The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 1 Recap


As Qi Xiao was speaking to Su Yang concerning the spouse running off, he suddenly heard a sound coming from outside. At this moment, Cui Lixin covertly purchased a diamond ring and blossoms, and conducted to the Bund restaurant especially to suggest to Shen Ruoxin facing everybody.

On the road back, Shen Ruoxin solemnly suggested to split up, stating that he actually could not take Cui Lixin’s strength and also his unrespectful urge to control. Cui Lixin had attained the age of union, so he picked Shen Ruoxin, however, he never considered whether both were appropriate.

In case he fails to locate a suitable job in the conclusion of the calendar year, he may need to go home and take the civil service exam honestly. Su Yang’s job hunt wasn’t smooth, so that he requested Qi Xiao to visit the Bund for supper. Unexpectedly, the purchase price of this Bund restaurant was too costly. It had been so expensive that they purchased a glass of beer for quite a while, which left the server extremely dissatisfied.
He’d only taken up the job of director of their legal department and moved information concerning the spontaneous combustion situation from Shen Ruoxin.

The reason behind this is the girl Luo Luo was going to go overseas with her boyfriend, then decided to shut the online store. As among the spouses, Qi Xiao is obviously unacceptable. In any case, he’s put a lot of effort into this internet store, how can he give up readily. Shen Ruoxin was in a lousy mood, particularly viewing Qi Xiao stalking, therefore he chased the connection between him and Luo Luo, therefore he took his cell phone and shot the movie immediately, forcing Qi Xiao to allow Luo Luo proceed and compensate him with a fresh one. Fruit basket.

Her husband Jin Yuanhao submitted a post online, which brought everybody’s attention. Shen Ruoxin wished to learn the particular scenario with Mrs. Jin, but another party was mentally unstable and could not ask an overall idea.
Along with the problems on the job, Shen Ruoxin’s private relationships are also heated up. While confronting her mother’s impulse to wed, she has to manage her boyfriend Cui Lixin’s entanglement. Shen Ruoxin denied Cui Lixin’s invite and intended to accompany her very best buddy Song Ziyan on her own birthday. However, not long after she’d only left the office, she watched Ruan Ye coming out of the side. Both had a struggle, both staring in the job of the authorized manager.

Seeing Cui Lixin’s actual encounter, Shen Ruoxin was even more thankful that he didn’t accept the union proposal. But, his mom liked Cui Lixin really much. Regular calls to urge her to have married left her feel exhausted. Just before her favourite items can she unwind completely.
When Shen Ruoxin was going to deny, how suddenly Qi Xiao came into the spectacle filled with alcohol, intentionally sabotaging Cui Lixin’s carefully ordered marriage proposal. Though Qi Xiao was certainly not from good intentions, he made a mistake to simply help clear the siege. But without mentioning a couple of words, he had been pushed from the restaurant safety.

According to this spontaneous combustion situation, she left professional conclusions and thought the issue was by no means easy on the surface.

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