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Tokuso 9 特捜9 season4 Episode 01 Recap

“Gray Suspect” / A stabbed body of a young woman about 10 days after her death was found in a vacant store in a lonely multi-tenant building. Naoki Asawa (Yoshihiko Inohara) and other special investigation teams started the investigation. The identity of her body is known to be Kana Sawamura, a female college student who came to Tokyo from her hometown of Oita last year. She found out that Kana didn’t seem to get used to the new environment, she barely appeared in college, and she was using a matching app to fill her loneliness. Yasushi Aoyagi (Mitsuru Fukikoshi) and Hideaki Yazawa (Hiromasa Taguchi) find out that she had promised to meet a man just before the incident. Meanwhile, Shiho Komiyama (Michiko Hada) and Kengo Murase (Kanji Tsuda) investigate that there was a suspicious man who was persistently chiming in the apartment where the victim lived. In addition, Naoki and Ryo Shindo (Yuki Yamada) patiently searched for the slight traces that Kana left in the university.



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