The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 7 Recap


Mrs. Wang was unscathed rather than sucked blood. At this moment, the voice of the man mosquito seems out. He put up the struggle for Duanmucui’s blood. Cha was stabbed the man mosquito’s ghost sting and dropped blood. At this moment, Zhanyan, that was presumed to ship Mrs.

Wang away, abruptly turned back and struck on the man mosquito using a giant error sword, shielding Duanmu Cui. Duanmu, who’d dropped blood, was exceptionally feeble, and Zhanyan leaned over to suck the remaining mosquito toxin onto her shoulders. The debt box at Guixu shook again. Duanmu told Zhanyan that she’d lost her mortal body and may no longer remain on the planet. Zhanyan did not hesitate to slash her wrist using a giant mistake, and then move her own blood to Duanmu’s mouth to assist her reshape her body.

The man mosquito who had been seriously hurt and fleeing forcedly took the bloodstream into the feminine gnat to beverage. Wen Gu, who fought to break through the creation and entered the creation, watched this spectacle and knew something was wrong with Duanmu, and murdered the male mosquito in wrath.


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