PLOT CHINESE PLOT The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 3 Recap

The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 3 Recap


At exactly the exact same time, realizing that he had been overly nervous, he contacted his very best buddy Song Ziyan and informed her about the current encounter.

Shen Ruoxin wished to describe clearly that the men and women who caused problems had been contradicted with anger, and Jin Yuanhao denied to return to quell the fighting, and deliberately said something questionable. Since the people’s feelings became increasingly more , not only did they push Shen Ruoxin, but poured coffee .

On the other hand, the IP address of the poster wasn’t apparent, and it was challenging to learn the detailed data in a limited while. Shen Ruoxin requested Qi Xiao to keep your eye on the articles posted from the rumors and keep a watch out for the opposite party’s next move. You Sijia instantly contacted the public relations section and drafted a business reply.

The firm issued a notice of transport, and all employees talked a whole lot. Qi Xiao appeared at Shen Ruoxin’s loss and despair, then felt somewhat at a reduction. He just reported to her the rumors had submitted in a forum to ask questions regarding how to set up monitoring equipment within his wife’s cell phone.

Despite the fact that Jin Yuanhao consented to sign a settlement deal using Zhenpeng Group, he wasn’t prepared, therefore he always loathed Shen Ruoxin for allowing himself shed two million in reimbursement. Cui Lixin edited the movie and posted it on the world wide web, which likewise made netizens who had been worried about the spontaneous combustion of the auto wrongly feel that Jin Yuanhao had been made to reconcile.

Following the crash, Zhenpeng Group was pushed into the forefront . Liu Pei was concerned that this episode could disturb the band , so he chose to fire Shen Ruoxin to decrease the effect of public comment.

That night, as Shen Ruoxin was going to leave job, he abruptly found Qi Xiao awaiting herself at the workplace. Initially everybody was going to maintain a welcome feast for Qi Xiao, but he suddenly discovered an excuse to dodge this, and even knowingly encouraged Shen Ruoxin to eat dinner. Shen Ruoxin easily agreed and personally chose him to eat hot hot pot, one with love, the other without dread, entirely unaccustomed.

But, Shen Ruoxin functioned in the team after graduating from college. It’s now seven decades. She’s an inseparable sense for Zhenpeng Group, therefore it’s hard to stay indifferent. Considering Shen Ruoxin paid a great deal for the team, Liu Pei was unbearable, and finally transferred her out of the legal section to the administrative division.

After You Sijia discovered the headquarters failed to mention Shen Ruoxin whatsoever, she understood that Liu Pei intentionally compelled Shen Ruoxin, and Qi Xiao created an injustice for Shen Ruoxin and guaranteed to come across the rumors to show innocence.

Qi Xiao requires You Sijia to locate Su Yang, and also the three get together again, like they had been in school. After several decades, the key love nonetheless remains unabated.
Before Qi Xiao could finish talking, Shen Ruoxin promptly interrupted, stating that he was no longer functioning from the Legal Department, also there wasn’t any requirement to report on those things. Taking a look at the group photograph on the desk, Shen Ruoxin remembered the days when he’d worked hard with coworkers, and eventually could not help crying.

Shen Ruoxin concealed in the toilet and began crying. Qi Xiao was somewhat worried, so that he let You Sijia into assist relaxation. Shen Ruoxin immediately recovered her serene. She ordered for Qi Xiao to explain the facts Online and investigate the identity and intention of these rumors from the way.

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