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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 40 Recap

Aunt Qin prepared a boiled wine and asked Mother Tao. Mother Tao mentioned Aunt Tong when she was slightly drunk. It turned out that Yuan Niang was pregnant with her brother and could not have sex with Xu Lingyi. In order to favor her, Amber was threatened and Aunt Tong had to obey. Her instructions, while Xu Lingyi was drunk, climbed onto Xu Lingyi’s bed and was carried as an aunt. Although Tong Biyu was taken as auntie, Xu Lingyi never stepped into Tong’s room. Yuan Niang often mocked Auntie Tong because of her weak temperament, she hung herself after she couldn’t bear this kind of life. Although Aunt Tong died because of Yuanniang, when Aunt Qin was talking with Mama Tao, she deliberately brought this to Xu Lingyi, saying that Aunt Tong’s death could not be separated from Xu Lingyi.

After Mother Tao was drunk, Amber walked out of the room from the dark in tears, and Aunt Qin’s strategy also succeeded. It turned out that Aunt Qin had known the cause of Aunt Tong’s death for a long time. With Amber’s loyalty to Eleven, she believed that as long as Amber knew the cause of Aunt Tong’s death, she would make waves in the mansion. Afterwards, Aunt Qin came to Humber to comfort her. Aunt Qin thanked Aunt Qin for her help. She would definitely remember Aunt Qin’s kindness.

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Xu Lingyi once again brought up the matter of Xian Ling Pavilion to Mrs. Xu Tai, Mrs. Xu directly refused, her tone firmly believed that November should return to the inner house. At the same time, Mrs. Xu also mentioned that the eleven mothers were late and had no children. She was going to give Xu Lingyi a concubine. Xu Lingyi refused, but Mrs. Xu’s kindness Xu Lingyi could not refuse at all. Seeing the depression of Elevenniang, Amber was worried that Elevenniang would follow her sister’s footsteps. She came to Aunt Qin. Aunt Qin had been misleading Amber and made Amber give birth to the idea of taking Elevenniang out of Xu Mansion. Amber absent-mindedly returned to the Xikuayuan, Dongqing stepped forward and cared about Amber. Amber mentioned that she wanted Eleven Mother to leave Xu Mansion. Dongqing knew that Xu Lingyi was good to Eleven Mother. She did not agree with Amber’s words. Amber sees that Dongqing has always been Xu Lingyi. Speaking, I once again mistakenly thought that Dongqing was interesting to Xu Lingyi, and let Dongqing see his heart clearly.

Jinxin is like jade episode 40 stills
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Lin Boben wanted to explain to Xu Lingyi clearly about him and Dongqing, but seeing Xu Lingyi’s face full of sorrow over the matter of taking concubine, he still suppressed the matter for the time being. Later, Humber intentionally told Madam Du who was next to Mrs. Xu Lingyi about the loss of Xu Lingyi’s personal clothes. There were only two waiters at the Xiku Hospital, Holly and Humber. Mother Du mentioned the matter to Madam Xu, thinking that Xu Lingyi’s clothes were taken by Dongqing. Mrs. Xu moved her thoughts on Dongqing. She ordered someone to search Dongqing’s room and found Xu Lingyi’s belt in the room.

Xu Lingyi’s belt appeared in Dongqing’s room. Mrs. Xu was furious. Dongqing explained that she had hidden the belt for learning stitches, but before Dongqing could tell that she was going to embroider a belt for Linbo, Mrs. Xu prepared Sell the holly. Eleven mothers and Dongqing have always had a deep relationship. She spoke to protect Dongqing, and Aunt Qin was also speaking on behalf of Dongqing. Mrs. Xu gave Eleven mothers two choices on the spot and asked Eleven mothers to think clearly within three days. It is to withdraw from Xianling Pavilion and let Xu Lingyi accept Holly as a concubine, and the second is to sell Holly. Later, Mrs. Xu ordered her to lock Holly in the wood house. Holly saw Lin Bo outside the hall. Lin Bo was very disappointed with Holly. Holly smiled bitterly, knowing that no one would believe her now.

The eleven mother didn’t think about it because of Dongqing. She believed that Dongqing would not think too much about Xu Lingyi. She also thought it was very strange. How did Mrs. Xu learn about the belt. Eleven Niang never doubted Amber, and Humber also persuaded Eleven Niang to leave Xu Mansion in her words, while Aunt Qin was thinking about her plan. She thought that as long as she succeeded in separating the Eleven Niang and Xu Lingyi, she would feel in her heart. Pain can also be eased.

Jinxin is like jade episode 40 stills
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Amber brought some food to see the eleven mothers as she ordered. Dongqing wanted Amber to help her explain to the eleven mothers that she had never really thought about Xu Lingyi. Humber mentioned Mrs. Xu’s determination to take up a concubine for Xu Lingyi, thinking that only if Dongqing became Xu Lingyi’s concubine, she would not pose any threat to the eleven mothers. Holly didn’t agree with this law, but Amber persuaded him, and Holly was thinking of Eleven Niang again, and couldn’t help thinking about Amber’s thoughts. Amber knew that she was sorry for Holly, but only with Holly’s betrayal could the Eleven Mothers completely tire of the life of the Hou Mansion. After leaving the Hou Mansion, she believed that Holly would be willing to sacrifice for the Eleven Mother.

Lin Bo came to find Holly, he showed his heart to Holly, and wanted to know what Holly really thought. Dongqing wanted to tell Linbo what she wanted, but when she thought of Humber’s words, Dongqing was still sad and said that she had always admired Xu Lingyi.



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