The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 14 Recap


After falling in love, Zhanyan seems to have changed a person, no longer working overtime, and leaving work on time to accompany Duanmucui to go shopping. Shangguance was very dissatisfied with the transformation of Zhanyan after falling in love, but he could not say anything about Zhanyan, so he could only sulky alone. Zhan Yan is very fond of Duanmucui, he buys everything Duanmucui likes and satisfies everything she wants. The two of them went to buy couple outfits and watched the shining stars in the sky. They were very happy.

Seeing Zhanyan and Duanmucui so affectionate, Wen Gu couldn’t help being lost by the riverside drinking sorrow, Hong Luan accompanied Wen Gu to comfort Wen Gu, but could not eliminate Wen Gu’s anger. The drunk Wen Gu caused a torrential rain to flood the city due to his anger. Zhanyan came to check the cause of the torrential rain. Wen Gu told Zhanyan that the rainstorm in Qifeng city was a sign of scourge and that he and Duanmu should not be together. Watching the drunk Wen Gu keep talking nonsense, Hong Luan hurriedly took him back to Duanmu Caolu.

Wen Gu, who woke up in a hurry, realized that he regretted what he had done after being drunk, and protected Duanmu Caolu. Duanmucui found that the wind and rain were a little strange, and suspected that there were dragon descendants in Kaifeng City, and Wen Gu chose to conceal the truth from Duanmu. Zhan Yan used the letter butterfly to let Duan Mu Cui protect herself and lost contact. Duan Mu Cui worried that Zhan Yan would go to protect the city of Kaifeng.

With continuous heavy rains in Kaifeng city, Jiang Wenqing decided to personally take Shangguance and others to rescue people in the city. Wen Gu went to treat those injured people, showed his face in the city to save people, and Duanmucui used magic to stabilize the roof, and everyone worked together to overcome the disaster. disaster. Duanmucui used her own strength to fight the violent wind, and Zhanyan couldn’t bear to leave Duanmucui alone, so she accompanied her to help her resist the flying stone pillars. Finally the wind dissipated, Duanmu Cui fainted, exhausted.

Zhanyan brought Duanmu back to Xihualiu, and Wen Gu healed her. Zhanyan in the Caolu anxiously asked Wen Gu about Duanmu’s situation. Wen Gu told Zhanyan that if he persisted in staying with Duanmu, he would not only attract punishment, but Duanmu would also lose his soul and punish the gods. Hearing the exhibition of things Yan was shocked. Wen Gu tells Zhanyan of Duanmucui’s past that Duanmucui was a human female general before he was appointed to the gods, and his fiancé was named Huban. Kuchang promised to marry Duanmucui with Chongcheng, but he died on the battlefield. Duan Mucui took the coffin to the battlefield, but died tragically on the battlefield. Because of a promise, the lives of thousands of soldiers were ruined, so Duan Mucui was burdened with too many human debts, and he was insecure and painful. The goddess seals Duanmucui’s memory, making her forget her past love debts. If Duanmucui knew everything, he would have to bear those debts again, and life would be better than death. Wen Gu asked Zhanyan to leave Duanmucui, so that Duanmucui could live well, and left Xihualiu for Duanmu Zhanyan.

Zhanyan walked on the streets of Kaifeng City alone, thinking of the two’s past, but for the sake of Duanmu’s life, Zhanyan decided to let go. Duan Mucui woke up to search for Zhanyan, and learned that Zhanyan had left Xihualiu, but could not be contacted by Xindie. Duan Mucui didn’t feel that Zhanyan was indifferent, but felt that Zhanyan should protect the safety of the people in Kaifeng City. Zhan Yan looked for relevant records in the archives of Kaifeng Mansion and found that what Wen Gu said was true.

Duanmucui opened the sealed mansion to look for Zhanyan, but Zhanyan found an excuse not to see Duanmucui. Shangguance, Zhang Long, and Zhao Wu tried to take Duanmucui away, but Duanmucui wanted to wait until Zhanyan, and couldn’t drive away. Duanmucui waited from morning to night, and still no trace of Zhanyan, Shangguance could only coax Duanmu to leave first. Seeing Duan Mucui’s leaving figure, Zhan Yan was in despair. In the room, Zhanyan held the doll sent by Duan Mucui, remembering the past of the two.


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