The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 10 Recap


Hongluan repaired Wen Gu’s clothes that were torn when he caught the mosquitoes. Wen Gu said that Hongluan won’t have to do these meticulous work in the future, but Hongluan is very happy to do it. Wen Gu said helplessly, the millennia of waiting may not be more than a mortal moment. Hongluan persuaded Wen Gu to look at the scenery around him, but was rejected by Wen Gu.

Duan Mucui went to the dessert shop mentioned by Zhanyan invisibly and played twice with the doll sitting on Zhanyan, only to be discovered by Zhanyan. Zhanyan ordered another drink and teased Duanmucui to put vinegar in the drink, but Duanmucui stopped him. In order to facilitate Duanmucui’s drink, Zhanyan left first as an excuse to go first. As soon as he left, he heard the news that all the drinks had been drunk, and there was an invisible joy on his face. Duan Mucui teased Zhan Yan after drinking the drink, but Zhan Yan turned around and found Li Qiongxiang. Li Qiongxiang gave Zhanyan the handkerchief he had woven by herself, but Zhanyan reluctantly accepted it but said that he would send the money. Li Qiongxiang wanted to get closer to Zhanyan, but was rejected by Zhanyan. Duan Mucui, who was invisible, saw the dialogue between the two, and felt that Li Qiongxiang was also sincere towards Zhanyan.

Duan Mucui followed Li Qiongxiang to the cloth house and found that Li Qiongxiang was good at embroidering, and also learned that the world likes this kind of ladies. Hongluan told the elder of Mingyou clan that he had taken the Penglai map fragment in Duanmucui’s hand, and the elder informed that there was mutual induction between the fragments. According to the mutual induction between the Penglai map fragments, Hongluan learned that the next Penglai map fragment was in Jinxiu Villa based on the sensing of the fragments.

Duan Mucui looked at Li Qiongxiang, and wanted to learn from Li Qiongxiang as a well-known lady, but he frightened Xiao Qinghua, Wen Gu, Zhang Long and Zhao Wu. Duan Mucui smelled the breath of the secluded clan on Li Qiongxiang’s handkerchief, followed Zhanyan to the Jinxiu Villa, but found that the breath of the secluded clan had disappeared. Duan Mucui felt jealous when seeing Li Qiongxiang weaving clothes for Zhanyan, and bought a loom at Fairview Villa. Duanmucui wanted to investigate Li Qiongxiang, and Zhanyan persuaded Duanmucui not to doubt people if there is no evidence. Duanmucui misunderstood that Zhanyan was facing his future lady, and the two did not change.

Duanmucui was angry that she could learn to weave, but accidentally cut her hand. Wen Gu felt sorry for Duanmucui’s medicine, and sighed why she wanted to wrong herself in this way. At night in the cloth house, Li Qiongxiang was weaving Lingxiaohong. A wisp of pink mist struck Li Qiongxiang in a coma.

The cloth village suddenly caught fire, and Zhan Yan, who was visiting the street, rescued Li Qiongxiang, but her maid Ruier was killed in the flames. Duanmucui heard about the bizarre fire in Buzhuang, and felt that the You Clan had caused the trouble to go to Kaifeng Mansion to find out the situation.

Li Qiongxiang was heartbroken because of Rui’er’s death, and Madam Jiang asked Zhanyan to take a gift to care about Li Qiongxiang, and Zhanyan shied away in every possible way. Li Qiongxiang wanted to show her face, but was blocked by Duanmucui who came from the earth. Li Qiongxiang was possessed by You Clan and gave a pin of Ling Xiaohong to Zhan Yan. Duanmucui came to the cloth shop, and the possessed Youzu immediately left Li Qiongxiang’s body, and Li Qiongxiang also fainted. Zhanyan left Duanmucui alone to investigate the case, and took Li Qiongxiang to see a doctor. Duanmucui was very unhappy.

Hongluan came to Canmei to find the Penglai map fragments. Canmei was unwilling to hand over the Penglai map fragments. She wanted Hongluan to help her fulfill her wish. Only by completing the marriage will she help Hongluan retrieve the Penglai map fragments. Zhan Yan found that Rui Er had died before the fire, and suspected that Li Qiongxiang was the murderer. Zhan Yan had already discovered Li Qiongxiang’s problem, and went to Splendid Villa by herself just to find out the truth of the matter.

Zhan Yan, Duan Mucui and Wen Gu came to Ling Xiaohong’s exhibition. At the exhibition, Li Qiongxiang opened the wedding gown woven by Ling Xiaohong, only to find that Li Qiongxiang’s father died wearing the wedding gown. The scene was chaotic, and Li Qiongxiang was also unable to accept it. Fainted.

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