The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 4 Recap


Qi Xiao took Shen Ruoxin’s trip home, however she didn’t anticipate that she’d dwell in exactly the exact same community as well as the exact same unit floor . Throughout the period of time, Qi Xiao discovered that Shen Ruoxin’s cell phone was somewhat odd, and mentioned the guess concerning the installation of monitoring equipment. Because of this, this sentence created Shen Ruoxin suddenly alert, considering Cui Lixin’s odd behaviour, and abruptly realized.

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It’s just due to this dialogue that Shen Ruoxin finally knows how much Cui Lixin likes herself, and will constantly express care accidentally, but the means of love is too intense, which demonstrates he needs to be a fantastic person, but sadly it isn’t appropriate.

Although everybody calls Shen Ruoxin as a supervisor, all of them understand that she’s presently in title but not actual, even if the status of regular employees can not match. The veteran workers used all types of explanations to exploit Shen Ruoxin’s labour force. Even Qi Xiao could not endure it after she had been occupied. But, Shen Ruoxin appeared to have no feelings and accepted everything softly. He worked tirelessly till midnight daily. Early, sleep in relation to the puppy.

So as to provide Qi Xiao a much better potential, Shen Ruoxin known as his buddy Cindy and asked her to assist introduce appropriate jobs. But, Qi Xiao simply came from the cabin, it’s totally a blank sheet of paper, right now it’s most appropriate to remain with Shen Ruoxin to find out expertise, and wait patiently for him to possess work experience or to shift tasks.

Shen Ruoxin could not know he was continuing the game of cat and mouse, and took out the worker information he’d obtained ahead to disclose what he’d done. Qi Xiao did not know why Shen Ruoxin allow Cui Lixin go. He must have been able to describe clearly to Liu Pei and establish his own innocence, however, Shen Ruoxin did not wish to make things happen. Perhaps Cui Lixin could not endure the inner misery, so he would personally inquire Liu Pei to describe the circumstance. .

The item marketing partner brought a great deal of advice, and President Li ordered for Shen Ruoxin to be accountable for the classification. Within the upcoming few days, Qi Xiao will often behave as Shen Ruoxin’s blossom guardian, and at precisely the exact same time wonder Shen Ruoxin could be bullied rather than mad.

Even though the method was great, it enabled Ruan Ye to locate chances to make things hard for Shen Ruoxin. Through this period of touch, Qi Xiao slowly shifted her prognosis. When Shen Ruoxin heard Qi Xiao speaking about her mum, she could not help but think of her mum, so she went into college to search for her afterwards get off work, however, Shen’s mum was angry about what happened earlier and didn’t accept Shen Ruoxin’s apology.

Since Cindy is a professional headhunter, she viewpoints Shen Ruoxin’s position from a reasonable and expert outlook and at precisely the exact same time provides her useful office details. Shen Ruoxin easily accepted Cindy’s proposal, and also spent a couple of years in the government department. After he returned to the firm, he happened to visit Qi Xiao being plagued by an old worker and needed to present him .

The very first day Shen Ruoxin transferred into the administrative division was all sorts of problems. The expression that the tiger had been bullied from the puppy seemed quite suitable for her.

You Sijia has an excellent connection with Shen Ruoxin. Additionally, she was her capable helper, so she had been intentionally excluded and commanded by Ruan Ye.
It did not take long for him to find Baoshan District across the way. In terms of the in depth address, he needs to test it carefully. Throughout the dialogue between the two, it had been sufficient to demonstrate they had been baiting.

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