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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 39 Recap



On the commemoration of the demise of the old Yongping Hou and the subsequent expert, everybody in the Xu Chateau adored, and Erniang accepted that Xu Lingyi would have the option to retaliate for the subsequent expert and the old Yongping Hou later on. In a flicker of an eye, when the start of pre-winter came, Wang Yu welcomed the eleven moms by name to go to the feast. Mrs. Xu requested that the eleven moms go to the feast with the subsequent spouse, and trained the eleven moms to be wary in their words and deeds, and not to mess up the Xu family.

In Sovereign Yu’s House, the region family took Lin Shixian and Ou Lixing to a feast. The Xu family carriage showed up before the entryway of the Ruler’s Chateau. The subsequent spouse additionally saw Lin Shixian. She was stunned when she got Lin Shixian from the locale family. The calligraphy and painting of the foe’s child were scorched to the dead Xu Lingan.

After getting back, Mrs. Xu and the second spouse responsible to the eleven moms. Xu Lingyi admitted that he additionally knew the character of Lin Shixian. Seeing the second spouse’s trouble, Mrs. Xu requested that the eleven moms leave the pixie structure, even this time. Xu Lingyi represented Eleven Niang once more, and Mrs. Xu likewise took a firm stand and requested that Eleven Niang pull out from Xian Ling Structure.

The eleven mother loves weaving. Regardless of whether the subsequent woman and Mrs. Xu rebuff her, she has no bad things to say, yet she is reluctant to leave the Xianling Structure. She asked Mrs. Xu to give her visit access the Xianling Structure. Xu Mrs. Tai and the subsequent spouse had concluded that Eleven Niang needed to leave Xianling Structure. Thus, Mrs. Xu likewise illegal Eleven Niang’s feet.

Danyang and Auntie Qin stayed with the eleven moms. Danyang convinced the eleven moms not to defy Mrs. Xu once more. In any case, the eleven moms consistently needed to demand her affection. Said that ladies ought not have the standards they love!

Part of the way through the discussion, Erniang and Wuniang additionally stayed with Elevenniang. Wuniang’s tone was stressed, for dread that Elevenniang would struggle in the chateau. Erniang comprehended that Elevenniang regarded her, yet said The sentence gagged with a stifling eleven mother.

Subsequent to seeing the eleven moms, the two came to welcome Mrs. Xu as indicated by the decorum. From the outset, Wu Niang was worried about the possibility that that emergency room Niang would be ominous to Eleven Niang, yet trama center Niang commended Mrs. Xu each word and safeguarded her. Taking a gander at the elevenniang, this made Mrs. Xu and Wuniang take a gander at one another with appreciation, realizing that the elevenniang’s expectations at long last paid off.

At the point when Xu Lingyi came to Xikuayuan, he realized that the eleven moms felt awkward, so he console the eleven moms. At the point when Mrs. Xu was over tempered, they would converse with Mrs. Xu about getting back to Xianling Structure. The entire government focused on the undertakings of Elevenniang, and Danyang was likewise exceptionally dazzled with Elevenniang’s aspirations, realizing that Elevenniang did what she had for a long while been itching to do, yet didn’t set out to do. Xu Lingkuan was profoundly apprehensive that Danyang would appear like the eleven moms, yet Danyang shook her head and laughed.

Mrs. Xu and Auntie Qin stayed with the subsequent spouse. Mrs. Xu saw the difference in her demeanor today, and she likewise accepted that the morals of the eleven moms could bear the cost of the situation of the special lady of the Xu family. Albeit the subsequent spouse thought often about Lin Shixianzhi Matter, yet in addition recognizing every one of the endeavors of the eleven moms. Seeing that the two individuals’ mentalities towards the eleven moms have changed, despite the fact that Auntie Qin was representing the eleven moms, she was really fanning the blazes, causing Mrs. Xu to be discontent with the eleven moms.

Auntie Qin’s procedure moved toward bit by bit. She requested that Golden go to the patio to bring blossoms, yet she intentionally let Aunt Tong see the portion of Auntie Tong’s hanky. Humber perceived the hanky as having a place with her own natural sister. Auntie Qin claimed to be amazed. She took Humber to the house where Auntie Tong was alive, saying that Auntie Tong ended it all. Golden could hardly imagine how her sister would end it all.

She needed to research the reality of what occurred in those days. Auntie Qin guaranteed that Auntie Tong’s passing was identified with Yuanniang. She requested that Golden request that Eleven Mother ask Mother Tao, however Golden would not like to humiliate Eleven. She I asked Auntie Qin to assist her find with excursion reality, and Auntie Qin reacted, saying that she would give a valiant effort to discover reality.

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