The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 9 Recap


Duanmucui and Zhanyan were walking on the street, suddenly a group of women surrounded Zhanyan and asked for warmth, pushing Duanmucui aside. Zhanyan lied that mosquitoes scared away the group of women, and fled with Duanmucui. Duan Mucui saw Xiaotian in the corner and learned that Xiaotian was wearing clothes that Aunt Li was drying. He wanted to play tricks on Xiaotian and send him to jail. When Xiaotian heard that he was going to be sent to prison, he hurried away.

Xiaotian thought it was Zhanyan’s fault, so he used Yue Lao’s red thread to tease Zhanyan, Zhang Long, and Zhao Wu. Zhang Long and Zhao Wu kissed together because of Xiaotian’s prank. Duan Mucui discovered that Xiaotian was playing tricks on Zhanyan, took Xiaotian’s Yuelao red thread back, and drove Xiaotian back to Penglai.

Zhanyan asked Duanmucui whether there is a real marriage line in the world. Duanmucui hugged Zhanyan from behind and looked for him, dragging out a red line. Duanmucui asked about the characteristics of the woman Zhanyan liked, and Zhanyan slowly said it, but found that the characteristics he said belonged to Duanmucui.

Yang Jian threatened Yuelao to lead a marriage to show her face, and don’t let him provoke his sister Duanmucui again. Yuelao saw the mortal Li Qiongxiang seeking marriage in Yuelao Temple, and was forced to write the names of Zhanyan and Li Qiongxiang on the marriage book, and went down to match Li Qiongxiang and Zhanyan. Miss Li Qiongxiang of Fairview Cloth Village, known as the “First Beauty of Unseal”, was in danger. She was rescued by Zhanyan at a critical moment and had a good impression of him. His giant Jian Sui was accidentally left in the fight and was picked up by Li Qiongxiang. Through Jian Sui, she learned Zhan Yan’s name.

Zhang Long and Zhao Wu went to Yuelao Temple to ask for a lottery, but they both got the lottery of “a match made in heaven.” Zhanyan and Duanmu Cuitu came to Kaifeng Mansion and found that Mrs. Jiang was choosing relatives for Zhanyan. Madam Jiang realized that Zhanyan’s sword spike was gone, thinking that Zhanyan had given it to her beloved woman. Duan Mucui looked jealous and left Kaifeng Mansion. Zhan Yan chased it out and explained to Duan Mucui that the two of them ate tofu sticks.

Duan Mucui, Hongluan, and Wen Gu talked about Zhanyan’s marriage. The more they talked, the more disturbed they became. They decided to go to Yuelao to see Zhanyan’s marriage. Yuelao pretended to be a warlock of the rivers and lakes and hung the butterfly hanging ears that Li Qiongxiang had put down when he asked for marriage on Zhanyan. Duanmucui came to Yuelao Temple to find Yuelao but failed. He just wanted to destroy Yuelao Temple. Yuelao appeared in time to stop Duanmucui. Duan Mucui looked at the marriage between Zhanyan and Li Qiongxiang, and discovered the marriage between Zhanyan and Li Qiongxiang. Yuelao found that something was wrong, and hurried away with a fate.

Madam Jiang decided on the marriage between Zhanyan and Li Qiongxiang. Zhanyan wanted to refuse the marriage, but found that Li Qiongxiang’s butterfly ears appeared on her waist.

Duanmucui was jealous and went to Kaifeng Mansion to check the relevant files of Li Qiongxiang. Zhan Yan came to the file library, Duan Mucui hurriedly disappeared, and the two accidentally kissed each other. Duan Mucui found the red thread on Zhan Yan’s arm, and dropped the silver piece on the Qiankun bag in the file library, which was picked up by Zhan Yan.

Zhanyan used the lacquer butterfly to contact Duanmucui. Duanmucui had a very bad attitude towards Zhanyan because he was jealous. He was very entangled when he heard that Zhanyan would take herself to eat dessert. Zhanyan heard Duanmucui’s jealousy, and deliberately cut off the connection with Duanmucui. Duanmucui broke off the conversation with Zhanyan, but instead of his previous attitude, he wanted to go out for a walk.

Shangguance heard the conversation between Duanmucui and Zhanyan, thinking that Zhanyan was stepping on two boats, and persuaded Zhanyan not to do so.

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