The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 43 Recap


Xu Lingyi felt guilty because of the death of Aunt Qin. Eleven mothers accompany Xu Lingyi to comfort Xu Lingyi. On the other hand, Jing Yuanhou no longer trusted Wang Jiubao because of the news brought by Aunt Qin earlier. He was ready to act first to get rid of Wang Jiubao. All this was in Xu Lingyi’s plan. He had already asked Wang Jiubao to take precautions. As long as Jingyuanhou took action, Wang Jiubao would accept the imperial court’s call for security.

The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 42 Recap

Linbo came to see Holly again, he hugged Holly tightly, hoping that Holly could marry him. Although Dongqing did not agree, but there was sweet joy in his heart, and he also accepted the hosta that was repaired by Linbo. Later, Linbo showed his intentions to the eleven mothers before leaving for Fujian. He wanted to marry Dongqing. Eleven mothers knew that Dongqing was also in Linbo’s heart. She agreed to the marriage of the two and gave Dongqing a day off. Holly practiced well for Linbo.

Wu Niang is about to give birth, and the farm has not yet reached the harvest season. Seeing that the family can’t open the pot, Qian Shusheng still didn’t neglect Wu Niang. Qian Shusheng was worrying about the silver office at home. A friend introduced a business to Qian Shusheng. A southerner needed a lot of embroidery. It happened that Eleven Niang was doing an embroidery workshop. Qian Shusheng made up his mind and came to look for him. Eleven mothers discussed that, first, the eleven mother wanted to help the Qian family tide over the difficulties, and secondly, she also wanted to open the Xianling Pavilion to the south. She did not hesitate to take this matter. As anyone knows, this incident was just a trap set by Jingyuanhou. Not long after, Jingshi Xianlingge was involved in smuggling embroidery with pirates. Not only was Master Jian arrested, but also the Eleven Niang was involved.

Shuntian Mansion came to Xu Mansion to take the Eleven Niang away. Xu Lingyi assured the Eleven Niang that he would definitely rescue the Eleven Niang. Yongping Hou Wei was out of fame. Xu Lingyi asked Shuntian Mansion not to lynch the Eleven Niang abusively. Seeing Xu Lingyi’s faith in her, Eleven Niang felt warm in her heart. Later, Qian Ming was also arrested for involvement in this matter. Before he was arrested, he told Wu Niang everything and asked Wu Niang to go to Xu Mansion to find Xu Lingyi.

When Wei Guogong came to Xu Mansion, he brought the latest news about the case. The evidence and witnesses in the hands of the Ministry of Criminal Justice have been conclusive. The only key is to match Qin Zhiyuan, who is doing this business with Qian Ming. However, Qin Zhiyuan Jingyuanhou’s promotion has gone to Fujian, Xu Lingyi is afraid that Qin Zhiyuan will not be found during the trial of the Third Division of the Criminal Ministry.

The imprisonment of Eleven Niang affects the hearts of Xu Mansion. Mrs. Xu has been worried about Eleven Niang in her heart, for fear that Eleven Niang will be wronged in prison. Xu Lingyi wanted to go to jail to visit Eleven Niang, but the Criminal Ministry stopped Xu Lingyi. The Eleven Niang knew that the matter was against her. She didn’t want to impede Master Jian, and only let Master Jian push the matter during the interrogation. To her alone. Elevenniang was the first to be interrogated. Elevenniang kept calling for injustice. She refused to plead guilty, and she would not admit that the smuggling was instigated by Xu Lingyi. Seeing that the criminal department could not open the mouth of the elevenniang, Jing Yuanhou put pressure on the criminal department and demanded the criminal department Xu Lingyi’s crime must be determined. Elevenniang refused to plead guilty, and the Ministry of Criminal Affairs had to interrogate Master Jian. Master Jian was severely punished. She took all the crimes on herself. In her heart, Elevenniang was not only her apprentice, but also her. Relatives.

Humber learned that Shi Niang was in jail, and she was anxious to go out to inquire about the news, but was robbed and robbed by Mrs. Ou’s wife. Mrs. Ou wants to be disadvantageous to Amber. Fortunately, Lin Shixian got the news in time. He rescued the eleven mothers from Mrs. Ou. Amber begged Lin Shixian to save the eleven mothers. Lin Shixian promised Amber when she was in a dilemma. Yuan Hou Suohou, he would never watch Eleven Niang being killed.

Xu Lingyi approached Elder Chen for the matter of Eleven Niang, and hoped that the Holy Master and Elder Chen would give him some more time, and he would surely find the flaws in the case and rescue Eleven Niang. Chen Gelao analyzed the current situation, and he gave Xu Lingyi a divorced wife question book. As long as he submits the divorced wife question book during the Trial of the Three Laws Division, and the eleven mothers were divorced on the spot, all the questions would be solved. It will be solved easily. Not only is the smuggling matter unrelated to the Xu family, the ban on sea opening promoted by Xu Lingyi over the years will also go smoothly. Xu Lingyi must not lose sight of this juncture. With his wife on one side and his family and country on the other, Xu Lingyi was in a dilemma. The photo brought Xu Lingyi the news that Qin Zhiyuan was dead. Jingyuan Hou had already arranged everything secretly.


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