The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 4 Recap


Zhanyan Yuanshen was hurt, and blood spots appeared on his own body in fact. The Shangguan Ce on the negative was stressed, and Wen Gu reluctantly utilized the legislation to treat him. In a fantasy, Duanmu Cui attracted Zhanyan into the area of Kaifeng Mansion to throw spells for him to heal his injuries.

Both continued to chase the trace of Jing Jing, abruptly heavy rain dropped, Duanmucui was going to cast a spell to modify the umbrella to pay the rain, Zhanyan had taken the initial step to protect her in the rain with his cloak, Duanmucui was somewhat touched.

Both came to hide in the rain beneath the eaves, turned and watched Mengdie and the guy who had been owned by Jingjing walked . This Mengdie was a illusion which Jingjing had changed. Duanmucui and Zhanyan controlled the fantasy butterfly illusion. Jingjing confessed the transaction between the envoy was that he’d acquired the fragments of Penglai map. The envoy helped him cultivate his human kind and remained with the fantasy butterfly. Duanmu understood the hairpin was that the first hairpin. Penglai map items.

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