The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 41 Recap


Xu Lingkuan went to Mrs. Xu for Xu Lingyi’s concubine, but Mrs. Xu was determined this time, and Xu Lingkuan also asked Mrs. Xu to scold him for this. There are feelings on one side, and his mother on the other. Xu Lingyi is worried at the bottom, but still thinks there will be room for maneuver in this matter.

Eleven Niang came to Chaifang to see Dongqing, and she believed that Dongqing had no intentions of Xu Lingyi. Because of Humber’s remarks, Dongqing told Eleven Niang against her own heart that she loved Xu Lingyi and wanted to be Xu Lingyi’s concubine. Hearing Dongqing’s words, the eleven mother was shocked in her heart, she walked out of the wood room with a mournful face. Seeing the appearance of Eleven Niang, Humber couldn’t help but step forward to talk about the happy days of Xian Ling Pavilion, and persuaded Eleven Niang to leave Xu Mansion and leave this prison cage. Later, Amber came to Lin Shixian. She mentioned that Xu Lingyi wanted to take a concubine, hoping that Lin Shixian could help Eleven Niang. Lin Shixian could not intervene in the Xu family’s back home. Even if Lin Shixian was willing to help the eleven mothers, he could not do anything about it. Amber mentioned the letter and leaving book in the hands of the eleven mothers, saying that as long as the eleven mothers left the Xu family, they would reconnect with the Xu family Nothing to do.

The eleven mother came to see Lin Shixian. Lin Shixian mentioned the current situation of the eleven mother and hoped that the eleven mother would make up his mind to leave Xu Mansion. In a small world. The eleven mother hadn’t left Xu Lingyi’s mind, but Lin Shixian’s remarks coupled with Amber’s lobbying on the side, the eleven mother hesitated, and she asked the two to give her some time to think about it.

Aunt Qin got the news that the eleventh mother Lin Shixian had met, she couldn’t help but twitched her lips slightly, and a good show was about to be staged in Xu Mansion. Eleven Niang and Humber returned to Xikuayuan. Xu Lingyi found a note about Lin Shixian’s meeting with Eleven Niang in the room. Eleven Niang confessed to seeing Lin Shixian. She believed that she was not wrong, so Xu Lingyi told the Eleven Niang. She lost her temper, thinking that the eleven mother should pay attention to her identity, and the eleven mother no longer restrained herself. She simply expressed her grievances in her heart and prepared to leave Xu Mansion with Amber. Xu Lingyi knew that Shiyiniang had a copy of the Lishu in his hand. He ordered a photo search to find it, but it could not be found. Xu Lingyi had to order Shiyiniang to be placed under house arrest in her room and not to leave the Xikouyuan for half a step.

Ou Lixing learned of all the events in the Xu Mansion from Aunt Qin. He was overjoyed, thinking that the plan was not far from success, so Mrs. Ou Lixing lightly embraced Ou Lixing. Although she helped Ou Lixing out of the plan, she didn’t care about the owner of the family. I only care about one person in Ou Lixing. On the other side, Amber was anxious because of her foot restraint. She pleaded with Aunt Qin for help. After signing and leaving the book, Auntie Eleven did not hesitate to choose to leave the house with Amber. Lin Shixian met the two outside the house.

When Xu Lingyi learned that the eleven mother had left the house, he hurried forward to chase the two by himself, and stopped Lin Shixian and the eleven mother. Xu Lingyi wanted to let the eleven mother go back with him, but the eleven mother refused, Lin Shixian stepped forward to stop him, and Xu Lingyi prepared to act on Lin Shixian. At this moment, a cold arrow flew, and Ou Lixing led a large number of troops to intercept the three of them. Lin Shixian was very surprised that Ou Lixing wanted to kill him. Although the two did not have deep feelings, they were brothers in the end. Ou Lixing didn’t put Lin Shixian in his eyes at all. He hated Lin Shixian, and Xu Lingyi and Shiyi Niang were also thorns in his eyes. The three of them had already died, and Xu Lingyi mentioned the death of Aunt Lu, and Ou Lixing was also prepared to let the three of them die to understand that Aunt Lu was indeed killed by him, only to blame Aunt Lu for hearing everything that shouldn’t be heard. Subsequently, Ou Lixing issued the killing order, but Wei Guogong Ren Kun brought people to rescue the three people at this time. It turned out that Xu Lingyi and Xi Niang had already designed all of this, and Xi Niang believed in Dongqing. She learned what Amber said from Dongqing, so she decided to plan and stayed with Xu Lingyi. Later, Lin Shixian also became suspicious of Amber’s help, and the three of them decided to take a salary from the bottom and capture Ou Lixing.

Ou Lixing didn’t expect that he would fall short, and the situation was over. He had no choice but to escape, but Xu Lingyi’s arrow method was accurate. A three-sided arrow shot the horse, and Ou Lixing fell off his horse in embarrassment. Ou Lixing knew that he could not escape death, but he would never let Ou’s family fall into a crisis, so he hung himself under Xu Lingyi’s arrow. Before Ou Lixing died, he only remembered his wife. Lin Shixian did not expect that Ou Lixing would die at this time, but he understood that everything was Ou Lixing’s own blame, no wonder anyone.

Xu Lingyi took the eleven mothers back to the house, and he explained all this to Mrs. Xu himself. Mrs. Xu did not blame the eleven mothers too much, and only continued to ask the eleven mothers to withdraw from the Xian Ling Pavilion. Xu Lingyi insisted on letting the eleven mother do what he liked, and he knelt on the spot and vowed that he would never take a concubine in this life. When Xu Lingkuan came to the hall, he heard what Xu Lingyi said and made it clear that he would only love Danyang in his life and would never accept a concubine. Everyone spoke for the eleven mother, even the second niang was relieved. Danyang was even more willing to help the eleven mother to share the housework, and the eleven mother had always ensured that she would manage everything in Xu Mansion well and do her own part. Mrs. Xu was relieved about the matter, and came according to the wishes of the few people.


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