The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 1 Recap


From the quiet and gloomy night, innumerable pairs of red eyes looked from the woods, along with a black cat walked from the woods into the city. The shifter was changing on the road, checking nobody round, and took a strand of lady’s hair from his own body. After the policeman was closely sniffing the scent of his hair, unexpectedly a bit of red fabric surrounded himentwining him closely to passing, and also the entire body has been burnt.

Kaifeng Mansion obtained a report which the publication of Baiwenzhai was ruined for no reason. The shopkeeper of all Baiwenzhai recalled a couple of days back, he shot a black cat which destroys a fish. Zhanyan promised the shopkeeper would produce the kitty owner compensate him for his or her losses.


Zhanyan chose Duan Mucui to visit his adoptive dad Jiang Wenqing and also reported that the details of this situation to Jiang Wenqing. You Clan was imprisoned at the Prisons, however, the barriers of this Prisons have recently loosened, causing the You Clan to flee harm the world.

Duan Mucui advised Shangxian Wen Gu of his very own news, and he’d be back a little while later. Duanmucui set a tracking symbol on Cuiyu’s entire body, and arrived to Zhang Mansion in accordance with this map. Both listened to the dialogue between Cuiyu along with his fan Zhang Gongzi, also discovered that Cuiyu was just attempting to assist Zhang Gongzi live eternally. Cuiyu fought with Duanmu Cui, Zhang Gongzi watched Cuiyu’s actual body and immediately cleared his connection with Cuiyu. Cuiyu discovered that Zhang Gongzi’s motives because of her were fictitious, and decided to perish with Zhang Gongzi. Both had different opinions, but Duanmucui made a decision to visit Kaifeng Mansion with Zhanyan to take care of the issue.

Yang Jian arrived at Xihualiu and advised Wen Guweiyu he should treat Duanmucui and notify him if any abnormalities are found. Zhanyan wanted to maintain her in Kaifeng Mansion on the grounds that Duanmucui was included in many scenarios, and would let her move after the case has been cleared. Although Duanmucui was quite reluctant, he chose to accompany him to the conclusion.

Zhanyan successfully discovered that the black kitty’s figure via monitoring, and chased the black kitty all the way into a location known as”Xihualiu”. Zhanyan stood on the single-plank bridge in the entry of this”Xihualiu”. At this moment, Zhao Wu hurried to inform Zhanyan to not cross the single-plank bridge. Zhang Long came to report that there was still another homicide in Liujiacun, and also the reason for death was just like the first two homicides. Zhanyan and others simply rushed to the murder scene and discovered that Liu San was concealing money in his armsand they had been sneakily trying to depart. Zhang Long and Zhao Wu ceased Liu San, also Zhan Yan guessed Liu San needed a difficulty. Liu San reported that he simply stole front hidden from the dead person Liu Ermazi, but failed to kill Liu Ermazi.

Zhan Yan discovered the three of them had exactly the very same characteristics, and each of them enjoyed the oiran jade of Baihualou. On the opposing side, Duan Mucui had come to Baihualou to struggle with Cuiyu, also discovered that Cuiyu was murdering innocent people so as to safeguard his face. Zhanyan misunderstood that Duanmucui had been at risk and reached out to catch it, but accidentally ripped his belt off, and the two of them dropped out of the building. Hugged together.

Zhanyan watched Duanmucui’s earrings and asked her when she’d been around Liujiazhuang today. Duanmucui liberally admitted that Zhanyan desired to grab Duanmucui and return to Kaifeng Mansion for evaluation. Duanmucui used magic to start Zhanyan, but he inadvertently discovered he had been Kaifeng. The display of the home. Duanmucui told Zhanyan her title, and Zhanyan inquired if she had a black kitten. Black cats ruin a great deal of people and land and have to get compensated. Duanmucui watched the cherry blossom, so he chose Zhanyan to search for jade. At this moment, Cuiyu was going to kill Hongluan, Duanmucui ceased and rescued Cuiyu. Hongluan doesn’t approve of Cuiyu’s killing, but his non mana can’t stop himso he could only request assistance from Xiaohualiu.

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