The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 5 Recap


Due to Qi Xiao’s reminder, Shen Ruoxin and him moved directly into Yangpu to research and discovered signs that Jin Yuanhao’s automobile had gathered water, so that they brought this proof to negotiate together with Jin Yuanhao.

Initially, Jin Yuanhao was arrogant and insisted on asking for enormous reimbursement, until he noticed Qi Xiao cite that the bracelet, he immediately changed his tone and wished to make use of to purchase Shen Ruoxin and discuss the reimbursement.

However sensible and serene Shen Ruoxin is, she is as steady as a hill in the face of major wrong and right, but there’s still the vulnerability of this tiny girl privately, particularly from the mother’s incomprehension and the cold war, and it violates down the sensitive field of defense within her heart.

Seeing that Shen Ruoxin wasn’t jeopardized, Qi Xiao promptly altered his mind, stating he had left three habit bracelets for Jin Yuanhao, a total of just one of men’s and two women’s versions, which were shipped to two speeches. Among those women’s bracelets was granted to Mrs. Jin, and also another bracelet was shipped to Yangpu. Only some time ago, Shanghai was struck by heavy rain. It can be that the automobile had been soaked in water also induced spontaneous combustion.

Shen Ruoxin went into the company to clarify the reconciliation Liu Pei. Unexpectedly, Cui Lixin would launch a movie of him suggesting to Shen Ruoxin from the provider. He took out blossoms again and again knelt to suggest in complete view.

At precisely the exact same time, Cui Lixin wished to locate Shen Ruoxin to reunite, so he phoned her to apologize, asserting that he had a lousy attitude last night he had been ready to take a step back and postpone the union as far as possible.

But, Shen Ruoxin patronized the investigation garagelooking for useful signs, and did not have enough time to disturb him. Qi Xiao purchased Shen Ruoxin ancient and confessed he was ready to supply clues into the spontaneous combustion situation, given that Shen Ruoxin ought to be hired as a legal assistant.

Contemplating what Jin Yuanhao failed, Qi Xiao felt somewhat sorry for Mrs. Jin, therefore she was totally miserable. That night, Qi Xiao went straight back into the dormitory to split the subject with Su Yang, also in precisely the exact same time explained the way he fulfilled You Sijia.

Because of this, when he stopped talking, Shen Ruoxin took the recorder out. Jin Yuanhao was stressed that his wife knew he had an affair, so that he could just agree to his terms and consent to sign a settlement agreement by Zhenpeng Company. Little did he know that Cui Lixin was concealing to him had secretly filmed the dialogue between both to some video.

When Su Yang discovered You Sijia’s title, he could not help being shocked to get an instant. Qi Xiao keenly captured this subtle saying and could not help but gossip whether he enjoyed You Sijia. Even though Qi Xiao guessed right, Su Yang understood he wasn’t great enough for You Sijia. After allhe hadn’t seen a job, and he could not even rent a home, and he wasn’t capable to fall in love.

Likewise, he hadn’t ever noticed this ever-powerful and distressed Sanniang who had this kind of sentimental side. Ever since that time, Qi Xiao and Shen Ruoxin happen to be in contact, and also the association between the two is much superior than that of coworkers. Seeing that it was going to get to the evaluation phase of this Administration Department, as just 1 person would be left to develop into a normal worker, President Li pretended to be ashamed and implied that Shen Ruoxin ought to be resigned.


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