The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 44 Recap


Lin Shixian sneaked into Jingyuanhou’s study and found a letter from his cousin. He knew that everything was planned by Jingyuanhou. It turned out that Jingyuanhou used his cousin’s power in Fujian to control most of the military affairs in Fujian. Collusion with pirates to smuggle was also done by Jingyuanhou. Jingyuanhou walked in from outside the house.

The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 43 Recap

He deliberately let Lin Shixian see all of this. The reason why the Xu family has always been against the Xu family is precisely because the Xu family has always advocated a sea ban. Once the sea ban is opened, the District family owns everything. Benefits will be wiped out, and the lives of hundreds of people in the family will be at stake. He hopes that Lin Shixian can figure out his identity. He is the son of the ward family, and should do everything to protect the ward family, not to kill the district’s efforts. Eleven mothers.

Master Jian was seriously injured. Although Xu Lingyi secretly asked someone to send medicine over, Master Jian did not intend to get better. Eleven Niang called to see Lin Shixian, and Jing Yuanhou promised to let Lin Shixian go to see Eleven Niang. He believed Lin Shixian how to choose. While in prison, the eleven mother asked Lin Shixian about the situation of the case. Now all the evidence points to the eleven mother, but it is very difficult for Xu Lingyi to reverse the case, and as long as the eleven mother is convicted, even if Xu Lingyi has made great achievements in battle, Surely there is no escape. After the eleven mother thought, she only asked Lin Shixian to help her with one thing. Lin Shixian knew the determination of the eleven mother and agreed to the eleven mother.

In the public hall, the Three Laws Division will conduct a trial. Master Shang Shu asked Shiyi Niang about whether Xu Lingyi was involved in this case. Shiyi Niang repeatedly claimed that this case had nothing to do with Xu Lingyi, but Jingyuan Hou had already made other preparations. He was right. Zhang Xiuniang of the Embroidery Workshop was beaten up and let Zhang Xiuniang lie about her conscience. The case involved Xu Lingyi, and Mr. Chen Ge asked to give Xu Lingyi time to defend. He originally intended Xu Lingyi to take out the question of divorcing his wife, but Xu Lingyi decided to share it with Shiyi Niang. The eleven mother had an idea in her heart. Lin Shixian was entrusted by the eleven mother. He hurriedly sent the eleventh mother entrusted him with the fairy ling pavilion account book and the lishu. The fairy ling pavilion account book remembered every pen. , Has nothing to do with the Xu family, and this Helishu clears out Xu Lingyi’s suspicion even more. Elder Chen Ge announced on the spot that Xu Lingyi has nothing to do with the case. As for the eleven mothers, she could not escape her death. , Judging by the Holy Supreme, beheaded three days later.

Xu Lingyi came to jail and saw the eleven mother. The husband and wife hugged each other and wept. The eleven mother never regretted marrying Xu Lingyi. She admitted everything because she didn’t want Xu Lingyi to be threatened because of her, and she didn’t want to hurt Xu. Family. Today we have a farewell, I’m afraid that the two will have no fate in this life. If there is an afterlife, Xi Niang only hopes that the two will become husband and wife again. It’s time to visit the eleven mothers, Xu Lingyi held the eleven mothers hand tightly. He told the eleven mothers that he would definitely not give up any hope, just as the eleven mothers would not leave with the book and leave, he also decided today. Will not let go of Eleven Niang’s hand.

Mrs. Xu learned that Elevenniang had set aside her life and death for the Xu family. In her heart, she deeply regretted what she had done to Elevenniang before. She restrained Elevenniang with all family rules and let Elevenniang eat it up. suffering. Now that there are three days before the beheading, Xu Lingyi decides to see the saint, and Mrs. Xu also decides to go and beg the emperor’s grace together. Xu Lingyi, Mrs. Xu, Xu Lingkuan, and the Lord of Danyang knelt outside the palace to beg for mercy. Chen Ge came to persuade Xu Lingyi, but the Xu family was determined not to leave, and Chen Ge had to intercede for Xu Lingyi. Because of the Xu family’s plea, he was willing to open the Internet and postpone his sentence for one month. However, if Xu Lingyi did not find evidence after January, not only would the eleven mother be handed over to the Ministry of Criminal Justice, but Xu Lingyi would also have to be deceived.

Xu Lingyi brought Linbo and a few brothers to find Wang Jiubao. Wang Jiubao was in danger. Linbo asked Xu Lingyi to take Wang Jiubao away first. He stopped the man in black sent by Jingyuanhou. Xu Lingyi took Wang Jiubao away. Wang Jiubao was dying. He handed over an important evidence to Xu Lingyi before he died. Then the people in black could not find the evidence on Wang Jiubao’s body. They wanted Xu Lingyi, the governor of Fujian, The people of Jingyuanhou lied that Xu Lingyi’s collusion with Wang Jiubao was broken on the spot. The Sheng Shang wanted Xu Lingyi in a rage and decided to behead the eleven mother ten days later. Before Xu Ling’s case was brought to justice, everyone in the Xu family No one can enter or leave the mansion.

Erniang came to the prison and saw the eleven mother, she could not get in, but Master Shangshu let Erniang go to jail. Eleven mother knew that Master Shangshu sent someone to eavesdrop in secret, so she only made a sign to remind Erniang , Let Erniang go to Luo Zhenxing. Luo Zhenxing was smart, and he understood what Eleven Niang meant after a little thought. Eleven Niang wanted to tell them that Xu Lingyi had evidence to save her, but he was extremely dangerous on the way back to Beijing. Now he can make Xu Lingyi the safest. The place is also the most dangerous place.


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