The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 42 Recap


Elevenniang and Xu Lingyi watched the moonlight together. Elevenniang took out Helishu. She wanted to tear up and leave the book, but Xu Lingyi stopped 11niang. This Helishu can always spur him and remind him to be well. Cherish the moment.

The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 41 Recap

The next day, Dongqing came to Chaifang to look for Amber. She wanted to know why Amber used her to harm Eleven Niang. Amber had never thought of harming Dongqing and Eleven Niang. Dongqing was obsessed with Xu Lingyi. She believed that Dongqing would also be willing to become Xu Lingyi’s. woman. It wasn’t until this time that Holly knew Amber’s misunderstanding, and also revealed that she hid the belt privately just to learn stitches and embroidered a belt for Linbo. As for her wanting to let Xi Niang leave Xu Mansion, she didn’t want Xi Niang to stay with Xu Lingyi, a cold-blooded and unruly person like Xu Lingyi.

Eleven Niang and Xu Lingyi heard Humber’s words outside the chaifang, and they entered the chaifang. Xu Lingyi asked why Humber looked at him so much. Humber then revealed the matter of Aunt Tong, thinking that Xu Lingyi and Yuan Niang were killed. Own sister. Xu Lingyi explained everything to Humber clearly. He had never done anything wrong with Aunt Tong. At that time, Aunt Tong was admitted as a concubine just to preserve her reputation. He also asked Aunt Tong if she had any difficulties, but Aunt Tong did. Never said it. Everything has come to light. Amber did everything because of misunderstandings and for the good of Eleven Mother. Eleven mothers interceded for Amber. I hope Xu Lingyi will not tell Mrs. Xu about this matter. Xu Lingyi can open the Internet, but Amber is here. This time almost harmed the entire Xu family, Xu Lingyi asked Amber to leave Xu Mansion immediately. Amber knew that she had no face to stay in Xu Mansion. She hugged and cried with Eleven Niang. After the two said goodbye, Eleven also learned from Amber that the incident was related to Aunt Qin.

Ou Lixing’s body was sent back to the district government. Even though Jingyuanhou was angry, the dead soldiers who Ou Lixing brought out of the city were private soldiers, so I couldn’t see it. The Ou family had to suppress the matter forcibly, and Mrs. Ou hated it very much. Lin Shixian, Ou Lixing died, but Lin Shixian came back safely and got everything from the Ou family for nothing. This is not fair to Ou Lixing at all.

Linbo came to confess her mistake to Dongqing, and Dongqing threw half of her embroidered belt on Linbo. Linbo confessed to Dongqing affectionately that he wanted to marry Dongqing, but Dongqing was still angry. Not only did she not agree to Linbo, but also He took out the hosta that had been broken by Linbo and asked Linbo to restore the hosta to its original shape. The hosta was broken, and Linbo had a headache for this. Zhaoying knew the whole story and couldn’t help but shook his head and nodded Linbo. What Dongqing didn’t want was the hosta restored to its original state, but he hoped that Linbo could coax her more and let her. cool down.

Xu Lingyi and Eleven Niang set up a bureau again. Linbo reported to Xu Lingyi that Wang Jiubao was willing to recruit security. Aunt Qin had heard everything secretly. She was about to leave the house to meet the young lady of the district. Linbo and Zhaoying had been following Aunt Qin. Unexpectedly, it was not Mrs. Qin who came from the Qu family, but Hou Jingyuan. Jing Yuanhou promised that he would do everything that Qu Lixing had promised Aunt Qin. He would not only send Aunt Qin to Fujian, but also do it for her. Aunt Qin arranged for a child without a father and no mother. Therefore, Aunt Qin told Jing Yuanhou about Wang Jiubao’s willingness to recruit, and also told Jing Yuanhou all the things that Ou Lixing asked her to do. After getting the news he wanted, Jingyuan Hou cursed Aunt Qin, thinking that Aunt Qin also indirectly killed his son, and he was more than guilty. At this time, Aunt Qin had an unbearable abdominal pain. Only then did she know that the wine was poisonous. She broke the wine glass and caught the attention of Shaoying Linbo. The two hurriedly hired a doctor for Aunt Qin and sent Aunt Qin back to Xu Mansion.

Aunt Qin knew she was out of help, so she forced her last breath and said her grievances. Although she became Xu Lingyi’s aunt, Xu Lingyi never looked at her too much. The refuge soup that Mrs. Xu asked her to drink even made her lose her child. She hated Xu’s family and hated Xu Lingyi all the time. Yi Niang, what she hates is that Xi Niang had promised her to raise Brother Jie for her, but later she was brought up by the second wife. She only wanted to have a child of her own, but she was disappointed again and again. She was nothing but Eleven Niang is just a pawn in the fight for power. Xu Lingyi explained to Aunt Qin that it was his intention to hand over the child to the second wife to raise her. Aunt Qin sneered. Xu Mansion still thought she was humble and didn’t even have the qualifications to be a mother. Xu Lingyi didn’t mean this. Mrs. Xu even weeped and apologized to Aunt Qin. She let Aunt Qin take refuge soup just because she was afraid that the main room would embarrass Aunt Qin because of her children, but she did not expect that it would kill Aunt Qin for her life. Xu Lingyi knew that she would Ignoring Aunt Qin, he also apologized to Aunt Qin. Aunt Qin waited for many years, and finally waited for this apology, but she didn’t intend to forgive Xu Lingyi, she and Xu Fu owe nothing.

Eleven Niang came to Aunt Qin’s side. She knew that Aunt Qin was in her heart, but her way of striving for happiness for herself was wrong. Aunt Qin knew that Xi Niang was a good person. She told Xi Niang that she saw Aunt Lu in the temple being killed by the people of Ou Lixing. She has had enough pain in this life. In the next life, she only wants to be born in one. Ordinary people can have a husband who loves her, and a few lovely children, instead of entering the Hou Mansion as deep as the sea, lonely until dawn.


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