The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 6 Recap


Duanmu Cui Zhanyan arrived at the lake on the outskirts of town, also Duanmu patted a letter stunt on Zhanyan’s shoulder to ease contact. Zhanyan discovered that Duanmucui appeared to be somewhat frightened of mosquitoes.

The male mosquito abruptly appeared to assault Duanmu. The spectacle of being secured in a coffin and flying mosquitoes seemed in Duanmu’s head for some time.

Duanmu recognized his mana failed. At the crucial time, he showed up to withstand a blow.
Hongluan seemed to assist Duanmu withstand the assault, and he had been contested by mosquitoes. Duanmu Zhanyan watched the reed grass near the mattress at the Wengu Medical Center and judged that Mrs. Wang ought to be taken captive into the reeds from the east of town, and both hurried to proceed. Reeds at the east of town, Duanmu was immobilized by the immortal creation, seeing with the illusion of a female general who looked just like him fighting on the battle, was stunned for some time.

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