The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 12 Recap


Duan Mucui saw the red line between Zhanyan and Li Qiongxiang, and went to find Yuelao Theory. Yuelao hid from Duanmucui and refused to come out, so Duanmucui painted a mole on Yuelao’s idol, but was described as an old girl by those who came to Shangxiang. Duan Mucui has been holding on to Yuelao’s idol. Yuelao goes to Yang Jian to complain. Yang Jian protects Duanmucui, and Yuelao is helpless.

Duanmucui couldn’t find Yuelao, so she wanted to go to the land to borrow the road, but the mother-in-law of the land made her notice the difference between men and women. Duanmucui was unclear. Because Duanmucui often flees from the ground, the lady of the river god has already reconciled with the river god, and the land lady warned Duanmucui not to come to find the land, so she disappeared. Seeing the small medicine bottle accusing Xiao Qinghua and Sister Dishi of going out, after Hongluan reminded, Duanmucui knew that Mother Land was jealous. She remembered her attitude of seeing Li Qiongxiang and Zhanyan together these days, and found that she seemed to be eating too. Zhanyan’s vinegar, but feel that I am not

Hongluan tells Duanmucui that he wants to test whether he likes a person. You can temporarily stop contacting the other person to see if you can hold it back. Duanmucui decides to give it a try. In the evening, Zhanyan found out that silk appeared in her room for no reason. She wanted to contact Duanmucui with Xindie for inquiries, but she was cut off. The next day, Duanmucui was spinning outside the Qifeng Mansion, entangled whether to see Zhanyan, and Wen Gu felt very sad when he saw Duanmucui’s behavior.

Because Zhan Yan was pregnant with the ancient divine sword giant fault, Hong Luan was ordered by the elders to manipulate the silkworm cocoons to explore his memory to see if he was the reincarnation of a god, but found that the giant fault was a gift from Jiang Wenqing, and there was nothing unusual. Duan Mucui saw Li Qiongxiang walk into the Qifeng Mansion and quickly followed, but when he heard Li Qiongxiang yelling for help, he found that Zhanyan was wrapped in silk. Duanmucui burned all the silk with samida real fire, but Zhanyan hadn’t woken up yet. In order to show her face and wake up quickly, Duanmu Cui kissed her face to show her face and spread her qi. The rope of Duanmucui’s love debt box broke, and Yang Jian and Xiaotianxiafan solved the problem. When Zhanyan woke up, Duanmucui and Li Qiongxiang were both in front of the bed. Li Qiongxiang hurried to get food, but Duanmucui was still not as fast as Duanmucui’s food. Duanmucui hugged Zhanyan, and their feelings heated up again. Duan Mucui asked Zhan Yan to recover from his injuries, and went to find out the facts by himself.

Wen Gu was sad because of Duanmucui’s affairs, and Hongluan came to comfort and accompany Wen Gu. Hong Luan inquired about Lord Jiang. Wen Gu suspected that Hong Luan had a problem, but Hong Luan said that he was just chatting about family affairs.

Duanmucui was entangled whether Zhanyan liked herself, Hongluan and Duanmucui chatted, and they both talked about themselves. The next day, Duanmucui and Hongluan went to the bookstore to buy a textbook about love. Hongluan found that the heroines in the textbook were gentle, considerate, helpful, and kind to small animals. They decided to take action. Duan Mucui took the initiative to send the lost child home, but instead of sending the child home, he even got lost. Duan Mucui let Xiao Qinghua pretend to be lame, and then he and Zhanyan helped Xiao Qinghua to heal her injuries. They seemed to be very caring, but they still couldn’t. Duan Mucui gave Shangguance porridge, and Shangguance looked at Zhanyan and dared not drink the bird’s nest porridge. Wen Gu asked Hongluan about the recent situation of Duanmu, Hongluan informed Duanmucui that Duanmucui was seeking to show her face, and Wen Gu was very angry and drove Hongluan away.

Hong Luan informed You Clan elder that the silkworm cocoon had not been found, and You Clan elder asked Hong Luan to persuade Wen Gu to return, and all this was seen by the black cat. Duanmucui set off fireworks in Qifeng Mansion, but almost caused a fire in Qifeng Mansion. The Kaifeng Mansion speculated that Duanmucui’s fireworks were set off for Zhanyan, and he felt that Duanmucui liked Zhanyan. Finally, Hongluan told Duanmucui that it was okay to give gifts. The next day, the door of Qifeng Mansion was full of gifts for Zhanyan.

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