The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 6 Recap


Shen Ruoxin hidden in the bathroom and started crying. Qi Xiao was somewhat stressed, so he allowed You Sijia into help comfort. Shen Ruoxin instantly recovered her calm. Liu Pei was worried that this incident would disturb the group headquarters, so he opted to fire Shen Ruoxin to reduce the impact of public opinion.

At the specific same moment, realizing he had been too stressed, ” he contacted his best friend Song Ziyan and educated her regarding the present experience. The company issued a note of transportation, and all workers spoke a whole lot. Qi Xiao looked at Shen Ruoxin’s loss and grief, then felt somewhat in a discount.

He reported to her rumors had filed at a forum to ask questions concerning how to install tracking equipment inside his spouse’s cell phone. At the specific same moment, fantastic sister Song Ziyan is facing the issue of being pictured. Initially, that the mother-in-law may understand her young and playful temperament, so she enabled the young couple not have children for the time being. But now he’s getting old, if he is not pregnant, he will become an older girl. The older man expects his children and grandchildren will most likely be full, but Song Ziyan does not understand. On the flip side, the IP address of the poster was not clear, and it was hard to learn the comprehensive data in a restricted while. You Sijia immediately contacted the public relations department and drafted a business answer. However, Shen Ruoxin served in the group after graduating from school. It is now seven years. She is an inseparable feeling for Zhenpeng Group, so it is difficult to remain indifferent. Contemplating Shen Ruoxin paid a fantastic deal for the group, Liu Pei was excruciating, and eventually moved her at the legal department into the administrative department. Following You Sijia found the headquarters neglected to cite Shen Ruoxin at all, she knew that Liu Pei intentionally compelled Shen Ruoxin, and Qi Xiao made an injustice for Shen Ruoxin and ensured to encounter the rumors to reveal innocence. Qi Xiao needs You Sijia to find Su Yang, and the three get together again, just like they’d been in college. After a long time, the crucial appreciate still remains unabated. Initially everyone was going to keep a welcome feast for Qi Xiao, however, he unexpectedly found an excuse to do so, and also intentionally encouraged Shen Ruoxin to eat supper.

Shen Ruoxin readily agreed and chose him to consume sexy hot bud, one with love, yet another with dread, completely unaccustomed. Before Qi Xiao could end speaking, Shen Ruoxin promptly interrupted, saying that he was no more working in the Legal Department, and there was not any need to record these items. Having a peek at the group picture on the desk, Shen Ruoxin recalled the days when he had worked hard with colleagues, and could not help crying.


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