The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 8 Recap


You Clan elder won the You Clan’s confidence and pledged to locate Penglai Tu and direct the You Clan from those nine prisons. Duan Mucui was quite excited when he noticed that the public’s praise on the road. Yang Jian heard of Zhan Yan’s presence and proceeded to find out what occurred.

Duanmucui and Zhanyan came out the store selling sweet-scented osmanthus eggs. Duanmucui wished to find some magical tricks, but had been halted by Zhanyan.

Zhanyan went straight back into the area and opened the present from Duanmucui, also discovered it had been a lacquer backyard butterfly. It was that Duanmucui had noticed he couldn’t sleep. Shangguan Ce, Zhang Long and Zhao Wu overheared the dialogue involving Zhanyan and Duan Mucui, also saw that the area vanish, and proceeded to check from the area. Shangguance opened the Qiyuan Butterfly which Duanmucui gave to Zhanyan, but he dropped from the effect of this Qiyuan Butterfly.
Duanmucui was somewhat touched with the light. Zhanyan delivered Duanmucui straight back into the Caolu of Xihualiu, also Duanmucui gave him a present and advised him to start it afterwards returning.

Duan Mucui attracted Zhan Yan into the gate of Mrs. Wang’s house, and suspended the blessing lamp created by the mother mosquito soul at the heart of the palace. The moment the boon lamp was wrapped up, there was a shout of a baby at the home, and Mrs. Wang gave birth to some dragon and phoenix infants. It was the mom mosquito let go of Mrs. Wang beneath one idea, but the gnat sisters and brothers are reborn due to this sort believed.

Zhanyan returned into Kaifeng Mansion and commended Xihualiu in his reporting job. Shangguan Cui believed that there was something wrong with Zhanyan, also wished to test Duanmucui’s present to Zhanyan, but had been rejected by Zhanyan.
Yang Jian turned about to look into the connection between Duanmucui and Zhanyan, and discovered that things weren’t terrible. However, in order to make sure, Xiaotian remained in Xihualiu, observing Duanmucui and Zhanyan’s every movement.

Xiao Qinghua was fearful by the strange behaviour of her master. Hong Luan arrived at Wen Gu Medical Center to provide Wen Gu a few change of clothing. Wen Gu requested Hong Luan to maintain his identity secret, and he did not want other people to understand his dragon clan’s body. Hong Luan stated He desired Wen Gu to direct You Clan to escape in the Prisons, but had been rejected by Wen Gu.

The gnat sisters and brothers needed to enter the audience again to suck on human blood, and Duan Mucui arrived in time to snare the gnats together with all the god spider. To be able to guard the people of the Earth, Duanmucui desired to burn off the gnat sisters and brothers together with samaya fire. The mum mosquito realized the wife and husband employed dwelling human blood to boost the fetus and produced a sin and hurt the kid. She jumped to the sea of passion and secure the child.
The mommy’s love purged the hostility of their gnat sisters and brothers. Duanmucui was transferred by the behaviour of the mosquito, and she could not help but shed tears.


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