The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 13 Recap


Most of the gifts Duanmucui gave to Zhanyan were precious antiques such as the jade seal of the former dynasty, but Zhanyan gave it to the court as soon as he changed hands. Duanmucui felt that the gift she gave would definitely be liked by Zhanyan, but learned from Shangguan Ce that Zhanyan had given the gift to the court, Duanmucui was very angry, and the plan to chase love failed completely. Wen Gu wanted to go to the palace to take back Duanmucui’s things, but Duanmucui refused Wen Gu because he was afraid that the court would blame it on her face.

Yang Jian learned from Wen Gu that Duanmu was chasing Zhanyan and was very angry. Wen Gu suggested that Li Qiongxiang and Zhanyan be married as soon as possible. Yang Jian agreed to Wen Gu’s proposal and went to look for Yuelao’s help. Master Jiang and Mrs. Jiang asked Zhanyan what Duanmucui had done recently. Zhanyan said that Duanmucui was just a child’s mind and did not intend to frame Kaifeng Mansion. Master Jiang was worried that Zhanyan and Duanmucui would be trapped by love in the future because of the difference between Xianfan and Fan, but Madam Jiang had the opposite idea to Madam Jiang.

Hongluan accompanied Duanmucui to the jewelry shop to select jewelry, but saw Zhanyan accompany Li Qiongxiang to select jewelry. The proprietress said that they were buying things for marriage, and Duanmucui left angrily. Duanmucui tricks on the treasurer of the jewelry store and Li Qiongxiang. Zhanyan does not understand why Duanmu is doing this. Fortunately, Li Qiongxiang is jealous when she tells Duanmucui that she persuades Zhanyan to cherish the people in front of her. Duanmu Cui rushed back to Duanmu Caolu to play the piano to vent his anger, which was extremely unpleasant, shaking the spirits of the delicate flower flow uncomfortably. Zhan Yan came over to explain but was stopped by Xiao Qinghua. At this time, Zhang Long and Zhao Wu came to report another case in the city, and Zhan Yan had to leave first.

Many people in the city were scratched by black cats that suddenly rushed out, and they went to check. Zhanyan wanted to use Xindie to solve Duanmucui, but was hung up by Duanmucui. Jiang Wenqing found the stray black cat catching people on the corner of the street, and lovingly brought it back to Kaifeng Mansion. The spirits of Xihualiu were all ready to attend the wedding of Kaifeng Mansion and were very excited. Duanmu heard that Qifeng Mansion had a happy event, and brought a group of spirits to grab relatives aggressively. After arriving at Kaifeng Mansion, it was discovered that it was not Zhanyan who was married to Li Qiongxiang, but Xiaoqinghua and Zhanyan arranged it in order to give Duanmucui a surprise. Duan Mucui was very happy to learn the truth, changed the sadness on his face, and gave Li Qiongxiang his gift. Duan Mucui felt embarrassed and wanted to leave, but was pulled back by Zhanyan, and the two kissed together. Peach blossom petals fell from the sky, and circles of red cloth gathered the two together. Watching the two of them, Wen Gu ran away very angrily, Hong Luan went to chase Wen Gu.

Duanmu Cui was angry with Zhanyan’s original incomprehensible style, teasing Zhanyan to make Zhanyan pursue himself again. Zhan Yan brought Duan Mucui to the top of the mountain and watched the paper kite with the portrait of the two flying in the air. The relationship between the two was also determined at this time. Duanmucui said that the gods have no marriage line, and they will not cultivate a true fruit. Zhang Yan folded a branch to tie the two together, indicating that everything in the world is a marriage line, and they will never separate.

Zhanyan and Duanmucui held hands and returned to Xihualiu. The spirits of Xihualiu were all happy for them, but only Wen Gu in the corner was sad. Wen Gu presented Zhanyan with a portrait of a girl of the right age in Kaifeng City, and asked Zhanyan to leave Duanmucui. Zhanyan said that he would not leave Duanmucui, no matter what he might encounter. Zhanyan and Duanmucui went to meet Jiang Wenqing and Madam Jiang. They felt that they really loved each other and supported their decision.


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