The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 2 Recap


Zhanyan arrived to Duanmucui to fix the situation early in the afternoon. Duanmucui reported he was reluctant to assist, but hurried to inspect the circumstance. Duan Mucui, that had been watching the enthusiasm, detected the breath of this You Clan at Sister Liu’s own body, and believed that things were odd.

Zhanyan took out among Duanmucui’s eardrops out of her arms to demonstrate that she was to Liujiacun. Duanmucui discovered that something wasn’t great, and stated that Zhanyan stole her romantic things. Zhanyan explained that the eardrops were discovered in the scene of the disappearance of both Liujiazhuang, which the disappearance was supposed to be connected to Duanmucui. Zhanyan requested Duan Mucui to remain in the Fuzhong for 3 times, and sent her away following the disappearance was discovered out.
It had been found the lost case was associated with the cherry blossom rouge at Tianxianglou, therefore that I arrived to Tianxianglou for evaluation. Zhan Yan hurried into Mrs. Ganniang Jiang at Tianxiang Tower, also Mrs. Jiang utilized Tianxiang Tower’s cherry blossom rouge to be commanded. Duan Mucui discovered the blind woman Mengdie based on the directions of this paper crane, also Zhanyan also smelled the odor of cherry blossom rouge on Mengdie’s entire body. Duanmucui and Zhanyan both believed there was a issue with Mengdie. Duanmucui went into the Tianxianglou to test, but they didn’t find any issues.

Kaifeng Mansion was fearful by the speaking objects Duanmucui attracted, and also the folks of Kaifeng Mansion switched over. The physicians could not discover the main reason behind Liu sister’s coma, therefore Zhanyan could just visit Wen Gu for assistance, but Duan Mucui ceased her. Zhanyan explained that Liu’s family may make the very best tofu sticks from the entire world.

Duan Mucui got lost after heading out, could not find the place of the guest area, and discovered that the file room facing himso that he went in and have a look. Zhan Yan entered the dossier space to test, Duan Mucui concealed liberally. Duan Mucui flipped through the documents in the document room and watched the situation about Xihualiu. He was quite mad and wanted to contend with Kaifeng Mansion. Wen Gu desired to attract Duanmucui back, but had been rejected by Duanmucui and might just help Duanmucui fix the issue. Wen Gu went to fulfill Wen Shaoqing and desired to collaborate with Kaifeng Mansion. Both parties reached a consensus to fix the Youzu problem collectively.

Zhan Yan went into the Tianxiang Tower to test and heard that Madam Jiang had abandoned Mengdie. Duanmucui watched Hongluan helping the small woman, and eventually took Hongluan in. Zhan Yan moved to Mengdie’s home to inspect and discovered that Madam Jiang wasn’t here. Mengdie explained that Madam Jiang simply sent back herself, and left. The subordinates came to report Madam Jiang had returned into the home, and Zhanyan came to test, but I do not understand why Madam Jiang maintained searching for items.

Wen Gu assessed the state of Sister Liu and discovered that Sister Liu had only lost her spirit. Duan Mucui desired Zhanyan to request aid, but Zhanyan was reluctant to request help, and stated that he did not desire Xihualiu’s assistance.
Hongluan arrived at the doorway of Xihualiu and wished to input Xihualiu, but had been hurt. Hong Luan waited in the doorway for Duanmucui and Wen Gu to reunite, and wished to inquire Xi Hualiu to shoot her in, but had been denied.

Hong Luan, that had been tied up by Duanmucui, saw Wen Gu death by, and recalled his past together with Wen Gu, also wished to prevent Wen Gu, however he could not untie the rope. Duanmucui not just refused to acknowledge these fees, but also contested the men and women in the Kaifeng Mansion.
Hong Luan advised the elder of this You clan concerning the departure of the woman. The elder ordered her to take the place of this emissary of this woman and continue to search to the Penglai map mystery remedy Hongluan had no option but to consent to start the two prison prison seal.

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