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Tuesday Update On Ring of Fire 30th March 2021 Zee world



Ring of Fire 30 March 2021: Baiju walks into Shristi’s home. Vidhvan sees him and asks the way he’s to enter his residence. Divya tongue lashes followed by other household members. Daadi says she phoned him to provide prasad. Revathi states as Divya advised Baiju can’t change and have to be acting for Shristi’s forgiveness. Daadi says people can alter with a mere episode, Shristi must forgive Baiju. Shristi provides him prasad and asks to proceed today because she doesn’t need any tension in household for him.

Abhimanyu walks with luggage. Entire household accumulates. Vikral asks Abhimanyu to not go. Anurag says that he should be having significant work, so that he will fall Abhimanyu and asks servant to deliver car’s key. Abhimanyu says who’s moving, he actually is considering sending Anurag away. Abhimanyu says that his luggage isn’t opening correctly and he needs Anurag to go and fix it. Anurag says that he doe snot today to fix it. Abhimanyu says that he can get it mended from store if he doesn’t mind. Vikral says Anurag doesn’t have thoughts, so that he won’t head and asks Anurag to proceed via automobile. Anurag leaves. She discovers their image first and then finds out liquor bottle and understands he mixed liquor in her juice and ought to expose him today. She states that he blended alcohol in her juice, she is able to expose him today. .

Daadi informs them whole scenario occurred in temple and Biju rescue Shristi. Vidhvan fumes can people do so, he’ll complain . Divya says how do wicked alter so soon, something isn’t right. Dulari states in movies it occurs and celebrity varies to hero. Revathi states Divya is correct, evil can’t change so soon.


He fails to see Anurag and chooses telephone. Divya speaks thinking him Anurag and says she wished to talk to Anurag. Parag says he’s gone outside. Divya inquires how are bhaiya and bhabhi and states there’s some misunderstanding between him and he must help them clean it, he must manage those. Parag asks not to fret about jijaji, he’ll look after jijaji and will notify him to speak with her when he returns. Diya has emotional. Shristi finds her dialog and informs Divya she doesn’t know elder’s difficulties, Anurag must apologize Ragini and convince her.
Vikral walks right into Ragini’s area and asks if she would like to speak to her. Ragini reminisces final night’s play and has tensed.

Baiju’s amma employs medication on his wounds. Baiju asks if he was able to return home after performing goondagiri, she used to scold himnow she didn’t complete anything. Amma says that he did a fantastic job today by shielding a girl. Shristi appears at Baiju’s kerchief and reminiscing him shielding her believes if her smack shifted him really.

Anurag moves with Abhimanyu’s tote and calls her Radha. He begins flirting with her and claims that he obtained Abhimanyu’s tote passcode reset and it’s 420. She says she knows his suggestion. He proceeds flirting. She walks into Abhimanyu’s room door and yells it. Abhimanyu says he’s active and will meet her afterwards. Anurag knocks doorway adjacent. Abhimanyu opens doorway. Anurag gives luggage and says its own password is 420. Abhimanyu claims that is fine, tells Ragini he’ll meet her afterwards and shuts door . Ragini believes she talked a lot last night profoundly inebriated and ought to call him speaks to babuji about it.

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