The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 45 Recap


Xu Lingyi went back to Beijing secretly. Jingyuanhou never found Xu Lingyi. He settled on Xu Mansion. It happened that Xu Lingyi wanted to return to Xu Mansion. He was found out by Jingyuanhou’s people. Fortunately, Wei Guoru arrived in time and he used himself.

His identity overwhelmed the people of Jingyuanhou and took Xu Lingyi away. Jingyuanhou ordered people to lie in ambush around the palace, thinking that no matter how bold Wei Guogong was, he would never dare to take Xu Lingyi into the palace. Wei Guogong rescued Xu Lingyi and asked Xu Lingyi to rush to the palace. Xu Lingyi didn’t understand how Wei Guogong knew that he was heading to Xufu. Wei Guo claimed that Luo Zhenxing had visited him. Eleven mothers speculated that Xu Lingyi would be a killer before. When he entered Xu Mansion, he sent someone to hide in the hands of Jing Yuanhou’s assassin, learned about the matter in advance, and rushed over.

Xu Lingyi wanted to get into the palace, but there were Jingyuanhou’s staff outside. Lin Shixian rescued Xu Lingyi, but he pulled Xu Lingyi and refused to let it go. If he let Xu Lingyi go, the entire district family and Jingyuanhou would be finished. Under the dilemma, Lin Shixian still chose to let Xu Lingyi leave, and diverted the Ou family’s pursuit by himself.

Mrs. Xu Tai threatened her life. She brought everyone from the Xu family to the execution ground to see the eleven mothers. Mrs. Xu cried out for the eleven mothers. She stopped in front of the eleven mothers and refused to be executed. Danyang I also believe that Xu Lingyi will rush to the practice ground to save the eleven mothers. The executioner was Jing Yuanhou’s men. He knew that the Xu family was delaying time, so he had someone pull the Xu family away on the spot and executed the sentence immediately.

It was past noon, and when the eleven mother opened her eyes again, she was lying on Xu’s bed. She wondered what all this meant. Xu Lingyi held the eleven mother’s hand tightly. It turned out that he rushed to the execution ground at the last moment. King Yama rescued the eleven mothers. Now Xu Lingyi has given the evidence to the Sage. The Sage has pardoned the sin of the eleven mother. Everything is a foregone conclusion. Xu Lingyi held the eleven mother tightly and told her that the eleven mother was pregnant. The eleven mother was delighted. On the occasion, I was very fortunate.

Xu Lingyi gave the evidence to Sheng Shang, and the district family was sentenced for this. When Jing Yuanhou saw the soldiers and horses, he knew that he had lost. The eleven mother came to see Lin Shixian in prison. Lin Shixian told the eleven mother that he had already obtained the evidence of the crime. He chose to sacrifice the eleven mother to protect the district family, but later heard that Jingyuan Hou Yin arrested Xu Lingyi. When indiscriminately killing innocents, he still chose the righteous side. Xu Lingyi never failed the people, never failed the eleven mothers. Lin Shixian is willing to bless the two of them even today. In this battle without gunpowder, he finally lost to Xu Lingyi.

Jingyuan Hou abused his position to collude with coastal pirates in private, conspired to get together, and sentenced to beheading. Erziqu Yanxing was exiled with women and children in the district for exposing meritorious amnesty to death. Jingyuanhou was about to be executed. Lin Shixian shouted at Jingyuanhou. Jingyuanhou thought that he had lost because he had always hoped for Lin Shixian. The road outside the Great Wall was bumpy, so he only let Lin Shixian cherish it by himself. When he was exiled outside the Great Wall, Amber packed up her bags and prepared to go with Lin Shixian. She didn’t ask for anything else, but wanted to be with Lin Shixian. Lin Shixian knew that she had nothing and he couldn’t give Amber what he wanted, so she refused Amber and let Amber Never miss it.

Xu Lingyi brought brother Yu to see Aunt Wen. He knew that he had ignored Aunt Wen, so he was willing to give Aunt Wen a choice. If Aunt Wen is willing to stay in Xu’s house, he will not treat Aunt Wen in terms of food and drink costs. If Aunt Wen wants to leave, he will give Aunt Wen enough silver. If Aunt Wen wants to do business, he and Eleven Niang Will also help Aunt Wen. Aunt Wen was sighed about how Xu Lingyi spoke to her gently for the first time. She learned that Brother Yu was going to Leshan to study, so she wanted to accompany Brother Yu, and Xu Lingyi was quasi. When Aunt Wen left, she came to say goodbye to Eleven. Eleven did not care about the past. Instead, Aunt Wen and Brother Yu returned home in time during the holidays. Aunt Wen was moved and wished her eleventh from the bottom of her heart. Mother and Xu Lingyi grow old together.

Xi Niang came to Guogong Mansion to thank Er Niang to see her in prison at that time. If there was no Er Niang at that time, Xu Lingyi would be in danger. She happened to ran into Er Niang who was distressed because her stepson was ignorant, so she wanted to let her stepson inherit her ancestors. Go to school together with Brother Qian, away from those who don’t know good or bad. The eleven mother was kind, but the eleven mother returned to her previous arrogant posture. She also satirized the eleven mother with the golden lotus. The eleven mother was about to get up and leave, but the eleven mother softly stopped the eleven mother and let her drink Let’s go with tea. The eleven mother was a little surprised that the tea was the tongue tea that Er Niang had specifically found for her, but Er Niang said that this tea was not for the eleven mother to drink freely, and that it was the Shuxiu who Chengzu went to school. Eleven Niang knew that Er Niang’s heart was soft and hard, only the corners of her mouth were slightly hooked, tasting the good tea in her hand.

The eleven mother was playing the piano in the mansion, and Xu Lingyi knew that the eleven mother was useless, so he personally guided her. Eleven mothers knew that Xu Lingyi’s previous favorite was Fuqin, but Xu Lingyi hasn’t played the piano ever since the Xu family’s accident. Eleven mothers worked hard, she persuaded Xu Lingyi not to restrain herself. Xu Lingyi was persuaded by Eleven mothers. , I played the piano for the first time many years ago. The sound of the melodious piano spread to every corner of the Fuzhong. Everyone in the Fuzhong was very surprised. Xu Lingyi played the piano again many years later.

In the first year of Longqing, Emperor Longqing announced the lifting of the sea ban, adjustment of overseas trade policies, and allowing private individuals to trade east and west. Since then, the southeast coastal trade has entered a new era, with a comprehensive opening up situation, known as the Longqing switch in history.

A few years later, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Xu Mansion was reunited happily. Qian Ming couldn’t come back in Yunnan, so Wu Niang was invited to come to Xu Mansion to celebrate the festival. When Xu Lingyi came to the courtyard, he asked about the figure of the eleven mothers. Mrs. Xu only said that the eleven mothers were preparing for the betrothal gift of her brother. Before returning home, a slim little girl rushed to Xu Lingyi’s side. This woman was Xu Lingyi. Nuan Nuan with Eleven’s biological daughter. Afterwards, the eleven mothers returned to the house, and the family sat at the banquet table to toast together. This first glass of wine was supposed to be to Mrs. Xu, but Mrs. Xu respected the eleven mothers. Now the fairy ling pavilion is famous. Overseas, Eleven Niang and Master Jian are the pride of thousands of women, and this second glass of wine toast is about family and happiness.

Over the years, the efforts of Xi Niang have not been in vain. Her efforts have won the trust of the people of the world and the trust of the sage. The two looked at each other and smiled. Xu Lingyi thought that this was what the eleven mother deserved, but the eleven mother shook her head and denied it. She knew that without Xu Lingyi’s selfless trust in this world, she would do nothing even if she tried her best. It was Xu Lingyi. With all the love, her life without regrets was fulfilled.



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