jewelry off regrettably. Zahida says I do not need to watch you away from Kabir, it disturbs me so much to see you just take this off bridal gown. Zara says I adore Kabir and it will not change if I’m away from him. Zahida says when we love someone then we must accept their ideas also.

Ruksaar brings meals for Kabir. Kabir says that I will not eat food produced by you. Ruksaar says but you’ve earned for this particular food. Ruksaar says but you’ve done bad work out of your palms. Ruksaar states there isn’t any servant at the home. Ruksaar states Imran is Zara’s buddy and Zara is performing bad work also. Kabir asks her to close up, he’s my buddy and that I will decide for myself. Ruksaar says you can not alter Zara’s wicked choice, he’s put a price in your love and you’re hurting yourself? She’s made you weak, you can harm yourself however you can not stand facing Zara.

Scene two

Zara regards the wedding place dressed as a bride. Kabir can not quit looking at her. Imran whispers not to stare too much. Kabir gets humiliated and Zara smiles. Irfan begins the nikah and inquires concerning the haq mehr (dower that husband is worth it to spouse ). Kabir says that my what is for Zara, I’ll accept whatever she desires. Zara says I do not want cash, I wish to request something which will help people, that will make humankind living , I would like an endorsement to open practice for a mehr for audio recovery treatment so we are happy as a married couple. Our faith has enabled the bride to find something out of her husband and husband must meet it, I would like to hear . Kabir is shocked and states mehr is for lady’s safety. . This instructor is using one to find this mehr. You’re requesting permission to do something bad? Zara says that I love you a whole lot, you’re my honour and esteem. Irfan reported you will wed me at any price, I got everything inside this wedding so I’m requesting others’ lives within this mehr. Irfan stated he will speak with youpersonally, you did right daddy? It is the issue against our faith and my faith is over my love. Zara says faith’s foundation is love, love signifies prayer. Kabir says no you’re trapped with this wicked woman Zahida. Zara says I wish to marry you but you’re putting conditions that should I wish to marry then I need to keep away from music. Kabir says since I can not take you with this wicked music. Kabir inquires Irfan that you wished to chat about this wicked music? I thought you’d make her know that bad music isn’t permitted in our faith. I feel just like you concur with Zara? How do you when you’re a priest. The flashback reveals Zara speaking to Irfan. Irfan stated to Zara I fear for my daughter but I worry about my faith for a priest but what should we combine these? Zara says it means that I can continue music recovery after the marriage? Irfan says that your music recovery is providing life to people who may perform suicide, our faith says giving life to somebody is giving life to the planet, the flashback ends. Irfan says I concur with Zara. Kabir is shocked and states as a dad you must instruct her that she’s on the incorrect route and deliver her into the perfect one. That is wrong. You’re standing with her to the incorrect path. Irfan says I have not ever done anything with my emotions. . He gasped in Zahida and states you’ve trapped Zara and today Irfan too? You ought to get lost out of here. . She sighs and says that I love you a whole lot, we’ve got another opportunity so please perform this union and I hope that God will fix each issue. Kabir seems on.

Imran states what about Zara’s songs? Kabir says I’m pretty sure teacher Zahida was trapping my Zara and’d put her into this wicked deed. One we’re married, I’ll triumph Zara over and make her depart music. While I bring her nearer to God then I shall get benefit from God too. I pray never to independent from Zara. Irfan and Salma bring presents for Zara. Irfan says we’ve officially brought Zara’s suggestion to you. Irfan states but we ought to sit and chat about such problems. Kabir says I’m pretty sure that nothing could come in between my Zara’s suggestion. Salma okay, we’ll wait for one to visit our home and wed Zara.
Salma is projecting Zahida from the home. Irfan shouts in her but she does not stop. You’re my Amma and she’s my Ammi. Zahida informs Salma I had been hurt too to watch her take her off gown. I will leave shortly. Salma states then proceed. Irfan says , Zara’s music centre will start within this home. Zara says nothis home is obviously a priest and that I really don’t wish to set you in trouble. Irfan says you’re my daughter and that is the residence. You may open music centre and I’ve messaged this to Kabir. Kabir comes there and states the audio centre will not open here. Irfan says we could sit and speak. Kabir says , you requested me to leave this home so that I will not come until this wicked music is gone out of this home. Kabir says it is nothing in the front of the pain that you gave me. He offers her a telling and states it is my obligation to prevent things happening contrary to our faith in this city. Our mind priest is coming into sharia board at which I’ll establish that opening a music centre isn’t right and that I stop it at any price.

He states I needed to use mehndi on her hands. Imran says I really like your love. You are able to speak to her call. Kabir says we could speak out of our eyes.


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