The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 5 Recap


Duan Mucui initially returned into the Caolu, the hairpin in his hands shifted back into the Penglai map fragment, and he put it to the bag of this artifact universe.

Mengdie awakened and discovered her eyes had returned to normal. She understood it had been Jing Jing’s forfeit, and she shed tears . Mengdie left with all the entire body mirror of Jingjing Jing, vowing to await him all of his life.

Missing fantasy, Zhanyan returned home and ate the meal from his mother’s husband. He told his mum’s illusion which he had grown up today, so his mum was in the ease. Duanmu jeopardized in Zhanyan’s ear which his third state was supposed to wake up him, otherwise she’d have the last say in Kaifeng Mansion. Zhanyan awakened after transferring his fingers.

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