The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 11 Recap


Wen Gu inspected the body of Li Qiongxiang’s father Li Songbai and found that Li Qiongxiang’s father was strangled to death by a six-finger man. Through memories, Zhan Yan remembered that Zheng Qiao’er, who was in the shop earlier, was Six Fingers. Duanmucui and Zhanyan decided to go to the shop early to find out. Wen Gu found that the hair on the deceased had the scent of a secluded race. Hong Luan with a cloak hid at the door to eavesdrop, and was intercepted by Wen Gu. Hongluan persuaded Wen Gu to help You Clan escape from the Nine Regions, and then disappeared.

Duanmucui and Zhanyan came to the early shop. Duanmucui saw the mark on Zheng Qiaoer’s neck and learned that Zheng Qiaoer was part of the secluded clan. Just as Zheng Qiaoer wanted to escape, Duanmucui tied Zheng Qiaoer with a rope. Zheng Qiaoer is a silkworm with a half-you family blood. Zhanyan asked if Li Songbai’s death was related to her, but Zheng Qiaoer said that Boss Li died well. Zheng Qiao’er’s nanny learned that Qifeng Mansion had captured Zheng Qiao’er and came to the prison, interceded for Zheng Qiao’er, informed Zhanyan of the private enmity between Zheng Qiao’er and Li Songbai, and assured that Zheng Qiao’er was not a murderer.

Zhanyan felt that the Jinxiu Cloth House was different, and went to the Jinxiu Cloth House to check. At this time, Li Qiongxiang arrived, and the two found that the loom was moving by themselves. Suddenly, Ling Xiaobu opened his arms and bound Zhan Yan tightly. Hongluan reported the progress of the Penglai map fragment to the elders. This fragment is the silkworm cocoon of Silkworm Mei. Hongluan and Silkworm Mei reached a deal. Hongluan helped her weave a complete piece of Lingxiaohong to fulfill her wish. Silkworm Mei gave her silkworm cocoon to Hongluan.

Hongluan came to Jinxiu Cloth Village to search for silkworm charm, but the silkworm charm refused to appear. Hongluan burned the cloth in the cloth house, and the silkworm charm appeared in front of Hongluan. Canmei exhausted all his cultivation back then, and after weaving Ling Xiaohong, he was like a mortal, forced to death by Li Songbai. After she died, she could only possess her body and silk to avenge her husband. Hong Luan lends her power to Silkworm Mei, uses the cocoons made from Penglai Tu fragments as a condition to help Silkworm Mei avenge, and planted a heart-biting curse on Silkworm Mei. The You Clan elder promised Hongluan that as long as he got the cocoon, he would relieve the pain of the Heart-Biting Curse. Standing behind the stone, Wen Gu heard the conversation between the You Clan envoy and the You Clan elder.

Zhanyan was missing, Duanmucui went to Jinxiu Villa to check, and found Zhanyan’s Giant Que Sword in Jinxiu Villa, guessing that there was an accident in Zhanyan. Duan Mucui learned that the murderer was Zheng Qiaoer’s mother, Canmei Liu Ximei, and found Zhanyan wrapped in Ling Xiaohong through clues. The cloth is attached to the flesh and cannot be torn.

After the envoy of the You clan left, Wen Gu contacted the elder of the You clan through the token. Wen Gu did not want to cooperate with the elder of the You clan, but warned him not to hurt Duanmu Cui. Duanmucui successfully rescued Zhanyan, but Canmei escaped from Duanmucui’s confinement.

Canmei talked about her past. After she escaped from Jiuyu, she was seriously injured and was rescued by Zheng Wanli. Canmei and Zheng Wanli fall in love, but Li Songbai kills Zheng Wanli and Zheng Wanli for the Zheng family’s money. Zheng Qiaoer came to meet her mother, and Shangguance also promised to retrial Zheng Wanli’s case. Silkworm’s resentment was resolved, and it turned into a butterfly and went away.

Zhan Yan woke up and accidentally threw Duan Mucui to the ground, Shangguan Ce, Zhang Long, and Zhao Wu covered their faces and looked embarrassed. Zhanyan learned that Shi Duanmucui had saved herself and had to cook for herself. Although Zhanyan doesn’t know how to cook, he is willing to learn for Duanmucui. Hongluan also got the next Penglai map fragment cocoon.

Hongluan returns late, and Wen Gu is worried that Hongluan is waiting outside. Hong Luan looked at Wen Gu, feeling a little moved, but was backlashed by the Heart-Biting Curse. Knowing that something happened to the Li family, the door of Kaifeng Mansion was crowded with matchmakers who came forward to talk about matchmaking. Duanmucui came to Qifeng Mansion to look for her face, but was blocked by the matchmaker at the door, so she cast a spell to stop the matchmaker and successfully entered the Qifeng Mansion. Li Qiongxiang came to Kaifeng Mansion to retreat but was rejected by Lord Jiang. Seeing Master Jiang match up Li Qiongxiang and Zhan Yan, Duan Mucui was jealous and was upset, and took the opportunity to tease Master Jiang. Duan Mucui misunderstood that Master Jiang wanted to invite her and Li Qiongxiang at the same time, and was very angry.

At the dinner table, both Mrs. Jiang and Mrs. Jiang were deliberately matching Li Qiongxiang and Zhan Yan, Duan Mucui secretly competed with Zhan Yan. Shangguan Ce mentioned why Zhanyan made all the sweets. Duan Mucui became happy when he understood Zhanyan’s intentions.

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